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Saturday 8 July 2023

How To resolve This Candian Visa REFUSAL Statement - The purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay given the details you have provided in your application

Canada visa denial or refusal
How to resolve Canada visa denial.

The purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay given the details you have provided in your application" requires addressing the concerns raised by the immigration authorities.

Here are some steps you can take:

Review your application: Carefully go through your application to ensure that the information you provided is accurate and matches the intended purpose of your visit to Canada. Check if there were any misunderstandings or inconsistencies in your application that may have led to this statement.

Understand the concerns: Analyze the specific details mentioned in the statement and try to understand why the immigration authorities have determined that your purpose of visit is not consistent with a temporary stay. Look for any gaps or discrepancies that might have caused this conclusion.

Gather additional documentation: Collect any additional supporting documents that can strengthen your case and demonstrate that your visit is indeed temporary. This may include return flight tickets, hotel reservations, a detailed itinerary of your planned activities, proof of employment or studies in your home country, or any other evidence that shows your intention to return after your visit.

Seek clarification: If you require more information or have doubts about the statement, consider contacting the immigration authorities or the visa processing center to seek clarification. This can help you understand the specific concerns they have and provide an opportunity to address them directly.

Provide a detailed explanation: Write a letter or statement addressing the concerns raised in the statement. Explain your intended purpose of visit, why it is temporary, and how you meet the requirements for a temporary stay in Canada. Be clear, concise, and provide supporting evidence or examples to strengthen your case.

Consider legal advice: If the concerns raised in the statement are complex or you are unsure about how to proceed, it may be beneficial to consult with an immigration lawyer or a qualified professional who can guide you through the process, assess your situation, and provide tailored advice.

Remember to always be truthful, transparent, and responsive throughout the process. It is essential to address the concerns raised by the immigration authorities and provide convincing evidence to support your claim for a temporary stay in Canada.

Wednesday 19 April 2023

6 Best Universities In The United Kingdom For International Students In 2023


Best universities in UK
Big Ben bus station in London.

Here are some of the best universities for international students in the United Kingdom in 2023:

University of Oxford - The University of Oxford is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in the world. It has a strong international reputation and offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various faculties.

University of Cambridge - The University of Cambridge is another highly-ranked university in the UK, known for its academic excellence and world-class research. It offers a wide range of programs across various faculties, including science, engineering, humanities, and social sciences.

University of Manchester - The University of Manchester is a large research-intensive university with a strong international reputation. It offers a wide range of programs across various faculties, including science, engineering, humanities, and social sciences.

University College London (UCL) - UCL is a research-focused university located in the heart of London. It is known for its strength in science and engineering, as well as its programs in law, humanities, and social sciences

Imperial College London - Imperial College London is a science and technology-focused university that is highly regarded for its research in these fields. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in science, engineering, medicine, and business.

University of Edinburgh - The University of Edinburgh is a historic university located in the Scottish capital. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various faculties, including science, engineering, humanities, and social sciences

These universities are known for their academic excellence, strong research programs, and diverse student bodies, making them excellent options for international students seeking a high-quality education in the UK

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Saturday 25 February 2023

Graduate and Undergraduates Scholarships at Macquarie University for International Students in Australia

University scholarships in Australia
Front view of Macquier University of Australia located in Sydney.

Deadline: Ongoing (annual)

Study in:  Australia

Next course starts July 2023

Brief description: 

The Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship is awarded to recognise academic excellence for international students worldwide . This is a competitive scholarship based on academic merit and awarded to future students. It provides a partial tuition fee scholarship for outstanding students to study an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Macquarie University.

Host Institution(s): Macquarie University in Australia

Levels/Fields of study:

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes offered at the University.

Number of Awards: Not Mentioned 

Target group: International students from a country other than Australia or New Zealand

Scholarship value/duration/inclusions:

The scholarship amount is varied up to AUD$10,000  and will be applied towards your tuition fee. 

The scholarships DO NOT provide financial support in the form of a living allowance, nor does it provide for the cost of visa application, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), airfares, accommodation, conferences or other costs associated with study.


To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be a full-time international student commencing an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree meaning that you need to apply and be accepted first before you are included in the scholarship ( scholarship excludes Graduate Certificates and Global MBA courses) and you must meet the following criteria:

• Achieve a minimum WAM equivalent of 65 for Postgraduate applications; or a minimum ATAR equivalent of 85 for Undergraduate applications.

• Commence study in the session and year indicated in your scholarship letter of offer.

Application instructions:

To be considered for this scholarship, applicants are required to complete a nomination form and hold a valid offer letter to study at Macquarie University. Applicants must complete an online application form and type “VCIS” in the Scholarship Name field and submit their student number as outline on your Macquarie University Offer Letter.

You are advised to apply at least two to three months before Session begins, in order to avoid disappointment, and to give you enough time to organize your student visa.

It is important to visit the official website (link found below) to access the application forms and for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

Apply here mq scholarships 

If you are also thinking of applying for scholarships in Europe, here are the 3 top Tuition free universities in Europe.

Friday 17 February 2023

Scholarships in Germany: Heinrich Böll Foundation fully funded Scholarships for International Students in Germany 2023.

Heinrich Böll scholarships in Germany for international students 2023
Heinrich Böll Foundational scholarships for international students in Germany 2023.

Heinrich Boll Foundation scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international students. This scholarship is offered for both masters and PhD studies and the scholarship provides complete scholarships to students which covers the entire duration of the program.

The scholarships are offered to international students to pursue postgraduate and doctoral studies in Germany for an academic year.

The key criteria for the Doctoral scholarship:

1: Very good school and university academic record.

2: A presentable and convincing project with realistic preliminary work that has reached an advanced stage.

3: Social commitment and political interest.

4: Convincing argument for applying to the Heinrich Böll Foundation 

Deadline: March 1st/Sept 01

Application Procedure 

Check if you are among the special groups in this application round.

2. Get more information on the application process and the requested documents.

3. Register for the online application portal.

4. Provide the requested information in the online application portal.

Upload all your documents and submit your application before the application deadline.

The following documents are required for a full application: personal data and cv.

Motivation letter

An outline for your motivation for studying a chosen subject and a specific area of interest.

An outline of your social commitment and political interest or PhD thesis project.

Here is the official website of Heinrich Boll Foundation. Apply now at 👉🏽 heinrich böll Foundation

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Monday 13 February 2023

Top Three Tuition Free Universities in Europe for International Students

Top 3 universities in Europd
Front View of the University of Portsmouth, UK.

As mentioned tuition-free universities offer degrees or courses that don’t charge students a dime for enrolment, books, and course materials.

But administrative charges may apply depending on the universities. Even then, it’s considerably cheaper than paying full or partial tuition fees.

But administrative charges may apply depending on the universities. Even then, it’s considerably cheaper than paying full or partial tuition fees.

But administrative charges may apply depending on the universities. Even then, it’s considerably cheaper than paying full or partial tuition fees.

1. University of Bergen 

It is a tuition-free university It is located in Norway. One of their main highlights is their two-year master’s programmes. Students can choose from 25 programs, which cover the humanities and aesthetic studies, medicine, natural sciences and technical subjects, social sciences and psychology, as well as fine art, music and design. Hey guys, all the courses are taught in English. 

2. Ludwig Maxmillians Universität Munich, Germany.

In Germany, all domestic and international undergraduate students can study for free at any public university in the country. Students only need to pay a small amount that covers administration fees and other miscellaneous costs per semester. All master’s programmes here are taught in English, so you need not worry about picking up German. International students can expect to pay around $240 per semester.

3. University of Iceland, Iceland.

However, international students are required to pay an annual admin fee of 75000 Krona (approximately US$526.46 at the time of writing).

Ranked one of the best universities in the country for international students is the University of Iceland. Located in the heart of Reykjavik, the university is renowned for its quality education and it's background in research. The university offers tuition-free degrees in engineering, computer science and social sciences to all students, no matter their background. 

Here, international students are exempted from providing IELTS or TOEFL scores. To replace this, the university accepts a number of other English proficiency tests. 

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Tuesday 4 August 2020

Top Scholarships In Germany For International Students in 2020

There are a host of universities in Germany offering scholarships in 2020 for international students to study in German universities in the 2020/2021 academic year. The scholarship levels are undergraduate, graduate and doctorate studies.

There are many advantages in Germany as a foreign student even if you are not offered a scholarship as you have the opportunity of low tuition fee, highly qualified and top ranked universities. 

If you wish to student in Germany out of your own, you need to own a bank account in Germany. The money in your account is yours but all you need is a participation fee which is not up to 100 EUR. 

There are also online banks where you can as well create an online bank account before you apply for a visa in your home country.

Here is a list of top scholarship in Germany;

Germany is one of the powerhouse of the European economy. Studying in the country take you straight to the firsthand practical study you have dreamt of. Apply today and grab your bright side.

Fly4studycm.com is your home of national and international student admission and scholarship everywhere in the world.

Monday 22 July 2019

African Scholarships At Edinburg Napier University in UK, 2019-20

African scholarships at the University of Edinburgh, UK-2019/20.
Here are the scholarships for African students looking for an opportunity to study in the United Kingdom. Here comes this fortune to complete your dream to study in one of UK's prestigious university.

The bursary is available for all African candidates in order to pursue a bachelor's degree or masters degree program at the Edinburgh Napier University.

The university was previously known as Napier Technical College and gained the university status in 1992. It is a public university located in Edinburgh.
Edinburgh university provides that available support through its teachers in building a bright future and making their dream come true.

Description Of Scholarship

Department : Not available
Course Level: Bachelors and Masters degree.
Award: 3000 Pounds
Access Mode: Online
Number of awards: Variable
Nationality: African descends.
The program can be taken in UK.
Language: English


  • Acceptable Course and Subjects available for undergraduate or postgraduate at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Admissible criteria: Be a self-funding student student who received an offer to study either in September 2019 or January 2020 at the university.
  • Make your 3500 Pounds deposit payment towards your fees.

How To Apply

You have to take admission in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program at the university. You will be automatically be considered for the grant when you meet the eligibility criteria.
For your supporting documents: During the application period, the university will ask you to submit your language ability proof, CV, copy of passport and transcripts.
Language: If your country's language is not English, then you have to demonstrate the English language ability through TOEFL or IELTS

Application deadline: OPEN

Thursday 11 April 2019

Fully Funded Wult Diploma Scholarship For Developing Countries In Germany

scholarships @ Fly4studiesCameroon.
The Wult Institute of Business and Technology is offering fully funded Wult Diploma scholarships for developing countries to enable them get an education for a worldwide transformation.

Applicants before receiving the grant, applications must be acknowledged by students who applied for a program in the University.

Wult IBT gives different proceeding with instructive and learning encounters that are reasonable and acceptable. By outfitting the most recent in separation instructive innovation, programs are open to a worldwide understudy body.

The institute has a highly esteemed and a differing understudy body from more than 40 nations.

About The Scholarship At Wult

Offered by the Wult Institute Of Business and Technology
The Course level is a Diploma program
A fully funded award
Access mode is online
Number of awards is unknown
All developing countries students can apply
The award can be taken in Germany
Application Deadline: Ongoing and accepts applications throughout the year.
Language: English.


Applicants need to be a resident of a developing country.
  1. You may not be company sponsored employee of a Wult strategic partner.
  2. You need an internet connection and access to a computer.
  3. You need to be able to commit at least 4 hours per week to study.
  4. All diplomas are provided in English. You need a good command of the language.
  5. You need an address that can accept international deliveries from Europe via DHL, UPS or others.

How To Apply

Before apply for the merit-based awards, applicants need to take enrollment in the Wult Institute in any diploma program. After taking the admission in the institute, candidates will be achieved the opportunity to apply for the scholarship. Candidates must write a motion essay of about 500-700 words.

Supporting documents include a zipped file with your name as the file name and send the following documents to scholarship@wult.de . Documents include_ Latest CV, Passport or ID, and other supporting documents (optional)

Admission requirements; Candidates need to have a previous year degree.
For merit-based awards, the application should be an expert in English language.


The Wult inter international remote/ online scholarship covers all academic fees for the entire duration of the course, which total just short of 3000 Euros. This includes; Full tuition, Textbooks, Mobile apps/ online student portal, exam fees, Graduation fees and shipping costs.

African student can apply for free to study in Ukraine by a simple click  HERE . Scan and send your document to Fly4studiesCameroon. Whatsapp +237675421156 

Saturday 16 March 2019

International Merit Scholarships at South New Hampshire University in USA

Full tuition scholarship for international students in USA.
The South New Hampshire University is offering merit-based scholarships to international students. The scholarships are open for international students to pursue undergraduate and graduate program.

The University will offer $10,000 as the winning amount. Undergraduates have the opportunity to win $6, 000/year as well as graduate students are eligible to win up to $4,000 once in 2 years.
The University of New Hampshire is a private accredited university. The mission of the university's Department of Athletics is to provide the student-athlete an opportunity to compete at the NCAA Division II.

Scholarship Description

  • Application Deadline: June 3, 2019
  • Course level: These scholarships are available for pursuing undergraduate and graduate program.
  • Scholarship Award: The university will provide $10,000.
  • Number of awards unknown.
  • Nationality: International students.
  • Scholarship can be taken in the USA.

Scholarship Eligibility

All international students can apply.
Courses or Subjects: The scholarship will be awarded in the subject offered by the university.
To be eligible, the applicants must meet all the given criteria:

To participate in the scholarship, the applicant must be an international student applying for admission in either graduate or undergraduate degree program at Southern New Hampshire University.

Undergraduate students must maintain a 3.0 GPA to remain eligible for renewal consideration and graduate students must have the equivalent of 3.0 GPA to be eligible and receive a one-time award over two terms.

To apply for the scholarship, all applicants should follow this link to apply


Friday 15 March 2019

Best International Students Scholarships Of The Week @Fly4studiesCameroon

Top scholarships of the week for international students.

Delaware Law School Scholarships For International Students In USA.

The Widener University Delaware Law School offers scholarships for international students who wish to pursue a Masters of Law LLM. The university offers tuition scholarships on a limited basis to qualified candidates, but these do not cover the costs of housing, transportation, books, travel or other expenses.

Scholarship Description

Application Deadline: open
Course Level: Masters of Law Program
Scholarship: The university offers tuition to qualified candidates, but do not cover the cost of housing, transportation, books, travel or other expenses.

Da Vinci Academic Scholarships For International Students At The University Of Kent, UK.

You are looking for a scholarship to cover your academic study in the UK. Applications are open for the Da Vinci Academic scholarship 2019 for high achieving students organized by the Kent University.

These scholarships are open for EU, UK and International students. Approximately 20 scholarships are awarded in the school of Engineering and Digital Arts in September, 2019.

Scholarship Description

  • Application Deadline: 20th June, 2019.
  • Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue an undergraduate degree program.
  • Scholarship award: 20 scholarships awarded.
  • Nationality: UK/EU and International students.
  • Scholarship to be taken in UK. APPLICATION LINK

Fully Funded Create Dav Summer School Program For International Students In Canada

This scholarship is open for undergraduate students who are planning to apply to graduate school in late 2019 and are interested in investigating interdisciplinary research aspects of the Big Data Science (Computer Science, Maths, Engineering, Psychology and Data Visualization)

Create Dav is a training program funded by NSERC and jointly developed by York University, OCAD University, Concordia University and the University of Toronto.

Scholarship Description

  • Application Deadline is the 15th March, 2019
  • Course Level is open for undergraduate level
  • Scholarship award: Transportation costs up to $1,300 CAD
  • Number of awards not known.
  • Nationality: International students.
  • Scholarship can be taken in Canada Official Website

Friday 8 March 2019

[Just For You] 10 Best Graduate Scholarships For International Students

Scholarships for International students @Fly4studiesCameroon.
Fly4studiesCameroon found out that study abroad can be very costly. Students want to get their graduate degrees from accredited universities around the globe, but the financial backing is limited to realize their dreams.

Here is a compilation of  the Best graduate and undergraduate degrees for international students that will help you meet your goal. Good Luck !!

University of Winnipeg Graduate Studies Scholarship Program

The University of Winnipeg is delighted to offer graduate scholarships for all full graduate students. The program is open to students who are enrolled in or plan to enroll a full time master's program. This scholarship is valued at $15 000 for a period of one year.

Scholarship Provided by the University
Course Graduate Degree Program
Award $15 000
Eligibility Minimum GPA of 3.75
Application Deadline : 31st March, 2019 Apply Now

North America Masters Scholarship In UK

Ranked among the best 100 universities in the world, the University of Nottingham is giving room for applicants to apply for their master's scholarship. The program is open to excellent candidates who are enrolled in full-time master degree programs. The scholarship will cover 25% of tuition fee for the students.

Scholarship by University of Nottingham
Course Master's Degree programs
Award 25% tuition fee
Eligibility Must be a resident of Canada and the USA.
Application Deadline 17th May, 2019. Apply Now

Graduate Assistantship In Developing Countries

The International Mathematical Union is currently offering graduate assistance in developing countries. This scholarship is for research assistantship for graduates, PhD and Master students of emerging research groups working in a developing country. The stipend per graduate is $3500 per year.

Provided by : International Mathematics Union
Course : PhD or Master degree Program
Award : $3500
Eligibility : PhD or Master Student
Application Deadline: 15th March, 2019 Apply Now 

Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship

Chongqing Municipal Government is pleased to announce the offer of Mayor Scholarships. The scholarship is open to encourage more outstanding international students to pursue higher education in Chongqing. The scholarship only supports undergraduate and graduate students.
Provided by: Chongquing Municipal Government
Course: Doctoral, Master and Bachelor
Award: Doc. 35000 RMB/Year Master 30000 RMB/Year Bachelor 25000 RMB/Year
Eligibility: Citizen of a country other thean the people's Republic of China
Application Deadline: 15th April, 2019 Apply Now(Post and Telecommunication)

Public Service Master's Scholarship

Applications are open for public service Commission Master's Scholarship funded by the Public Service Commission. The program is open for undergraduates who are ready to pursue a master's degree upon graduation. The scholarship provides tuition fee and other approved charges.
Provided by : Public Service Commission
Course: Master's Degree program
Award: Tuition fee
Eligibility: Have strong leadership qualities and potential
Application Deadline: 30th April, 2019 Apply Now

ASH Foundation Graduate Student Scholarship

The American-Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation is pleased to announce a graduate student scholarship. This scholarship is available for international graduate students. The scholarship awards up to 15 general graduate students with $5000 scholarships to each student.

Provided by : American-Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation
Course: Undergraduate degree program
Award: $5000
Eligibility: International students
Application Deadline: Opens in 2019.Apply Now

Warwick Sociology Departmental MA Scholarship

Sociology Departmental MA scholarship at the University of Warwick is available for incoming MA study in Sociology department in Autumn 2019. The program is available in UK/EU and overseas students. Successful candidates will receive 2,500 pounds per year over two years through this scholarship.
Provided by: The European Journalism Centre
Course: Master Program
Award: 10 awards of 5000 pounds/each
Eligibility: All Sociology taught Masters Programs
Deadline: 26 April, 2019 Apply Now

Linkoping University International Scholarships

As a world-leading university, Linkoping University is pleased to offer the International Scholarships. This scholarship is open for students who have applied for a master's degree program at the university. This is a 100% tuition fee scholarship.

Provided by: Linkoping University
Course: Master's Degree program
Award: 100% Tuition fee
Eligibility: International Students
Application Deadline: 7TH April, 2019 Apply Now

JRC FUWAKU Scholarship

The Japanese Research Centre's is pleased to announce the JRC Fuwaku Scholarship 2019. This scholarship is available for any full-time postgraduate and current master's students. JRC Fuwaku Scholarship is valued at 10,000 Pounds each year.

Provided by: Japanese Research Centre
Course : Postgraduate and master's degree program
Award: 10000 Pounds
Eligibility: UK/EU and Oversea students
Application Deadline: 1st May, 2019 Apply Now

Taught Master's Scholarships At Swansea University

The school of Management at Swansea University is pleased to invite applicants for Developing Futures Scholarships in the UK. This scholarship is open for students who have an offer to study on an eligible full-time taught course at the School of Management, starting in September 2019. Each scholarship is worth 3000 pounds.

Provided by: The School of Management at Swansea University
Course: Master degree
Eligibility: Applicants from any nationality
Application Deadline: 2nd August, 2019 Apply Now

Saturday 23 February 2019

Government Of Ireland International Education Scholarships In Ireland 2019/2020

Universities in Ireland @Fly4studiesCameroon.
The government of Ireland is offering 60 scholarship to International students through the Department of Education and Skills, the Higher Education Authority to pursue a Bachelor's, Master or PhD level program.

Applicants whose first language is not English are required to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the higher level required by the university.

Scholarship Description

The application deadline is the 29th of March, 2019
Course are available for the scholarship to pursue Bachelor's degree, Master or PhD level programs respectively.
The offer is open to all fields of study.

HEA will award a scholarship fund to the students an amount up to 10,000 Euro for one year study through the HEI the student will be attending.
Funding will cover student cost and living expenses.
The scholarship stipend will be transferred to the host higher education institution (HEI) of the successful student and forwarded by that HEI to the scholar in two payments of 5,000 Euro.

Scholarship Description

  1. The scholarship is open to all fields of study.
  2. The HEI will be required to give a full fee waiver to the student for the scholarship year ( student fee and registration charges are waived). The minimum for the institution to make the scholarship scheme.
  3. 60 scholarships will be funded by the government of Ireland International Education Scholarship for the academic year 2019/2020.
  4. Students from Non-EU/EEA countries.
  5. Scholarships can be taken in Ireland.

Scholarship Eligibility

Eligibility students from non-EU/EEA countries are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
Entrance Requirements: The scholarship may be for:
  • The final year of undergraduate program
  • One year of taught master degree program or one year of research program (One year of a 2-year research master or a 3-4 year PhD program).

Application Process

Applications should be submitted by the individual student applicants and not by host institutions.
Applicants are required to be in possession of a conditional or final offer for admission to Trinity at the time of application for the scholarship and will be required to submit a copy.

Apply Now 

All applicants need to apply For The Scholarship through this link. 
Contact us to advertise your school everywhere in the world.

Tuesday 12 February 2019

University Of York Vice Chancellor's Scholarships For International Students in UK

University of York main campus, York-UK.
The University of York is plead to announce 10 scholarships for international students. The scholarship is open for both exceptional undergraduate and post graduate international students.

The University of York is a plate glass research university in the city of Cork, Uk. They are committed to strengthen its position as one of the world's premier institutions for inspirational and life-changing research

This scholarship is aimed to reward high achieving students by offering a tuition fee discount to those expected to achieve AAA at A-Level, 36 points in the IB or international equivalent or a First class undergraduate degree or its international equivalent.

Scholarship Description

The application deadline is the 30th April, 2019.
The scholarship will be awarded in the subjects offered by the university.
These scholarships are available to pursue an undergraduate and postgraduate degree program.
The scholarship will cover
  • Five undergraduate scholarships of a £5000 tuition fee discount for each year of study.
  • Five postgraduate taught scholarships offering £5000 tuition fee discount for one year of study.
All international students can apply.
There are 10 scholarships available.
The scholarship can be taken in UK.

Who Can Apply

To be eligible, the applicant must follow all the given criteria:
Scholarships are available to students from all angles of the globe.
  1. Eligible candidates be expected to achieve AAA at A Level, 36 points in the IB or a first class undergraduate degree.
  2. Have a conditional or unconditional offer to study at the University of York by 30th April, 2019
  3. Be intended to study a full-time undergraduate of post graduate taught course based on the University of York campus.
  4. Have met the English Language requirements of their offer before application deadline.
  5. Applicants cannot hold 100% tuition fee scholarship or be fully sponsored.
  6. Applicants for the following pathways are not eligible to apply for the Vice Chancellor's scholarship;
  • Hull York Medical School
  • International Pathway College
  • Distance Learning Course

How to Apply

You will need to provide 3 short statements of 250-300 words explaining why you like to be considered for the scholarship.
A panel of senior staff from the university will select the most successful awardees for the scholarship.
Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their scholarship application by late May.
The applicant should recommend these statements before you start your application.

Application Process

Tell them why you are a strong candidate for the scholarship
How this scholarship will help you achieve your ambitions in future.
How you plan to pay the remaining tuition fee and living expenses.
Submit your ONLINE APPLICATION here and check  HERE THE SCHOLARSHIP link.

Saturday 2 February 2019

Singapore International Pre-Graduate Graduate Award (SIPGA) 2019

International scholarships in singapore for Pre-Graduate students, 2019.
The Agency for Science, Technology and Research is inviting applications for the Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award. These awards are open to international students in the fields of Science, Biomedical and Engineering related disciplines who are undergraduate students in their third or fourth year or Master students.

The Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award supports short-term research attachments for top international students at A*STAR, giving you the unique opportunity to experience the vibrant scientific environment at the research institute and Consortia, and work with distinguished and world-renowned researchers.

If English is not your primary language then you need to show that your level of English language is high enough to succeed in your studies.

Scholarship Description

Application deadline is the 15th Feb, 2019.
The award is eligible for students who are pursuing their Bachelor's degree or Masters's degree.
Scholarships are awarded in Science, Biomedical, and Engineering related disciplines.
For the scholarship award, a monthly stipend of $1,500 and research attachment period should be a minimum of 2 months to 6 months maximum..
A simple report detailing the student's experience and research project is required to be submitted to A*GA 3 weeks before completion of attachment.
The number of scholarships is not yet known.
The scholarship to be taken in Singapore.

Who is Eligible for The Scholarship

Scholarships are open for international students.
Only open for international applicants in the fields of Biomedical, Science and Engineering related fields for undergraduate students in their third or fourth year, or Masters students.
If English Language is not your first language, then you need to show that your English skills are high enough to succeed in your studies

Application Process

Submit the following documents through email to the contact person for the Research Institute that you would like to be attached to.
  1. A curriculum Vitae
  2. Copy of Identity Certificate/ Passport.
  3. English Transcripts of Bachelor and Master Studies(if available)
  4. Recommendation letter (If available)
  5. Proposed start and end date of attachment
  6. A*STAR Research Institutes Coordinator list

How to Apply

Candidates should browse through the A*STAR Research Institutes and Corsortia for attachment opportunities.
Interested students should contact A*STAR Research Institutes and Consortia directly for attachment opportunities.
Please submit the supporting documents via mail. 
Fly4studiesCameroon wish you the best as you click this SCHOLARSHIP LINK to apply.

Wednesday 30 January 2019

UWE Bristol Chancellor's Scholarships For International Students In UK

UWE Bristol university @fly4studycm.com
UWE Bristol is calling on applicants for Chancellor's Scholarship for international students. Scholarships cover 100% of tuition. The scholarship is to assist high achieving and highly motivated international students at UWE Bristol.

UWE is a modern university offering a wide range of highly respected courses and employment enhancing opportunities.

Applicants must have achieved the equivalent of a British 1st in an undergraduate degree. They must hold an unconditional offer or a condition offer where IELTS or equivalent English language is the only condition.

Scholarship Description

Application deadline is the April 28, 2019
Course level: Scholarship is available for the postgraduate degree program.
Scholarship is offered in diverse fields to help students in upgrading their education.
The scholarship has a value of 100% full tuition fee.
Unknown number of scholarships available.
All international students can apply and scholarships to be taken in UK.

Scholarship Eligibility

All international students can apply.
Entrance requirement criteria is as follows;
  1. Have achieved the equivalence of a British 1st  in an undergraduate degree.
  2. Hold an unconditional offer or a conditional offer where IELTS or equivalent English Language is the only condition.
  3. Be a new student to UWE Bristol with no previous UK study.
  4. Be classed as overseas for fees purposes.
  5. Not be a sponsored student or in receipt of another scholarship/award.
  6. Provide official transcripts at the time of application.
English Language Requirement: Must hold an unconditional offer or a conditional offer where IELTS or equivalent English language is the only condition.

Application Procedure

Students can apply via UWE PORTAL by completing  the scholarship application task.

Tuesday 29 January 2019

Endowed Scholarships For International Students At The University of Oregon, USA-2019

@www.fly4studycm.com Natural view of the University of Oregon.
The University of Oregon is offering Endowed Scholarships for international students. The scholarship is open for students in need financially but exceptional merit may apply for endowed scholarship. The scholarship is mainly for out of US applicants.

Endowed funds can vary from year to year. The mean scholarship range is from $1000-$15000. Each applicant will be considered for every scholarship the applicant is eligible for.

The University of Oregon is a renowned university for its quality research and commitment to teaching. Its students are creative with expanse of huge diversity. Its faculty teams are committed in teaching and learning. The University of Oregon offers 316 undergraduate and graduate degree programs

About The Scholarship

The application deadline is the 1st of February and the course open for all degree levels. All undergraduate level subjects can be applied. The Endowed scholarships are from donors intended to support specific students. The average scholarship range is from $1000-$15000. Applicants worldwide can apply. The number of scholarships are not known and scholarships to be taken in Oregon, USA. 

Eligibility For The Scholarship

All international student are eligible to apply and applicants must be admissible or admitted to the University of Oregon. New student must apply for admission to UO for 2018/2019 by January 15, 2019
Applicants can not be US citizens, US Permanent residents or eligible to receive US Federal financial assistance.
Applicants must demonstrate financial need and meet the minimum 3.0 GPA requirement.

Application Procedure

Incoming freshmen and new transfer, new graduates and new post-Baccalaureate applicants must follow the steps below to submit an application;

You must apply for admission before you can apply for a scholarship at the University of Oregon. Watch your email for an invitation to enter the UO scholarship Dashboard. This happens within a week of submitting your application for admissions.

Login to the UO Scholarship Dashboard and submit the General Application, ISSS Endowed Scholarship Application and the ICSP Scholarship Application. You must apply for admission prior to this step.

All applications and Reference Letters must be submitted by February 1, 2019 by 4 pm Pacific Standard Time
To apply submit your ONLINE APPLICATION HERE

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Sunday 20 January 2019

Fully Funded Master's Scholarships For Refugees And Displaced Persons In UK-2019

@Fly4studiesCameroon - Front-view of the University of London.
The University of London is offering full scholarships for refugees and displaced people in UK. These scholarships are available to pursue a post graduate program in law. The scholarship covers 100% fees payable in the University of London.

The fee includes the cost of one module continuation,extension fee, deferral, examination resit fee, dissertation re-submission.

The University of London is one of the largest universities in UK, giving high quality research, teaching and a flexible program suitable for her student body.

About The Scholarship (Description)

The application deadline is the 14th Feb, 2019.
The scholarships to be awarded in the field of law.
The scholarships are open to pursuing a post graduate law program.
The scholarship will cover 100% fees payable to the University of London. The fee include deferral, extension fee, examination resit fee, dissertation re-submission fees.
There are five scholarships available.
Scholarship can be taken in Uk.

Who Can Apply For The Scholarship

Applicants fall under the following criteria;
Scholarships are available to students from UK.
To be eligible for the scholarship you must:
Meet the entrance requirements of the postgraduate law program.
Be a formally registered refugee/displaced person with UNHCR registration number or be able to demonstrate confirmed refugee status. 

How To Apply

After the scholarship application, wait for the outcome of the application before you complete registration for your course. Make sure you submit an application for the Law program you would like to be considered for.

For the scholarship and bursary section, select the correct scholarship from the menu (Scholarship for Refugees and Displaced People) and attach/upload your signed and completed scholarship application form.

Follow this link to Download, fill the form and APPLY for the scholarship.

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Saturday 19 January 2019

Global Merit Scholarships At The University Of Michigan, Flint USA-2019

Front view of the university of Michigan-Flint, USA.
The University of Michigan, Flint is inviting international students for International Global merit Scholarship for incoming undergraduate students. The scholarships are only available for students apply for Fall admissions. There is no separate scholarship as applicants will be automatically considered.

The University of Michigan, Flint Global Merit scholarship program started in 1956 on the commitment to bring quality Michigan education to Flint and the surrounding locality. Today the UM-Flint is carrying out its mission. The University of Michigan Flint is an urban university made of scholars and learners committed to advance the entire global communities.

Scholarship Description

  1. The scholarship program is open for undergraduate courses.
  2. Global Merit scholarship is available only for undergraduate degree.
  3. The university offers partial scholarships ranging from $1000-$4500 USD to qualified incoming undergraduate international students.
  4. All international students can apply.
  5. Number os scholarships not mentioned.
  6. Scholarship can be taken in the United States.
  7. Application deadline is the 15th of February, 2019.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For The Global Merit Scholarship

  • Incoming undergraduate international students are called upon to apply.
  • Admitted students are considered for the scholarship based on their ACT/SAT score and GPA.
  • The scholarship positions become available to all student with a UM-Flint GPA.

How To Apply

There is no separate scholarship application. Applicants will automatically be considered for a scholarship. Applicants will be asked to provide identifying information, an essay on a good number of questions.
Please check this link for application and APPLY NOW

Students must submit their complete application including all required documents by 1st March, 2019.

During the application, try to write a good essay of about 350 word and a brief biography. Before doing so you must have reply to 14 and 15 short questions respectively. Make a review to make sure all other requirements are needed to complete the scholarship.

Finally review, accept and submit the scholarship application agreement. A confirmation will be sent to your UM-Flint email address. Here is the SCHOLARSHIP LINK 

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Wednesday 16 January 2019

Yale Young Global Scholars Program For High School Sophomores And Juniors, 2019

Yale Young Global Scholars in Class.
The Yale Young Global Scholars program applications are open. This program allow students to experience learning in  variety of university contexts from large lectures to small seminars and even a spontaneous learning on campus. The program is open to outstanding high school students globally.

Aim Of Yale Young Global Scholarship

The aim of Yale Global Scholar empowers the next generation of leaders by building a global community and faceting interdisciplinary programs that foster intellectual curiosity, widens understanding and inspire creative action across all boarders.

Course Level 

This is a two weeks leadership program for high school sophomores and high school juniors.

Study Course

The two-week session in Beijing, China will offer interdisciplinary program focused on Asia in the 21st century.

Scholarship Award

The total tuition  for each session of the 2019 Yale Young Global Scholar program is $6,250 which includes instruction, housing on Yale's historic residential colleges in New Haven or a hotel located near the Yale Center Beijing in China, optional health insurance and three meals per day.
Where: The scholarship to be taken in China or United States of America.

Who Can Apply

  1. Be at least 15 years old by February 6, 2019 which is the application deadline.
  2. Be able to participate in a rigorous academic curriculum to be conducted in English.
  3. Be a current high school junior or sophomore or international equivalence.
  4. Be graduating in May or June 2020 or 2021 from the Northern Hemisphere or November/December 2019 or 2020 from the Southern Hemisphere.
  5. Yale Young Global Scholar accepts applications from countries worldwide. 

How To Apply

All applicants must submit an online application using this link https://globalscholars.yale.edu/admissions before the deadline. This is the application link https://globalscholars.yale.edu/ Apply now.

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Thursday 20 December 2018

International Undergraduate Full-Fee Scholarship At Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University Scholarships for international and EU students.
The Nottingham Trent University is offering Full-fee scholarships for International Undergraduate and the European Union students who have received an offer to study an eligible course starting September 2019 or January 2020.

Nottingham Trent University was founded as a new university in 1992 from Trent polytechnic. Trent university is a public university found in Nottingham.

Applicants from outside the country will often need to meet the English Language/ other language requirements in order to be able to study at the University of Nottingham.

About The Scholarship

Application Deadline

14th of January, 2019 at 16:00 GMT
Monday 25th, March 2019 at 16:00 GMT
Monday 25 May, 2019 16:00 GMT
Scholarships are offered in a good number of fields to help students in upgrading their education standards.
Scholarships are available to pursue an undergraduate program.
The scholarship award is of Full tuition for up to 4 years to be taken in United Kingdom.

Who Can Apply

The scholarship is available for international and European Union students. The entrance requirements are only for those who have received an offer to study on an eligible course starting in September 2019 or January 2020.

How To Apply

Complete the application form by filling the form completely. Candidates will be considered for all the scholarships they are eligible for. Candidates are reminded to email their form to international @ ntu,ac.uk before 16:00 GMT of the application deadline.

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. If we receive your application after the deadline, it will be considered for the next deadline and after the final deadline, it will not be considered at all.

Candidates will be contacted with a decision within four weeks of the deadline.
Here is the scholarship link and an application form . 

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