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Sunday, 27 May 2018

10 Most Expensive Secondary School Tuition fees in Cameroon, Number 1 Will Break your Heart

These 10 most expensive secondary schools in Cameroon and their tuition fees will shock you.
Some most expensive Secondary School tuition fees in Cameroon seems to be heart breaking in the eyes of many. Cameroon is a bilingual country in Africa with English and French as their official languages. Two separate education systems were instituted after independence in Cameroon. The Eastern Cameroon, using the French system and the Western Cameroons, the British system of education.
Below you will find a list of the most expensive bilingual and international schools in Cameroon. Some schools prepare students for International Baccalaureate and other diplomas in Cameroon. Some schools will follow the American education and British with English as a language of instruction and the French curriculum.
Education in Cameroon is among the best in Africa but a bit incomparable with the international standard practised by International schools in the country. These international secondary school's tuition fees in Cameroon are very expensive.

In Cameroon, primary education is free and the pupils only need to buy books and uniforms.
Take a look at the list

  1. American School of Yaounde, located at Carrefour EMIA, Yaounde, Cameroon with a tuition fee of 2,900,000-11,000,000frs per year. It is a purely American system of education from grade 1-12.
  2. Rainforest International, SIL, Yaounde-Cameroon is a Christian world view secondary school whose language of Instruction is English. They practise the British curriculum and the language of instruction is English with an estimated tuition of 2,500,000-8,000,000 frs
  3. ENKO La Gaiete International School, located in Nouvelle Route Bastos, Yaounde-Cameroon. Their tuition fee is 2,500,000 frs per year. They practise a world class Cambridge curriculum taught up to form 5 and lead to an international Baccalaureate diploma program in lower and upper sixth. Program is taught in English.
  4. Fustel de Coulange a Yaounde is located at Avenue de Banques. They follow a purely French curriculum. Their tuition fee is between 800,000-2,100,000 frs.
  5. Ecole International Le Flamboyant is located in Bastos, Yaounde-Cameroon with a tuition fee of 950,000frs to 1,500,000frs.
  6. British Isles International School, located at Rue Makepe Parcour Vita with a nursery school fee of 500,000frs, primary of 700,000frs and secondary of 1,080,000frs. It is a British-based curriculum up to the ages of 16 i.e GCSE adapted to European international standards. It serves both national and international students of age 1-18.
  7. The Bridge international School located at 4157 Denver- Bonamoussadi, Douala-Cameroon with a tuition of 2,000,000frs. It has an international recognised Cambridge Examination program, IGCSEs and Advanced Subsidiary, AS/ A/L.
  8. Dominique Savio a Douala with a tuition of 650,000-1,800,000frs per year.
  9. Ecole Francaise Le Baobab de Bafoussam with a yearly tuition fee of 200000frs to 1000,000frs
  10. Le Tinguelin a Garoua with a tuition fee of 353,000-600,000frs.


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