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Fly4studiesCameroon About Us
 Welcome to  Fly4studiesCameroon About Us Page. Fly4studiesCameroon is a study abroad firm created in 2016 with the aim of consulting, counseling, and orientation of students who wish to pursue higher education in our partner Universities in Asia, Europe, America and in Africa. 

Apart from scholarships and admission services abroad, we post latest news for our blog visitors and those interested on our blog articles, advertisements and latest job postings for young graduates both national and international. In late 2019, we added forex trading.

 We are made up of a team of 10 workers led by a CEO Nshing Rooney, Marketing manager, N James and Ayeah Gideon the publicity Secretary and 7 field employees who are committed to enhance the growth of this young startup while taking stance to satisfy her clients. 

We offer free consultation services each year to our students. This energetic firm has grown a highly spirited youth sent by us abroad and today, they are back home as entrepreneurs, medical doctors, engineers, journalists and just to name a few.

 In 2016, we offered 5 scholarships to Cameroonians to study in Germany, China, and USA. We have been orientating and consulting post graduate students who wished to attend fellowships in Australia, US, and China.
We may earn from the little charges our firm ask for registration and from our partner Universities in order to maintain our circle. We are creating a better world for young scholars and we can't charge them high because it take just a lot to study abroad except through scholarships.

 We have been doing this student travel business for 2 years today and have gotten the experience and expertise on how to apply not only to schools but also at embassies. Though other embassies my not do a face to face interview, to others is a must. We treat all those cases to the satisfaction of our students.
         We treat our clients in a marvelous way so that each time they return home their first point of contact is Fly4studiesCameroon. Our students abroad have associations named after Fly4studiesCameroon.
 We have partnered with national institutions here in Cameroon and we wish to extended our branches to the whole of west and central Africa. Each year during University games we recruit part- time students to enforce our publicity force. We thank God that among them 6 are already pursuing their graduate and Undergraduate studies abroad.
Our aim is to develop a new generation of youths who can transform Africa in the next 10 years. Yes we can.
We do not letting go our youthful communities worldwide by not getting a glimpse of the latest happenings around the globe. We mean news and entertainment.

                                                                                                                                        Rooney N
We accompany our clients from the day they contact our firm till the day their visa is issued. Even in their respective Universities abroad our students are still free to contact us for their education review.

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Nkwen, Bamenda,
Nlongkak, Yaounde, 00237
Nlongkak, Yaounde-Cameroon-New Generation

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