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You are welcome to our services, a Fly4studiesCameroon focal point where all ears are listening to your great ideas.
Fly4studiesCameroon is a student life partner firm, rendering services to students who wish to study abroad in either partner University or any University of their choice. We also carry out voluntary works towards the empowerment of young students into science and technology fields. The question is, how do we offer these services?

In 2019, Fly4studiesCameroon signed a contract with Cameroon Online School of Forex, A foreign exchange trading academy located in Cameroon with the aim of helping youths meet their financial needs. The company buy and selling currencies, stocks and commodities like Gold, Silver, Platinum

Fly4studiesCameroon is working with two international consultants who are well trained on study abroad consulting, orientation and admission procedures and student career advancement. Once a student is registered in our files, he or she becomes our lifetime partner till his/her education is done.
Fly4studiesCameroon ensures that a student brings all the necessary documents during the application process. We consider providing students with facts that could easily earn them admission and why not scholarships. We provide scholarship links on our blog to help students identify them as fast as possible.

Nowadays, many Universities need essays or a letter of purpose from applicants and many students do not know how to go about this important part of the application. It also contribute in awarding students the scholarship they have always been in need of. Here we step in to point out the errors to both the satisfaction of our students and that of the admission office.
We invest our time to also accompany our students till their visas are out. Embassy interviews are taught nowadays and we work on drilling our students on the available technics which are always a success.

We walk along with a market oriented staff, trained to operate both on field and in office applications and counseling and always ready to update our services. They are dedicated to the mission statement of the firm." Global education for all".
Secondly, we are in a less developed world where science and technology is inadequate. We keep on voluntarily empowering secondary, high schools and Universities in Cameroon and in Central Africa on how to import this to her own countries. We are currently doing a school to school orientation towards science and technology in Cameroon.
We provide latest updates on education news, admissions and scholarships, not letting out internships and jobs after graduation and the latest happenings around the globe.

  1. We orientate.
  2. We consult.
  3. We counsel.
  4. We admit students to study abroad.
  5. We post latest jobs.
  6. We volunteer in promoting science and technology and finally we diffuse the latest education updates and happenings around the globe.

Fly4studiesCameroon is your education partner.
We encourage you to contact us in case you need our service.
You can also subscribe to get the latest updates about any education trends and latest happenings around the globe.
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