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Saturday 10 June 2023

Andre Onana's Networth, GirlFriend and Career Path Since 2015 to 2023

Andre Onana
Andre Onana goalkeeper of Cameroon/Inter Milan.

André Onana is a professional soccer player from Cameroon, born on April 02, 1996. He has achieved success in his career, and his net worth, biography, age, height, and family are all well-known. Onana has been a regular in the Cameroon national team since 2015, and continues to be a key player in the team. He has also had success in his club career, playing for Ajax since 2015.

Today the 10th of June 2023, he will be playing the UEFA Champion's league finals with Inter Milan against Manchester City in Istanbul.

His recent Networth is estimated at $5 Million

The Cameroon goalkeeper who has played with Club Ajax since 2016 in the Dutch league Eredivisie. He has played for the Cameroon national team since 2016.

He started club soccer at the youth level playing with Barcelona from 2010 to 2015 and was moved up to Jong Ajax in 2015.

He was banned in February 2021 from playing for 12 months in the UEFA after testing positive for Furosemide. He appealed and the ban was reduced to nine months.

He was born in Nkol Ngok, Cameroon. He is based in Milan and is dating entrepreneur Melanie Kamayou. His cousin is soccer player Fabrice Ondoa who was recently called up for the Cameroon vs Mexico match coming up on the 11th June 2023 in USA after 6 years of no call up by previous coaches.

He went to the Samuel Eto'o Academy before joining Barcelona's youth team.

Today Onana is among the top 3 goalkeepers in the world.

Sunday 19 February 2023

Best and Cheap Airlines Operating In Cameroon

Best airlines operating in Cameroon
Best Cheap flight operators in Cameroon.

The cheapest and best airlines operating in Cameroon offer cheap flights and good quality services during your flight.

The services of these airlines starts from their air ticket sales points to their web application flexibility when buying a ticket. Some are very cheap but do not fly to many countries and you have to transit in many countries.

The best and cheapest airline whether you are flying from Yaounde or Douala to London, UK, USA, FRANCE, BELGIUM, AUSTRIA, GERMANY, I will prefer Ethiopian Airlines. Located in Nouvelle Route Bastos, you will be received warmly by smiling faces and you can even book your flight before going there to avoid some extra charges.

Still at the sales points, you can use MTN Momo to buy your flight or with cash though card transactions are also accepted online. Once your ticket is bought, you receive an email with you itinerary stating the times of travel, transits and Boeing you will use.

Just like Turkish airlines, they will be updating you few days to your flight prompting you to start going to the airport that morning or evening so that you won't miss the flight. 

Before you take your seat, Ethiopian flight attendance will welcome you with a clean smile before you seat and fasten your belt. Their planes are big and can take close to a thousand people. Note that small planes are not comfortable on air.

Imagine taking a flight at 340k Fcfa to Austria (9hrs) in Europe from Yaounde through Ethiopian Airlines and taking 1 hour flight from Douala to Abuja for 370k ( 1h 15mins) flight in Air Cote D'ivoire. How do we call this?

Number 1 on our list is Ethiopian Airlines

2. Turkish Airlines

3. Kenyan Airlines

4. Swiss Air (Brussels Airlines)

5. Would have been Egypt air but lots of transit have pushed it down and we prefer Rwandair.

6. A sky Airlines

7. Air France

8. Royal Air Maroc

9. Air Cote D'Ivoire

10. Afrijet

The classification may not be equal for everyone but you are free to choose any operator of your choice. Advice number one. Never use private travel agencies to buy your flight especially in Cameroon. Their charges are exuberant but buy if you don’t care or in a hurry.

Sunday 25 December 2022

Christmas Give Away By NshingTv on the 25th December 2022

Merry Christmas 2022
Christmas image from Rooney N in the city of Praha.

Merry Christmas to all the fans and followers of NshingTv. This is a day our savior Baby Jesus was born and we decided to celebrate him by showing the little appreciation we have for you.

All our fans merited this give away but we didn’t have enough for everyone and we promise another give away on the 1st of January 2023. It may still not include all but we still remain a big family online.

There was actually no criteria but preference was given to some top fans and top commenters and just some fans and followers.

Shop with jayla fashion-Paris-Prague-Turkish fabrics Located in Yaoundé, Cameroon . Contact the number on the sticker

We wish you the best as you enjoy this day. Below is a list of the give away winners:

1.Agbor John

2. De Main Carter

3. Clarise Dzewole Layen

4. Joy Bright

5. Besem Bisong

6. Blandine Ngoinjang

7. Josian Mbel

8. Kingsley Samba

9. Zita Bi

10. Essomba Dylan

11. Kah Jude

12. Buo Chantal

13. Wuliten Marcmbom

14. Kesh Fabrice O

15. Lore Blink

16. Longku Pascal

17. Dice Dice

18. Hiwrrise Bi

19. Kini Anthony

20. Paul Samuel 

NshingTv is a home of entertainment, sports and news and an official partner of Fly4studycm. Once more Merry Christmas.

Monday 17 October 2022

Man catches wife with Longue Longue in Yaounde

Longue longue caught with one's wife
Longue Longue caught with someone's wife.

 On mid day 16th Oct 2022, a married man caught his wife in Longue Longue's car in Yaounde. Longue longue is at the apex of Cameroon Music and know to millions of Cameroonians.

Reports says that lady left the house before claiming that she was traveling out of Yaounde.

"The husband knowing that he is alone and wife has travel went to the market to get some foodstuff to cater for the kids only to surprisingly see the wife in Longue Longue's red car at Mvog Atangana Mballa neighborhood in Yaounde.

In viral videos the man is seen draging the wife out of the car as she resist while Longue on his side is raining insults at the man. Ta mêre...Ta mêre....

As the crowd shout to different tunes of smiles and undifferentiated slangs, it has been known that the 49yrs old singer has been inter webbed in such scandals several times.

Before the 1st wife of Longue Mbassi Ayisi left, she complained of him trying to sleep with her 17 years old niece.

He calls himself the French advocate for women.... Avocat de Français des femmes...

Sunday 11 September 2022

NshingTv: Humble Fans The Administration Of NshingTv Needs You Right Now

 Welcome to our affiliate webpage also owned by NshingTv. At NshingTv we crack jokes daily, some get annoyed, others smile and others go simply for News and sport. We are a world on its own creating a future for the future. 

With due respect and honour from our free hands on social media, we request our fans and followers to help our team member who is carrying out an agricultural research which will crown him MSc or Ig in the field of Agriculture. If you are from the North West Region and doesn't even reside in the North West for now, this form is still for you.

Our team member is working on Agricultural Migration and Land Abandonment in the North west Region of Cameroon and is pleading with you to help him fill in an online questionnaire which will not take you more than 10 minutes to complete it.

On the questionnaire your name, email or any personal information won't be requested and it will not appear anywhere. The questionnaire has 3 sections. After each section, please click next till the 3 section and when your are through, click submit and in 1 second we will receive the form.

Thanks a lot great friend and special fan of NshingTV, You are one in a million.

Here is the link  https://forms.gle/ea5bn9BpeMkFrzef7

If you know any farmer or group of farmers from the North West Region please share the link with them 

Wednesday 24 August 2022

Yaounde, Biyem Assi- Woman Kills Sister-in law, Chop Her up and Package in a Valise for Rituals

 Woman Kills Her Sister-In-Law, Chops Body For Money Ritual (Graphic Photos)

Fly4studycm and NshingTv gathered that a 57-Year-Old Cameroonian Woman Identified as Marie France Mbea has been arrested for allegedly killing her sister-in-in-law for suspected money ritual.

According to local media, the suspect killed the woman and chopped up her body in a hotel in Biyem Assi area of Yaoundé.

She was intercepted on Monday, August 22, 2022, while leaving the hotel with the body parts stuffed in a suitcase.

Marie France Mbea said she had been talking with an unknown man on the phone who advised her to kill the sister-in-law in exchange for wealth. She lodged into the hotel with the victim and used a beer bottle to hit her on the head and slit her throat.

After killing her sister-in-law on Sunday night, she left the hotel Mendzang, only to appear on Monday with a machete and a Valise.

She then chopped the body into pieces and bundled them in the bag but hotel management suspected foul when they discovered that she was carrying something too heavy for her and despite offers to help her, she refused. They thren called the Police.

The Suspect who is currently being interrogated at police headquarters in Yaounde, confessed that the body parts were to be given to a man in exchange for wealth.

NshingTv- Biyem Assi-Yaounde

Friday 29 July 2022

Several People Arrested In Yaounde As Macron says Good Bye Cameroon

Riots in Cameroon as Macro leaves the country (Many arrested).

Police in Yaoundé have arrested several people who held up Franck Biya posters during President Emmanuel Macron visit on Wednesday July 27.

Senior Cameroon government official contt anonymited said that holding up the Franck Biya posters demonstrated disrespect for the 89-year-old head of state President Biya.

Our source added that the posters had nothing to do with right to freedom of expression which is guaranteed by the Constitution and the law on freedom to express an opinion in public.

The so-called Franck Biya supporters now in police including Tchouta Marthe Marguerite, Mengan Même Marc Aurélien, Anyouzoa Mbida Éric Arcene- an Accountant at the Central Regional Office, Belinga Obama, Ayissi Robert- a Divisional Delegate at the Centre Region, Nkoumou Jean Chanel, Atangana Assembe Norbert Hermann-Divisional Delegate from Nyon & Foumou, Abafack Marc Berthol, Akoa Marie Christelle, Ntsama Mpega Christian and Sandjock Yves. 

A police officer leading the investigation was quoted as saying “political thuggery has no place on the streets of Yaoundé”  but he refused to confirm if Franck Biya, the president’s eldest son will be summoned for questioning on the matter after he was seen sharing a conversation with visiting French President Emmanuel Macron.

Many Francophone opposition figures have described the Franck Biya posters as “utterly shameful“.

Sunday 10 July 2022

Breaking- South West Cameroon-Yesterday 9th July, 2022. At least 13 People Have Died from Truck Collision in Kumba

Road Accidents in Africa
Fatal road accident in Kumba.


9th July, 2022 was a sad day for travellers and their families. At least 13 people have died after a truck collided with a bus in southwestern Cameroon, according to local police. 

The accident occurred Saturday morning along Kumba-Muyuka highway in Southwest region of the country. This highway is remarkable for numerous accidents in the country. It records about 4 percent of accidents in Cameroon.

The truck lost control and collided head-on with a bus that was carrying 30 passengers at a locality called Bombe Bakundu which is located along the highway, police said.

According to the police, fatal accidents are common in Cameroon due to reckless driving, dangerous overtaking, drunk driving and poor state of road.

The Ministry of Transport estimates that 1,500 people die in road accidents each year in the central African nation.

#NshingTv #Fly4studycm news books.

Wednesday 4 May 2022

2022 Top Univetsities In Cameroon Revealed

Top 2022 universities in Cameroon

On the image below is the list of 2022 top universities in Cameroon. When you complete high school, your aim is always the best University to further your study.

The rankings of the best Universities includes African, World rankings. Ranking of Universities pave ways for improvement of low ranked universities.

Each university is judged in five categories covering the core missions of all world-class, global universities: Teaching, Research, Citations (research influence), Industry Income and International Outlook.

List of Cameroon top universities.

The five scores in these categories for each ranked university are available under “performance breakdown”. This means that in addition to browsing universities by overall rank, or searching for a specific institution, you can sort the table by the five metrics to make a decision based on particular priorities.

Fly4studycm is an official partner of NshingTv.

Monday 2 May 2022

Events That Let a BIR Soldier Brutally Murdered By Mob in Melong, Cameroon.

BIR killed in Melong by angry mob
Bir murdered in Melong, Cameroon.

Second class soldier Enioki Joel joined the rapid the Rapid Intervention Batallion in 2021 and is part of the recent graduates of the elite force training centre.

Authorized to be out of the centre for a brief holiday just like the rest of the comrades, Joel unfortunately took upon himself to make a display of force in his native Melong. According to several reports on ground, he missed no opportunity to intimidate the villagers.

This May 1, Enioki Joel is 40km away from Melong, on his way to a neighboring village when he meets a vehicle in the middle of the road. Reports say the owner of the vehicle was unable to move it due to an overheating problem and the poor nature of the road during the rainy season. 

Joel, who was on a motorcycle, furiously ordered the vehicle’s owner to move it but the driver was vehement: it was impossible to do given the circumstances. A fight ensued and overpowered, the soldier pulled out a special knife, known to be owned only by BIR soldiers (commonly called leader man) and stabbed the driver in his chest.

Bewildered onlookers immediately tried to intervene but Joel succeeded to escape. A little while later, sensing tensions had gone low, Joel returned to the crime scene and attacked the driver’s brother who was struggling to find a vehicle to transport his injured brother. Angered, the population of the neighborhood beat him up, tied him, and used a machete to cut him in various places and his death soon followed.

Reports say the people from Joel’s native Mbo’o have moved to the neighboring village and are burning houses, plantations, and vehicles asking the settlers to go back to their villages of origin.

Reports say second-class soldier Enioki Joel had previously beaten up a man in Mbo’o and had done the same to his wife, even asking her to roll in a muddy gutter to humiliate her.

The people of the area where the incident happened who are predominantly from the North West region are being victimized with threats. A source says that houses are being ransacked and the people asked to leave.

Fly4studycm @NshingTv

Thursday 6 January 2022

Reason Why The Gabonese National Team Rejected La Falaise Hotel To Starland Hotel This Morning.


Star Land hotel Bastos- Yaounde.

The Gabonese National Team have rejected the La Falaise Hotel reserved for them upon arrival in Cameroon.

The team has rather chosen to Lodge at the Star Land Hotel situated in Bastos Yaoundé. The newly constructed star land hotel is is a 10 storey building located in the heart of Bastos and in a well reserved environment.

It should be noted that La Falaise is located in the booming city center, though a 4 star hotel with class, many will find it uncomfortable. Leaving Starland hotel to the training ground or the Amadou Ahijio stadium will mean less traffic than La Falaise.

Swimming pool at Star Land hotel.

I think the main reason for the rejection of La Falaise is the buzzling city center but the quality. The hotel is top notch and classic.
It should be noted that the Gabonese arrived Cameroon almost a day later than expected after they refused entering the plane to Cameroon due to bonus payment issues.

Do you like this hotel or la falaise hotel
? Then check out the la Falaise hotel on the image below.

La falaise hotel in Yaounde.

Wednesday 5 January 2022

If Eto Can Listen To My Advice Cameroon League Will Be Compared With English League

LFPC in cameroon
Samuel eto and Rooney Nshing.

Samuel Eto is the recent president of Cameroon football federation, FECAFOOT. He has implemented the disbursement of 20 million and 10 million fcfa subsidies to both elite 1 and 2 respectively.
He also stated that the winner of the local championship will carry home 50 million fcfa. At first it ranged between 10 to 15 million.

Now Nshing Rooney, CEO of NshingTv had great ideas he wish to propose to Samuel Eto which can put Cameroon professional league at the level of English football league.

1. Any form of embezzlement from all branches of Fecafoot and LFPC should be dismissed and a prison term after refund.

2. Eto should sign partnership agreement with sport channels like Supersport, canal+ sports e.t.c... they can easily sell our football.

3. All stadia should have at least green turf and good Cameras for all matches by the local media.

4. Invite top players like messi, Benzema, Neymar to visit clubs in Cameroon. This will draw media attention.

5. Make sure that all players are paid through bank accounts in order to make them have a vision. And they should only have access to 50% of their salary till the end of the season. This will help them build their future. Most youths can't manage money.

6. Each team should have a partner club abroad, this will help build the anxiety for football and from there friendly matches will set in. Imagine Yosa having a friendly match with Manchester United in Bamenda.

7. All clubs should at least have a 70 seater bus. Partnership can do this in 1 or 3 years. This will ease movements.

I plead with Eto to check my points.

Tuesday 4 January 2022

AFCON2021- Latest Panicks In Limbe As We Write

Limbe stadium and the security around the area
Olembe stadium in Yaounde-Cameroon.

Cameroon conflict looms over Africa Cup of Nations venue. The STADIUM is located a few meters from the Atlantic ocean, with cool breeze and in a very clean city but what about the security here?

Droves of armored vehicles are patrolling the streets of Limbe in Cameroon's conflict-torn southwest region ahead of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) soccer finals starting on January 9 that separatist militants have vowed to disrupt.

Cameroon is hosting the tournament in six cities, but security is potentially most at threat in Limbe, a city on the tropical Atlantic coast whose surrounding region has been rocked by armed attacks since war broke out in 2016.

The conflict, in which armed groups are trying to form a breakaway state called Ambazonia, has killed at least 3,000 people and forced nearly one million to flee. Violence has worsened this this past year as separatists increase their use of improvised explosives.

"My fear ... is that the recent phenomenon of bomb blasts which have been happening in other parts ... could be a common phenomenon during this AFCON period," said local journalist Honore Kuma.

Insecurity is just one issue facing the tournament. Concerns about the readiness of stadiums and the spread of the Omicron Covid-19 variant have also made headlines in recent weeks.

#CNN #NshingTv #Fly4studycm

Sunday 2 January 2022

The Prices of Nations Cup Tickets Will Shock You

 The nations cup jamboree is here and we only have to accept the realities. Cameroon is the Afcon host and for the first time Africa will host 24 teams instead of the ancient 16 teams.

The entry into different stadia have price tags which may not be comfortable for many average Cameroonians. Truth and it will be revealed during the first leg matches.

At different stages of the competition, prices increases progressively. The first stage of the competition means 3000 fcfa entry  for lowest category and the last day of the competition, 7k for the cheapest price.

Below are the images showing entry tickets of 6 different stadia, the different ticket categories and few rules to follow during the AFCON. 

Afcon ticket prices and where to buy it in Cameroon

What are you views on these ticketing prices? 

Sunday 26 December 2021



Fhish captured on instagram Wall.

All our big list A artists who knew very well that Fhish was to be removed today en route for Bamenda did not go to the mutuary. All they know is RIP and then add one small emoji as if they are too occupied with one big international project.

The family waited and thought maybe it was early, they waited thinking that maybe co-artists could join then give their own idea on the burial program Or contribute on drawing up the program but non showed up.
I appreciate Je suis kobo for making a tribute song for Fhish a few hours of dismiss. That's love. I don't know whether they are jealous of the dead man's money he won or they are simply wicked. If it was a big Nigerian star most of these your A list artists will pay flights to Nigeria. When its Davido asking for birthday cash every artist is hustling to give. Even bloggers are overloading it on their blogs but where is footage of fhish on their blog.
Support your own is their national anthem. What a shame. Is Fhish not your own? Please life is turn by turn. Are they aware that if concerts are banned just for 1 year most of them will learn "Ngesss"? or beg?
Common list A artists who still rent in people's homes be making as if they have made it. My question is, What are they always occupied doing? Even to pay last homage to a colleague? What a shame.
I Rooney personally wish to inform all artists and bloggers to search for info on his burial ceremony in Bamenda and make sure you attend it. This time around is by force. Roll call will be used. Rubbish 🗑. What's wrong with Cameroon artists?

Saturday 2 October 2021

Top 5 Universities in Cameroon 2020/2021


Universities in Cameroon
Image by NshingTv Our affiliate page.

Today we go straight to classify the best 5 universities in Cameroon before the start of 2021/2022 academic year. We classify using the following criteria; Academic reputation, Citations per faculty, Faculty student ratio, , International faculty ratio, Employer reputation, Research outcome, educational facilities like quality labs, publications, Staff(remarkable professors and doctors), Infrastructures and a well developed online studies not letting out alumni.

1. University of Buea 

2. University of Yaoundé I - Cameroon 

3. ICT University - Yaounde

4. University. Of dschang cameroon 

5. The University of Bamenda 

When it comes to social media presence, English Universities are well organized with marked official pages and sites easily recognized worldwide.

#UniversityofBuea topped our list for extra 1 great reason. It's the only University recognized and verified by USA in Cameroon. They can easily have access to results verification, through the admin without the student's knowledge. But other universities don't have these services making the less trustworthy.

If you have any questions regarding our rankings please you let us know on the comment section.

If you are new here, please like and follow our page NshingTv for all latest news, sports and entertainment.

Fly4studycm #NshingTv #UniversityRankings #Cameroon

Friday 24 September 2021

Ben Decca of The Decca Family is Death

Ben Decca is death
Ben Decca
Humours on social media says that, Veteran Makossa singer, musician and leader of the popular Decca family, Ben Decca has passed away in Paris, France in his apartment. There is no information yet on his sudden death.

Ben Decca was a veteran of the Cameroonian music world and a much-loved personality among both artistes and fans. There is no information yet on his sudden death. We are yet to confirm.

For the past four decades, he has been the front man of several solo artists from Cameroon and most well-known with several hit albums and sold-out performances both locally and internationally.

Ben and his two sisters Grace and Dora Decca have produced some of the most notable hits in recent times.  Some of his songs including Makossa Phoenix, aimer, Attention Danger and amour a sens unique touched on political and social themes and he was not reluctant to express his views on political issues on and off the stage.

Ben Decca’s recent song Makossa Phoenix was a huge blast, and it is still one of the most popular hits in Cameroon. He has also made many collabos recently with young artists in the 237music industry. 

Lets wait as things unfold.

Sunday 19 September 2021

Selma Ndi of DataGirl Tech Becomes First Young Cameroonian Lady To Appear On Forbs Magazine

Datagirl Tech CEO
Selma Ndi, DataGirlTech CEO.

We bring forth the 1st youngest Cameroonian lady to have appeared on #Forbes magazine, the most prestigious website on earth that talk mostly on Stars and great society influencers. Her name is Ndi Selma from Belo, Boyo Division of the North West region of Cameroon. She is the CEO of #DataGirlTech 

Listen to her "A few years back , I graduated from the prestigious ICT University. I remain grateful to the staff of the university for making my story complete and impacting the lives of its students. 

This is where the entrepreneurial spirit, the love for tech started. I remain thankful for the university that keeps producing emerging leaders.

To my alma matter, Kudos. Another light has been shone on DataGirl Tech"

Selma is a ICT engineer and trainer with multiple awards such as that of "Young African women in tech", Tony Elumelu foundation awards and many local awards and has held many conferences with the United Nations concerning tech among her gender.

Considering the fact that tech is becoming more common in our emerging Africa, 80% of youths wish to go tech but doesn't know where to start. Selma is your window to your new tech dream... Check out her website here datagirltech

If you are new here, like and follow our page NshingTv  for latest on News, Sports and Entertainment.

#Fly4studycm #NshingTv #DataGirlTech #NdiSelma #Forbs

Sunday 29 August 2021

Deported Cameroonian Asylum Seeker From Slovenia To Be paid €5000

Slovenian asylum seeker from Bostnia
Capital city of Slovenia

The Supreme Court has ruled that Slovenia must allow a Cameroonian asylum seeker who was deported from Slovenia twice to enter the country and request asylum status in what is a landmark decision. The Cameroonian is currently in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The court’s decision is final and no appeals are possible, the daily Dnevnik reported on Saturday.

The Slovenian police, which unlawfully deported the Cameroonian to Croatia twice in 2019, and the Interior Ministry must allow him to return to request international protection, the court decided in a landmark ruling that change “the rules of the game” in processing migrants on the southern border, Dnevnik said.

The Cameroonian is entitled to applying for asylum as he had left his country to flee persecution as a victim of an ethnic conflict

This comes after the Administrative Court sided with an appeal by him in 2020. Apart from ruling that he must be allowed to return to seek asylum, the Administrative Court also decided that Slovenia must pay him compensation of EUR 5,000.

The decision was then appealed by the ministry, which now no longer has the option to do so since the Supreme Court upheld the ruling.

The decision was then appealed by the ministry, which now no longer has the option to do so since the Supreme Court upheld the ruling.

When it comes to the compensation, the Supreme Court has not made any decision but instead urged the Cameroonian to file a separate compensation lawsuit.

The Supreme Court’s ruling was handed down in April. The InfoKolpa civil initiative, which has been providing legal protection for the Cameroonian, has warned that the ministry has not wanted to implement the ruling for the past four months.

In line with the court’s decision, Slovenia should issue a travel permit to the Cameroonian so that he could arrive at the Slovenian border without any legal issues, however the ministry does not want to do this, InfoKolpa said, adding that this could be sorted out the same way it had been sorted out recently in the case of an Afghan who had helped the Slovenian army and his family.

The Cameroonian’s counsel Dino Bauk said that his client “is still trapped in Bosnia-Herzegovina where his basic human rights continue to be violated”.

After he learned of the court’s decision, the Cameroonian is said to have attempted to arrive at the Slovenian border by himself a number of times, but always in vain, according to Dnevnik.

The paper addressed a number of relevant questions to the ministry and police. The police responded by saying that it had been notified of the ruling and it “forwarded information about the implementation of the ruling via a law firm which represented the foreigner”.

Dnevnik reported that Police Commissioner Anton Olaj had said that the Cameroonian may report to any Slovenian border crossing.

Saturday 14 August 2021

Brief story of Rooney Nshing


Learn Forex trading in Cameroon
Rooney Nshing 

Let me tell you how it started.

2017 bitworld went away with my hard earned cash. Hustling as a private teacher and dashing the cash to a multilevel scheme was so painful. Before i dived into these schemes my aim was to raise money and open a cocoa plantation which had always been my dream. I discovered that all the schemes were fake.

 Collecting money from John to give Marry and when people could not join they disappear.

That same 2017 i had a blog which was already approved by Google and i was making a few EUROS monthly www.fly4studycm.com . When i saw how Google Adsense was surging my cash i added another blog exclusively biz. I was using these blogs to advertise scheme links too. Today these blogs have 15k+ daily visitors and companies contact me daily to advertise their services too.

2018 i told myself "fake schemes bye" new schemes came and went but i was just smiling cuz i was aware of the shortcomings. Late 2017 i was actively learning forex trading. Yes the most legit online stuff created 50yrs back. I spent $580 to learn and i started trading though the start wasnt easy.

By the end of 2018, i made $3500 trading and following all the risk management guides. That same year i created Cameroon Online School of Forex which is today the largest forex trading academy in Central Africa.

As an entrepreneur my strength is my blogs, my YouTube channel, Facebook page, Whatsapp, and a few social handles while attached to my secondary school as a teacher. I gather some joy doing so.

I have trained 2000+ traders and many forex schools in Cameroon are part of my feathers.

I can boost that my traders have made $200,000+ since i started my dream journey. Hey i have a 90% scholarship for you. Keep reading...

2020 forex bought me a convertible peugeot, changed a few things in my life. Traveled to many countries in 2021 for fun and business engagements. I thank those who encouraged me in one way or the other.

I painted my picture and still painting. I want us to paint ourselves together. You are fortunate to have me during the painting. Yes it will be easy.

Remeber i have a dream to own the biggest cocoa farm in Cameroon. What is yours? How are you going to get the finances? Dont be scared join me here https://chat.whatsapp.com/EeZ0JbkOX1BK5TpKTorkBi and note that it's never too late.

Do you know that i can teach you how to blog and earn endless cash? Yes its possible. Even you facebook page is a cash factory.

Rooney N.




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