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Friday 16 February 2024

How To Solve The Dollar Crisis In Nigeria As $1=N1500.

Lagos the economic capital of Nigeria at a time when $1 equates to N1500 worst in history and in early 2024.


Let go straight 

Nigerian economy depends a lot on dollar due to foreign investments in the country where these foreign investors own accounts in Dollars likewise Cameroon banks don’t permit dollar accounts. So there is no fluctuations in CFA as the case of dollars making Naira a shitty currency as we speak $1= N1500

The Nigerian central bank is made up of a handful of gangs that doesn’t want to release these dollars and because the dollar is scarce these criminals keep increasing the buying price that’s why the same $1 which was at N700 is now at N1500.

They sell these dollars only to a few people and these few people keep spreading the news that there is no dollar and for me to sell this dollar, my $1= N155 do you agree? Yes or no? As people agree, the economy keep decaying and prices of basic commodities keep rising.

A bag of rice now in Nigeria is N 100,000 and a litre of fuel which was at N180 is now at N1000. How do you survive in such economy?

Those in online purchase or students paying their tuition abroad will have to release huge sums of Naira which will just equate to a few dollars or Euros.

This means that for a Nigerian to benefit from this situation especially those living abroad right? They should send dollars or Euro back home and exchange them to Naira cash or fiat but hide the money somewhere not in a bank because it might still drop in your account. Now when the economy will be stable or when dollar will drop back to N700 you will remain a wealthy man.

E.g Emeka has 10,000,000 fcfa in Cameroon. If he converts to Naira he will have 25,000,000 Naira as we speak. Exchange it and keep it because the dollar rate can drop any time as the economy becomes stable and you will be very rich.

Now the government of Nigeria should clean the corruption agents in their central bank and make Naira a standard currency for both local and foreign investors. This is where insecurity and other malpractices infiltrates a country and renders it unfit for human survival pushing the youthful population to emigrate to different countries for survival.

Fit to share

Foreign Exchange analyst

Rooney Nshing.

Friday 13 October 2023

How To Make Money As A Booking.com Affiliate Without Stress

Booking.com affiliates
How to make money with booking.com affiliate.

Two months ago I asked you guys to write reviews about hotels around the world of your choice and about 7 posts were made….

I congratulated that and many were not interested. I was dashing out 1000 fcfa for any blog post of 250 words made.

Why was I writing about hotels? I had already signed up with booking.com as an affiliate. You need to register, link your bank account and get your affiliate link. You can make this customize this affiliate link to only show hotels in one particular city, country or continent of your choice but you may decide to use one global link where everyone can click and book an accommodation, buy a flight, shuttle directly.

There are many platforms like this Booking.com which is the most popular that’s why I go for it. There are others like Kiwi, Expedia e.t.c

When I write my articles, at the beginning I will drop my link and maybe in the middle or at the end too. Because you are dealing with the hospitality industry, add 3 or 4 images of that hotel. Note that people book hotels 1 day, 2 days, … 1 week, 2 months ahead as well as flights. Once they pay using your link, booking gives your own percentage.

Because affiliates links are always long and funny, us website shorteners to make it look good “search website shorteners on google”. For my site “blog” i simply convert it to look exactly as the original. All Google blogs can do that. It makes it more realistic. This is how my affiliate link looks like but I have turned it to look exactly like that of booking without those extensions https://www.booking.com/index.html?aid=8067038 . Here is how I have turned it to look like

www.booking.com  and no one will doubt the originality.

For you to make more money, blog more about  accommodation, flights, hotels, travel, airport pickup, best booking sites and add your links. 

On Google search, they will remain there forever and people will keep using your link even after your last day one earth. The cash you find below, I don’t even know where the accommodation or flight or whatsoever was booked.

At the end once you reach €100, booking sends your money directly to your bank account. One day you will discover that your affiliate is making close to €500/ day and you will not even come back here to say thank you Mr Rooney Nshing.

Here is one post one of my Facebook followers wrote. Maybe the cash came from this article 


Article by my follower on Facebook

Lets be smart great friend. 

Sunday 23 July 2023

Top 10 African Countries With The Highest User Of Cryptocurrencies in 2023

Top 10 users of cryptocurrency in the world
Top 10 African countries with the highest number of cryptocurrency users in 2023.

Cyptocurrencies have been trending worldwide for the past 10 years including Africa but other African countries have embraced the crytocurrencies wave more than the others. Out of the top ten African countries with the highest cryptocurrency transactions research has proven that their governments are relaxed on cryto and forex trading regulations while other countries are more stricter than before.

Bitcoin the mother of cryptocurrency is currently pricing at $31000 as we write and has been forming an ascending channel for the past 4 month. Fundamental and technical analysis foresees Bitcoin to hit $45000 before the end of 2023 (Rooney Nshing). I used three days timeframe for this forecast which has worked out perfectly for the past 5 years for me as a trader. Bitcoin will not moon straight to 45k but will retrace to 25k in order to follow the trend.

Now lets talk more on countries with the highest users of cryptocurrencies in Africa. Before you read, create an account now on www.binance.com with access to hundreds of bonuses and free airdrops.

1. Nigeria

Nigeria has more cryptocurrency holders than any African country. Wave estimates has shown that Nigeria has more than 24 million holders of cryptocurrency holders. Nigeria also remains the number one nation in the world with the Google keyword search #Bitcoin and crypto...

2. South Africa

South Africa ranks third on the list with over 8.5 million users of cryptocurrency. The policies in South Africa are more relaxed and banking sector has also embraced the use of the digital coins. Mostly men and younger generation who are into forex and crypto trading are running the race.

3. Kenya

Kenya is the third, with an estimated population of about 6.3 million users and ranked high when it comes to peer to peer platforms using their local currency for most transactions. Google has also revealed Kenya as one of the top ten countries with the search word - cryptocurrency.

4. Egypt

Inclusion into the bitcoin has urged many Egyptians to join the crew as more than 4.2 million users are actively into the blockchain technology. The fiat is currently going Gaga (devalution) and users are aimed at storing their wealth in the blockchain haven while waiting for re-green of their local currency.

5. Ethiopia

With over 3.6 million crypto users the government is currently on a crackdown on the trading of any form of cryptocurrency. The Ethiopian Central Bank recently release a statement calling Bitcoin illegal while prohibiting the use of any other currency except their local fiat, the Birr.

6. Ghana

According to Finder.com, Ghana stands tall among the users of cryptocurrencies worldwide when it comes to adopting the cryptocurrency but the numbers holding only stands at 3.0 million. The holders as in many African countries are mostly youths dominated by men.

7. The Tanzanian new president who came in to power in 2021 after the death of his predecessor once said that the arrival of digital currencies in the East African country is inevitable and since then, figures of cryptocurrency users have steadily increased up to 2.8 million users.

8. Zimbabwe

In 2022, Zimbabwe's inflation almost depleted savings and pensions over the past decade, and a confusing stream of new currencies eroded faith in the banking sector. As a result, cryptocurrencies are particularly attractive in the country, despite much of the population understanding little of the associated risks. In 2023, more than 2.3 million Zimbabweans are using cryptocurrency.

Create a cryptocurrency account here www.binance.com and have access to bonuses.

9. DRC Congo 2.2 million users

10. Uganda comes at the 10th place with 1.02 million users

Other nations currently joining the list is Cameroon with an estimated 890,000 cryptocurrency users while Ivory Coast follows with 770,000 users as their governments keep relaxing the policies in their banking system.

Nshing Rooney is a Forex and Crypto analyst from the burning valleys of the Northwest Region of Cameroon. Analysing trends, forecast and the future of cryptocurrencies is my passion.

Wednesday 1 February 2023

Here are The Reasons You Should Invest on Dogecoin in 2023

Dogecoin price prediction
Dogecoin caption.

Dogecoin price prediction in 2023.

We studied and drove through an examination of the factors driving Dogecoin's recent surge in popularity and its emergence as a serious player in the cryptocurrency space, including its unique features, community support, and technological innovations.

"Dogecoin's Role in the Future of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)"

An overview of the DeFi movement and a deep dive into the ways in which Dogecoin is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of decentralized finance, including its potential applications in lending, borrowing, and decentralized exchanges.

"Investing in Dogecoin: Risks and Rewards"

A guide for investors looking to invest in Dogecoin, including a discussion of the potential risks and rewards involved, as well as insights into the current state of the Dogecoin market and its future prospects.

"The Impact of Elon Musk and Other Influencers on Dogecoin"

An analysis of the impact of Elon Musk and other high-profile figures on the Dogecoin market, including their tweets and public statements, and an exploration of the role of social media influencers in shaping the future of cryptocurrencies.

We predict the price of Dogecoin in 2025 at $4. During our chart analytical table analysis we predicted the future trend and its outlook using different trading strategies starting from daily timeframe to monthly

Rooney Nshing.

Saturday 21 January 2023

How To Make Good Money On Tiktok in 2023 Without Stress

Monetisation of tiktok
How to make money on Tiktok

There are several ways to make money on TikTok in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, USA, United Kingdom and elsewhere. If you have content that give you followers and views, use these views to invite companies or companies and enterprises will come for you.

Before we step into the different methods of money making on tiktok, please remember to always share our content to friends and family. 

Lets start with the first one;

Sponsored content: 

Brands may pay popular TikTok users to create sponsored content, such as videos or live streams, featuring their products or services. They do so because many people follow these influencers and their products will easily get noticed from the tiktoker fans and future fans and followers.

Influencer marketing: 

Similar to sponsored content, influencer marketing involves partnering with brands to promote their products or services on your TikTok account. This simply done by tagging the brand.

TikTok live: 

TikTok live is a feature that allows users to stream live video. You can monetize your live streams by receiving virtual gifts from viewers, which can then be converted into real money. On Facebook the gifts are in the form of stars.

Affiliate marketing: 

Share affiliate links to products or services in your TikTok bio or in your videos, and earn a commission for any sales made through those links. E.g you can register on websites like FBS and get your affiliate link and when people join through your link, you get a commission from it.

Product sales: 

If you have a product or service to sell, you can use TikTok to promote it to your followers. Most followers believe on the most popular people online and will go for their products first.

TikTok Creator Fund: 

TikTok Creator Fund is a program that pays creators whose videos are widely viewed and shared on the platform. It is an invite-only program that select creators can join. This is an offer by tiktok and you just need to qualify and start earning.

It's important to note that making money on TikTok requires a significant following and engagement, so it may take time and effort to build up your audience before you can monetize your account.

Nshing Rooney is a scientist by heart and a blogger by soul.

For ads contact +237675421156 only on WhatsApp.

Friday 20 January 2023

Make Money With Google AdSense in 2023

Google AdSense monetisation
AdSense monetisation in 2023 by Google.

Adsense is a program run by Google that allows website and blog owners to display ads on their site and earn money from clicks or impressions on their ads.

Advertisers use AdWords program to bid on Keywords and create ads that will be displayed on the Adsense network. Now website or blog owners can place ad code on their site and earn a percentage of the revenue generated by those ads. Adsense is one of the most popular ways for site owners to monetize their content.

The amount of money a website can earn from AdSense depends on the various factors such as the number of visitors to the sire, number of clicks or impressions on the ads and the cost-per-click denoted CPC or coat-per-impression CPM of the ads.

How To monetize AdSense on Your Site.

To monetize a website with AdSense, the website owner must first apply to the program and be approved. Once approved, the website owner can place ad code on their site and begin to display ads. The website owner can also customize the look and feel of his ads to match the design of his her site.

AdSense provides detailed reports on the performance of the ads, permitting websites owners to optimize their ad placement and earn more revenue. Don’t be scare for  they have add automatic ads which you don’t have much to do if you set them on in your AdSense account.

Nshing Rooney is a scientist and a trader by heart but a blogger by soul.
WhatsApp only +237675421156

Thursday 19 January 2023

7 Simple Ways To Monetize Your Content on YouTube Revealed

Make money on Youtube
7 ways of making money on YouTube in 2023.

 YouTube monetization refers to the various ways in which creators can make money from their videos on the platform by creating their channels and making meaningful videos. Below are some of the the most common monetization methods are as follows;

Note that as time evolves, more monetization methods are being added. Go through them carefully.

  1.  Ads Revenue, where creators can earn money from ads that are displayed on their videos. Advertisers pay to have their ads shown to viewers and a portion of the money goes to the creator. This also applies to Facebook and Instagram ads.
  2. YouTube Partner Program, is a program where YouTube creators who are part of the program can earn money from ads, sponsorship and other revenue streams. To be eligible, creators must meet certain criterion; 1000 followers, 4000 watch time(hours) for the past one year.
  3. Sponsorships: Creators can earn money by partnering with brands and promoting their products or services in their videos.
  4. Super Chat & Super Stickers: Creators can earn money by allowing viewers to purchase Super Chat or Super Stickers during a live stream. This is similar to stars on Facebook.
  5. YouTube Premium: Creators can earn money by creating content that is exclusive to YouTube Premium subscribers.
  6. Merchandise: Creators can sell merchandise related to their channel, such as t-shirts or hats, through YouTube's built-in merchandise shelf.
  7. YouTube Fund: Creators who are part of the YouTube Partner Program can apply to the YouTube Fund and earn money by producing videos on specific topics.
These are the 7 different methods you can use to create wealth on YouTube but look for a suitable niche so as to have more content. Good content is good money

Nshing Rooney
+237675421156 on whatsapp only.

Sunday 15 May 2022

How To Win This Weekend Game On NshingTv

Win cash on NshingTv
Live Quiz and data cash on NshingTv.

Every week NshingTv offers some free cash called "NshingCash" for Facebook fans and followers. This will from today 15 May, 2022 be done in the form of quiz which answers will be dropped on the comment section on a post on our Facebook page.

In case there are more than 3 winners, a raffle draw will be conducted. The raffle can be live at 8 PM Cameroon or Central African time or done directly from our studios and results posted 30 minutes later. Every Saturday the post will be available at 10 am till 7PM on Sunday.

Question of the day

1. Who is the winner of this year's European champion's league?

2. Africa is made up of how many countries?

To answer this question, you just need to separate the answers with comers e,g 2002, 1840. All participants have equal chances of being selected. Once your name appears on our list 30 minutes later, please inbox us on our page's Facebook messenger providing your MTN momo account number and name.

Like, comment, share and even become our Top Fan.

Welcome to NshingTv your number one 237Tv hosted by Rooney Nshing and Rodney Kuma.

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Saturday 20 November 2021

Cameroon Government To Legalize Cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrencies legal in Cameroon
Cameroon to embrace cryptocurrencies soon.
Cryptocurrency is the world’s digital currency, used exclusively for online transitions. It is the currency the government of Cameroon has begun making plans to legalize.

Senior officials of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications discussed “cryptocurrency Challenges, opportunities, and risks in Cameroon” in a workshop in Yaoundé on November 15.

Discussions were chaired by the Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Minette Libom Li Likeng during which
participants examined mechanisms that will facilitate the process to legalize and possibly regulate the use in Cameroon.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency used for online financial transactions. There are currently about 6500 cryptocurrencies among some of the most widely used currencies are ; Bitcoin, Cardano, Stellar, Etherium , Solana, BCH, Binance coin and many others. 

The currency which is 100% virtual is the fruit of digital technology. Cryptocurrency can be stored in a digital wallet, and protected by a secret code, which belongs to the owner.

According to Minister Libom Li Likeng, “cryptocurrencies are decentralised digital currencies, which use cryptographic algorithms and a protocol called blockchain, to ensure the reliability and traceability  of transactions”.

Since cryptocurrency went into use in 2009, they have continued to be popular because of the absence of control of central banks. The cryptocurrency age is seen by many people as the most convenient era of exchange. As far as cryptocurrency is concerned, coins in gold, or silver or even bank notes are completely inexistent. It is a system of transfer of digital assets.

Buying and selling using cryptocurrency is done through online exchange platforms.

Cryptocurrency blessings

Many countries around the world are now creating and using their own digital currency. The over 6,000 cryptocurrencies in the world, have varied properties, features and uses.

Many people who have welcomed the new currency saying it is a decentralized digital currency with traceable transactions, secured by blockchain. People do not need banks to do transactions. Transactions are instant, and void of worries about interest rates and bank requirements. Cryptocurrency also uses a technology known as cryptography, to secure the system.

As for the Cryptocurrency services, Minister Minette Libom Li Likeng says “Cryptocurrency offers among other things, greater speed in transactions, greater reliability and security, availability and mobility, transparency and accessibility, as well as lower costs. Moreover, their values are driven by scarcity, as with precious metals”.

The Dark Side

A host of countries around the world have been using cryptocurrency for online financial transactions for over a decade now. Some African countries like Botswana, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Nigeria have developed their own digital currencies.

Regardless of how many countries have embraced Cryptocurrency for online transactions, but many worry about the volatile nature of the currency. Dr. Winfred Mfuh, Technical Adviser in the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication says cryptocurrency can not be regulated. It’s worth can’t be measured. Values change as demands also change.

“ There are scamming risks. Someone says he is selling cryptocurrency, do you know how it looks like ? Do you know where it comes from ? Who regulates it ? Once you take that risk, you have you have no insurance no one to blame, and nobody to go to”.

Cryptocurrency is not really accepted in most countries as a means of payment. The value also changes quickly, often determined by its demand.

Cryptocurrency use around the world is fast growing, regardless.

Do you wish to buy and sell or learn how to trade cryptocurrencies? Contact Cameroon Online School of Forex now +237675421156.

Tuesday 5 October 2021

Social Media(Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp) 4hrs Shotdown Caused a BTC Bull

Social media caused btc and shiba bull
Btc bull as Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp went off.

Social media and communication platforms Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went offline Monday as the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies surged.

As data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro shows, Bitcoin (BTC) price moved above $49,000 after falling to a daily low of $47,166, an increase of roughly 4.5% in less than two hours. Similarly, the price of Ether (ETH) rose 3.5% over the same period to reach $3,411 at the time of publication.

The sudden price volatility comes as major social media platform Facebook, photo and video sharing app Instagram, and messenger app WhatsApp — both owned by Facebook — went down at approximately 3:16 pm UTC on Oct. 4. According to Facebook's communications team, which communicated through Twitter, the company was “working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

At roughly the same time on March 13, 2019, all three platforms reported a major outage that lasted more than 24 hours. At the time, Facebook attributed the problems to a “server configuration change.”

The interruptions may impact community engagement around crypto and blockchain projects, but Discord, Twitter, YouTube and many other platforms are still functioning normally. Many Crypto Twitter users are already using the incident to highlight the need for a decentralized social network built on blockchain.

“If they built Facebook on a blockchain, it would never go down,” said Allen Farrington, who regularly writes about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on his Medium blog.

The outage also follows former Facebook employee Frances Haugen turning over to journalists and others thousands of documents that imply that the company was not doing what it claimed in regard to removing from the platform hate speech and posts encouraging violence, among other things. Facebook’s stock fell by more than 5% on Monday to reach $324.90 at the time of publication.

How the Bitcoin model can solve the social media dilemma

Twitter is already working on its own decentralized social media initiative. CEO Jack Dorsey first announced in December 2019 that the platform would be funding a dedicated team to develop a decentralized standard for social media, and recently hired a crypto developer to lead the group. At the time, Dorsey said the aim was to shift away from content hosting and removal to recommendation algorithms directing users’ attention and to avoid content that sparks controversy and outrage rather than healthy and informative conversations.

Fly4studycm affiliate partner of #NshingTv

Saturday 14 August 2021

Shiba Inu Price Prediction


Technical analysis of shiba Inu
Shiba price 

Envisaged Pullback For Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu price hints at indecision as a technical chart pattern has formed, suggesting that SHIB may move sideways in the near term before targeting bigger aspirations. A break above the descending trend line may indicate that the canine-themed crypto is ready for a super bull

Shiba price has formed a symmetrical triangle pattern on the 4-hour chart, signaling a pullback prior to its next ascent. By connecting the lower highs and the higher lows, two converging trend lines form the chart pattern. 

Moving forward, SHIB may consolidate within the governing technical pattern before a breakout occurs. 

Currently, the only obstacle for Shiba Inu price toward the upside is the topside trend line of the triangle pattern and the 78.6% Fibonacci extension level at $0.00000819. 

Should SHIB see accelerated interest and a spike in buying pressure, Shiba Inu price could slice above the resistance level, which could put the target given by the chart pattern, a rally of 16% to $0.00000954. 

Analysis using Moving Averages

Since the prevailing chart pattern suggests that Shiba Inu price would experience a pullback before its next big move, SHIB finds its first line of defense at the 20 four-hour Simple Moving Average (SMA) at $0.00000787. 

Further increase in selling pressure would push Shiba Inu price down to test the lower boundary of the symmetrical triangle pattern at $0.00000757, joined by the 50 four-hour SMA. 

Although this level should act as meaningful support for SHIB, a reversal of fortune could send the token lower to the 38.2% Fibonacci extension level, coinciding with the 100 four-hour SMA at $0.00000691.

Rooney Nshing 

@Cameroon Online School of Forex

Wednesday 21 July 2021

Obi Cubana Spent $100,000+ To Burry His Mother. Listen To What He Said.

Cubanas' private jet.

The greatest youth in africa (Obi Cubana) finally speaks. A must listen to all wealthy men who care only for themselves and a great advice for all.

"I don't have any boy who is into rituals, if you are my boy or my man because I like to address my boys as my men, it means you are working hard and you  made your money in a clean way. 

In 2013, I pushed 53 uneducated Oba boys into the market to learn trading. In 2017, I withdrew all of them from their Ogas and settled all of them with 3million Naira each and paid for their shops. 

I linked 40 of them into importation and made them use my name and platform to import goods into the country. After two years, I checked on them how they were doing and find out some had issues and I supported them again to stand. 

I am happy today that out of the 53 men, 38 are billionaires while the rest are in the level of a millionaire. 

In 2018, I took 100 educated men out of streets and introduced them to white men for business and today they are billionaires in dollars. 

They also help me in their capacity when I require their help. All their friends both Nigeria and outside patronises me.

I am into hotel and club business and I have so many businesses I am brand ambassadors to. 

I have alliance with spirit drinks and wines, I am brand to many businesses in the world. 

It gives me joy to see my men do well, non of my hotel managers in Nigeria can smell poverty, I encourage them to raise  others from their local communities. I have never sacked a worker due to misconduct, I bring you in and speak to you the way you will understand. 

I have this understanding that we should allow the stubborn people to exist and cool headed people to exist and we make use of them when their needs arises. 

I don't believe in the supremacy of power rather I believe in the fare share of power and authority and allow everyone to feel belonged.

I have many uncountable people through my hotel business, I have encouraged many, I have made a lot of friends millionaires and billionaires because it gives me joy. Seeing them throw money around gives me happiness and they know, so anytime they are with me, they show such attitude of throwing money to please me. 

Yes, I will gift 1 million to 300 Oba boys to start up business and link them up too to make it. 

I have a lot of friends and associates and we are like brothers to each other. We love and encourage one another in good and bad as you have seen in my case that all of them came massively to support me.

Critics is normal but when you are doing the right thing, you don't listen to what people say. If I have my way, I will also help those criticising me. 

A lot of non Obas will still benefit from me because I am still in the business of making people great. 

Cubana chief priest is my man and he is a jolly fellow. People mistake him for me, I am Obi Kubana and he is my Chief priest I hope you understand it now.

I am not into politics and I don't have interest in it till tomorrow. I respect those in politics because dey carry power. 

My advice is they should identify talents and make them great and don't have any fear of who betrays you tomorrow, just make men and move, if they remember good if not be happy that they made it through you.

I didn't asked my boys/men for donations or help, I didn't also asked my friends for help or donations they did that on their own and I appreciated their efforts".

He further explained that he and his family had plans to celebrate their mom at 80 but she suddenly passed away and they had to celebrate her 80 and her pass away at once. Note the he used more than $100,000 just for the burial.

I am Rooney Nshing (KoP) a blogger by soul from Cameroon. Cubana is a living example. Building together is what we should seek for.

Greetings from Africa.

Wednesday 7 July 2021

The Homeless Boy Who Invented Luis Vuitton

The homeless boy who created LUIS VUITTON.

LUIS VUITTON is the most valuable brand in the world valued at about $30,000,000,000 LUIS VUITTON was born in Anchy, France in 1821. With no money or job he used to work odd jobs with artisans and craftmen bearly making any more but harnessing valuable skills.

He was born by a farmer and hat maker at the time of Napoleonic war and many farmers including the VUITTON's faced bankruptcy.

At a young age he had no choice but to work on family farms. He planted and harvested crops, raised animals and stock piled firewood.

When LUIS turned 10 life became even more difficult as his mother passed away and soon after the dad Xvier vuitton got married. Luis stepmom as wicked as villains in fairy tale, made LUIS life miserable and eventually he had enough.

After LUIS turned 13 in 1835, he quietly ran way from their home in Anchey and headed to Paris with no money or food. Fortunately he found odd jobs with artisans and craftmen who taught him how to work with stones, wood, metal and fabric.

Still he had no money for shelter and became homeless. The first railway line in France had just open and travel became more accessible and industries began to boom. Craftsmen started making boxes for travellers. Who needed to put their arts and many things that could withstand long trips.

They also needed the service of packaging to prevent breaking of their arts. Since LUIS had the skill he learnt he decided to try and work in the train. Fortunately Monsieur Marechal hired LUIS VUITTON as an apprentice. He never earn more but willingness to work paid off later. He became the most favorite among Marechals workers.

Later on the Empress of France appointed him as her personal bags maker. After 4 years his bags were in high demand and he opened his first shop. Early on LUIS VUITTON came up with ideas for new products that changed the industry standard.

Traditional bags were made of leather and rectangular shape. Rain can't penetrate since me made the angles domed. This made the boxes impossible to stack and time consuming to load. 

Rectangular LUIS VUITTON bag.

To tackle these problems LUIS experimented with new materials and settled on canvas. When compared to leather, canvas was durable, lighter and more water resistant while waterproofing compounds make the boxes grey, it looked more clean and modern.

Using canvas materials LUIS created a slat trunk and his new product marked the birth of modern luggage. After 2 year of customers being skeptical it became a necessity.

Afterwards he set out for new invention, handbags. At the time hand bags were not impressed by the society because many people complained that they were bulky and would cause injuries to women. Still LUIS believed that they have potential and decided to make them with canvas.

He made them to suit different outfits and eventually LUIS could not keep up and demand help from his son George. Like his father George VUITTON came in with new ideas that changed the industry standard.

He created the tumble lock that turned trunks in to treasure chest and prevented theft. The family products became more desirable but soon after production came to halt.

A war erupted and destroyed the business -making LUIS VUITTON homeless for a 2nd time.

The Franco Prussian war caused the fall of LUIS. He and his family were forced to leave their home and workshop in Asnieres for the city. There they lived in a cramped shelter among refugees food became scarce that the vuittons nearly starved to death. 

When war ended, LUIS VUITTON returned home and was devastated to fine his material stolen and workshop distroyed. Using the remainder of the savings Luis waisted no time in rebuilding his workshop and finding a new shop location.

Months of reopening business was thriving again and orders came in from all over the world. Luis now tried to embolden himself with new ideas. At the time, technology was was advanced enough to print custom patterns on fabrics.

Since canvases are fabrics, LUIS VUITTON was able to create a line of trunk covered in a striped pattern. It updated and show people how up to date they were. It also made it more difficult for counterfeiters to copy his work.

Afterwards LUIS received many international orders that he opened a shop in London. His clientele was diversified which included royals and explorers.

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He became the only designers whose products can be found in bother homes of the elites and exotic rainforests. Eventually LUIS VUITTON decided to create his own catalogue to make ordering easy. It was a swift move to make the business face à new dimension. Same year an unexpected tragedy stormed on Luis efforts.

LUIS suddenly passed away in his home at the age of 72(1821 to 1892). Till today the cause of his death is unknown. It was now up to George VUITTON to take on his father's unfinished plans. George waisted no time to raise the business and travelled to the US to attend the world fair. 


Experience taught him that he needed an international sales network. Fortunately he met John Wanamaker the post master who could help. He pioneer the idea of departmental store and invented the price tag.

After meeting George he started selling LV in his New York departmental store. It became the first in the US to carry the brand. It was then that George created a monogram in memory of his father; a floral pattern with an interlocking L and V. Customers were shocked to see the monogram on products. Time changed and the new design took off. From then George and his son Gaston continued to follow LUIS VUITTON's footsteps and creating new designs.

They started creating noteworthy creations, even a bag to carry wine and champagne, keep all, and a redesign. A redesign of the coco channel commission, Alma. By then George had trashed across every state in the US.

Like his father he was bound to bring the business to new heights but unfortunately history repeated itself. He passed(1857-1936) away leaving Gaston to continue with LUIS unfinished plans alone.

Gaston was off to an unlucky start. The 2nd world war erupted and contracts were cancelled. Gaston has no choice but to shot down LV Factory and Stores. In LV a French Saga, the author claimed that Gaston became so desperate to survive and collaborated with the ruling party for Germany because he gave a green light to produce commemoratives busts and set up a shop in Vichy, France. The author claimed others were shot down but LV was the only shop allowed to open.

After the war ended in 1946, Gaston tasked his sons Henry, Jacque and Claude VUITTON with rebuilding the company. With their fathers guide the rebranded new models of luggage each year. 

But after Gaston's passing (1883-1970) business stagnated. Hard sided luggages became less popular. They divided themselves about how to run the company. 

They asked their sisters husband Henry Racamier to take over. By then Henry founded and sold a steel trading company for large profit. He had a keen business view and turned LV from wholesale to retail and tapped to the Asian market(Japan). 

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Within 6 years LV soared from $20 million to $260 million. It was then that Henry took LV public. 2 months later LV stocks started to fluctuate. Analysts warned that sales might fall since counterfeit goods were on the rise.

Still Henry went ahead with opening stores all over the world. Within just a few years, he proved the analysts were wrong this was in 1987.

LV reached almost $1 billion dollars in sales and merged with Möet-Hennessy, a champagne and cognac producer to produce a luxury goods conglomerate LVMH to prevent outside takeover.

Do you want more of the story? Or how möel wanted to bring down LUIS VUITTON in court? Use the comment section.

Rooney Nshing is simply a blogger by heart and scientist by soul passionated by Agriculture.

Good morning 🌄 my Africa greetings from 237.

Monday 5 July 2021

Do You Want To Trade Everyday Including Weekends? This Broker Does That

Cameroon Online School of Forex

Below is are steps to create a trading account with deriv/binary so that you can be able to trade Volatility index-VIX, Jump, Boom and Crash, Forex, Cryptocurrencies and many more.

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1 Enter your email address and sign up

2 Confirm registration in your email address

3 Create new virtual account and upgrade to real account 

4 Click: platforms, advanced,access mt5 dashboard and create your real account

5 Select Synthetic Indices

6 Download the MT5 trading platform and log in and you are done

7 No need for verification documents trading begins after opening an account.

⛔link your account with your MT5. Click at top left of MT5, then login to existing account, search broker server, account number and password. Now open your first pair and start trading.

⛔Once you deposit in your deriv wallet, please always transfer your money to MT5 to start trading. To withdraw, transfer back to your wallet before you withdraw.

_Easy to Withdraw for all E- wallet. 

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Warning: Note that when it comes to indices, there is high rate of volatility which may lead to losses as well. Use smaller lotsize to avoid huge loss in case a trade goes against you.

Sunday 4 July 2021

5 Ways To Make Money Online In Cameroon In 2021/2022

Make money online in Cameroon

Making money online in Cameroon is becoming more easier and faster but millions of Cameroonians never see this coming. Are you an android user but still can't make money online? Then this post is for you.

Today I am going to break down 5 opportunities on how to make money online in Cameroon. From here you can decide to select one or 2 methods or all and your online money making dream will come so soon ( read till the end)

1. Facebook page

Facebook page was created by Mark Zuckerburg mostly for businesses to express what they offer to fans but early 2018 Facebook setup rules to pay pages with 10000+ followers but you need to qualify for any of the advert type they offer after your application. Hope you have seen ads on many videos on Facebook pages you follow? Facebook pay the owners.

If you don't want to use Facebook ads to make money you can use the page to sell your services or goods to your fans and followers. Here is a sample page you should follow www.facebook.com/money237 . Please if sales are slow, make sponsored posts and tag your desired locations in Cameroon so that Facebook users in those areas can see your product. You will have to Pay a few dollars to Facebook for that.

2. YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most popular social platform in the universe and almost use by a billion users. Making money online in Cameroon through youtube is very easy.

Create a YouTube Channel and get a professional Camera, make videos on what you like most e.g comedy, music, films, cosmetics, travel, visa, Agriculture, courses and what have you? Share your page link with friends and family on social media and ask them to like and SUBSCRIBE. Once they do so each time you upload a video they get a notification.

Once you have 1000 followers and 4000 minutes view time you can now apply for Google adsence and once approved you will always place the adverts on your videos. Hope you have seen how ads starts at times before you start  to watch a video right? The owner makes money from it. 

Apart from Adsense you can make your own adverts and followers contact you for your service. Companies can also contact you to make videos about their products. Hey never charge less than 500k for big companies. Here is my YouTube channel 👉 CMRFOREX , please like, comment and SUBSCRIBE.

3. Blogging

Blogging is the most popular method of making money online in Cameroon. There are more than 250 potential bloggers in Cameroon. You are now reading my blog. It has 15 to 30k visitors per month.

To make money blogging, you need to constantly blog what your fans like and once you grab their interest and the popularity comes in now you have many options.

1. Apply for Google ADSense which usually take some time for approval. Once approved you will be paid depending on your page traffic- Cost Per Mille and Cost Per click. Please on your blog select automatic ads so that you won't stress copying codes.

Hope you are seeing adverts of companies appearing on my blog right? They have paid Google and Google is sending the ads to our blogs. Once people visit I make 60% and Google 40% of the profit.

2. Many companies and individuals want to be noticed on Google Search, tell them that you can do it and charge them some money.
Go to supermarkets, schools, Malls, companies, Banks, Hospitals and propose to them then charge them a fee.

3. I am a forex trader and own the largest forex academy in Cameroon and have trained close to a thousand traders online and offline. What I do is that I blog and add my academy link to my posts and once readers go through it they join. Here is my school link https://chat.whatsapp.com/CMRFOREX
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Finally I have made close to 4.5M FCFA from this blog since 2018 till now.

4. Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading

Forex simply means foreign exchange which involves buying and selling of foreign currencies. All you need is just the knowledge, an Android phone or a laptop. Note that all central and commercial banks trade this market. It involves risk management due to volatility. Hit the link above to grab your forex knowledge with Cameroon Online School of Forex.

CRYPTOTRADING involves buying of crypto or digital currencies. There are many platforms where you can buy from more than 5000 cryptocurrencies and hold. Once is rises you can withdraw your profit. E.g if you buy bitcoin on www.binance.com yesterday 3rd July 2021 whose price was $32000 and today 4th July 2021 its at $35500 which means a profit of $3500. Note that trading is also risky and you can also loss money. If you wanna learn either forex or cryptocurrency trading contact us or use the link under Forex trading.

Never join multilevel schemes because you will be disappointed after a few months. Where is Chymall, Bitworld, Petronpay and many others. They are all scams.

5. Graphic Design

Hey to make money online in Cameroon guys learn this stuff. Hope you have seen my blog image its cool right? You can also decide to go professional by making logos and selling them online. All blogs, YouTube Channels and Facebook pages at times need a header logo and if you are a blogger and can't make one then you need to buy from a graphic designer.

Companies like Mtn Cameroon, CAMTEL, BRASERIES DU Cameroon, and many have billboards everywhere in every street. That's a graphic designer's work. You can also join a freelance community and sell you designs there like Flyers, Logos and many more.

Guys if you have another means please drop your idea on the comment section. Use the share buttons below to share with friends and family on all social platforms. This post can help a, youth, country and the world. Its applicable to every living human on earth. Share Please.

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I am Rooney Nshing a blogger by heart and scientist by soul passionated by Agriculture and growing for glory.
Good morning Africa.

Monday 28 June 2021

I Do My Shopping At JonesShopping

Jones Shopping

JonesShopping is a killer dresser by Timbong Jones with shopping locations in Bamenda, Douala and Yaounde.

JONES Timbong has cloth top artists in the fashion and design industry, music and office workers in top and low rank offices. Come for yours now.

Yes if you need dropship, it's available 24hr/24. The Turkish,and a mix of Italian brands are what makes Jones shopping out-classed among shopping in Cameroon.

Situated at terminus Nkolbong ,Etoudi-Yaoundé. What can you actually buy @Jonesshopping right now?

Dealer in fashion cloth and shoe designs (t shirts, jeans trousers,shirts ,shoes, jewelry,suits,etc)at very affordable price .

Your satisfaction is our genuin culture. Delivery all over Cameroon. 

WhatsApp 679676095

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Friday 25 June 2021

Aliko Dangote At Cameroon's Presidency With A New Business

Dangote(left) Biya(right)

The Nigerian Billionaire, Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest person met with the Unity Palace Boss, President Paul Biya to extend new business deals in Cameroon. He said he plans to diversify his group’s investments in Cameroon, starting with energy.

We have plans to expand our investment to other sectors beginning with oil and gas,” Dangote told reporters Wednesday after meeting Cameroonian President Paul Biya in the capital, Yaounde. He didn’t provide further details.

The Nigerian billionaire, founder of the multinational industrial conglomerate Dangote Group, also announced his company will double cement production in Cameroon. 

Dangote opened a 1.5 million-ton cement grinding facility in the central African nation in March 2015 that ended a 40-year French monopoly in the industry. The two production centers in Cameroon are located in Yaounde and Douala respectively.

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Tuesday 4 May 2021

Latest BTC updates and Top Coins to Buy and Hold on Binance

In the past 24 hours, BTC has been trading between $54,580 and $58,981. As of 7:00 AM (UTC) today, BTC is at $56,105 (-3.11%).

Other major cryptocurrencies were dragged down alongside Bitcoin, except for Ethereum and BNB which rose 9.11% and 4.91% respectively.
In addition, BNB and ETH also recorded new highs of $680 and $3,457.
Other major cryptocurrencies:
  • DOGE $0.4389 (+14.17%)
  • LTC $287.74 (+4.17%)
  • LINK $40.55 (+0.33%)
  • RIPPLE$1.4 (-6.91%)
  • ADA $1.32 (-1.26%)
  • DOT$36.25 (-3.85%)
  • UNI$41.66 (-5.92%)
  • BCH: $971.27 (-2.99%)
Top 3 gainers on Binance:
IRIS/BTC +37.38%
Binance platform offers opportunity to to trade or hold cryptocurrencies and wait for a bull. Binance app is the easiest app to buy and sell crypto currencies. Here are the best cryptos on our list to buy and hold for atleast 1 year if you wanna become a millionaire 
1. Cardano, Ethereum, WIN, BTT, 🐕 DOGE and Crypto.com coin.  
Expect btc at $114 000 by Feb, 2022 and BitTorrent at $0.48 while Doge hits $1.01, ETH bulls to near $15 000 as Cardano touches $0.99. WIN will end its 0.2 by mid 2023 and Crypto.com to hit $2.05 by the end of 2024. 
Do you have an account with Binance? if no create one here www.binance.com . After account creation please verify the account and download their trading app on Google playstore. Its 100% free. You can buy a particular crypto with btc or bank card and hold.
Whatsapp +237675421156
Rooney Nshing is a Forex expert and passionate about Agriculture and the Crytoworld.

Thursday 29 April 2021

Reasons Why You Are Still Poor Being a Crypto_Trader

A lot of people in life are too desperate to be rich. We have to wait. There are lots of other new cryptocurrencies you can get for pennies and wait. 

Just imagine if you get 200,000,000 coins for less than $10. Even if that coin gets to 0.10, that's a lot of money. I believe it should be about 20 million dollars. 

Dodge coins should teach us patience. While we wait to see what happens to BTT- BitTorrent, be on the lookout for new coins. Some will survive, and some will not, but that is what business and investment are about. 

Invest and wait to see what happens. One year ago, dogecoin was a joke, but those who took it seriously and invested a few dollars are millionaires today. Those who wanted to get rich right away paid no attention to how cheap it was.

Do your wanna buy coins and keep? Last word. 1 btc was $1 in 2008 and today that same $1=$60 000 . Learn to invest and know that wealth is a steady journey.

Create an account here www.binance.com download the app and contact us on whatsapp +237675421156 to guide you buy new coins, keep and become a multimillionaire in a few months or years.

Wednesday 17 March 2021

New Banknotes For Cameroon and Central Africa in English, French, Arabic and Spanish

(Business in Central Africa) - The Bank of Central African States (BEAC) is currently finalizing its project for the issuance of new banknotes and coins in the CEMAC region. 

This issuance was approved on October 2, 2019, by the Ministerial Committee of the Central African Monetary Union (UMAC).Indeed, at the end of the meeting it held that in Yaounde, the committee indicated that it acknowledged the launch of works for the issuance of a new series of BEAC banknotes.

 It then asked the central bank’s board of directors to finalize, as soon as possible, the works necessary for the creation and gradual release of the new series.Days ago, images of a new series of banknotes were posted on many online platforms. 

However, as the images were not officially confirmed by the central bank, there is no certainty whether they truly depict the new series or they are just samples on which the central bank worked in the framework of the project ongoing since 2019.

Nevertheless, it is hard not to believe that the images that were leaked are samples from the BEAC.  Indeed, besides the central bank’s coat of arms, the inscriptions on the XAF500, 1000, 2000, 5000, and 10,000 banknotes pictured are in French, English, Arabic, and Spanish, which is in line with the BEAC’s ambition to promote, for the first time, the official languages used in the CEMAC region.

So, the main unknown fact is when the new notes and coins (ed. note: some sources claim that a XAF250 coin will be created) will be released. Based on the previous pattern in the BEAC’s issuance of new banknotes and coins series, the logical answer is 2022. Indeed, the region’s previous series were issued respectively in 1972, 1982, 1992, and 2002. 

The last series was issued in 2002 (according to the BEAC) and new series are issued every 10 years approximately, thus the hypothesis that the new series will be issued in 2022.

But, the central bank could issue the series earlier, fulfilling the wish expressed by the UMAC, on October 2, 2019, of seeing the new series released as soon as possible.




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