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Nshing Rooney is a Cameroonian Forex expert, Educationist and blogger born and bread in the North West Region of Cameroon-Boyo Division. "I am a blogger by heart and a scientist by soul" The CEO of Fly4studiesCameroon and Nshing Advertising Hub (NAHads).With 7 siblings, he is the Sixth of Christina Nshing and Samuel Nshing. 

After high school he decided to study Geology at the University of Yaounde I. Today he is purely bilingual and can post articles in both English and French. Train Cameroonians with ease on the field of Forex that landed him his nickname Cameroon Kingofpips.

During my Undergraduate studies, I used to work part-time advertising with Rockland Study Abroad, A travel abroad agency located in Yaounde not letting out part-time teaching to support a few daily needs. As a geology and Chemistry teacher, I was highly needed by secondary and high schools.
One thing let to the other coupled with Jobs and employment wahalas in Cameroon, He started looking for anything that could help him in one way or the other. Because of his love computer and learning new things, he landed on "How to create a blog" and he tried though the start was difficult. 

Most of the times he will ask his friends in India on how to perform some website coding. By then he was struggling with Fly4studiesCameroon blog. This blog is a home for international student's scholarships and admissions abroad, foreign exchange and latest news.

When he presented his blog to a friend, the friend asked him to apply for Google AdSense, he didn't know the meaning. But due to his readiness to learn, he later discovered that it was Google's Advertisements. After three months of application, Google approved it and Google adverts started showing on his blog. Here is where he started earning in Euros online.

He knew how hard it is to get a job in his country and that encapsulated him to give birth to another blog dedicated to his Dad "Nshing Advertising Hub" Nshing Advertising Hub which was approved by Google a week later. 

Yes how can i earn more from these blogs was his next vision. Since he is posting scholarships for international student, and have the experience processing such papers, he wrote an eBook titled "Get Admission and Scholarship into university or College without the help of a consultant"  Buy Now which is live on all Amazon shops worldwide. His eBook is also available in all his blogs at $8 for Paperback and eBook Kindle..

By late 2017, he added network marketing to his agenda. 2017 sparked up network biz in Cameroon, like Momopays, Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) business, thanks to my great friend Njisong James who introduced me into the Bitcoin world. e.t.c...He later signed up for about three of them, grabbed the links and locate them on his posts and strategic locations where visitors can easily fall on them and contact him for business. That said business started at an arithmetic progression towards geometric.

Today I have thousands of visitors to my blogs mostly from Cameroon, United States, Indonesia, Canada, UAE, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Nigeria, India, Germany, Uk, UAE, France, Japan, Peru, Russia and many others who wish to get an online job, advertise their services, Join the Crypto world, get a scholarship, admission or just to get latest news updates.
I have the vision to create Nshing Rooney's Foundation. I hate the type of suffering I find each day I visit schools or where I used to teach or down streets. I just pray God for the wisdom and I call it my prayer point.

Thanks for reading through my vision abstract. We are moving to somewhere...Lets hold hands and move together?


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