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Monday, 1 April 2019

FREE Application For Cameroonian Students To Study In Ukraine For September, 2019 Entry

Very urgent.
Fly4studiesCameroon have signed a contract with Ukrainian Scholastics, to recruit 320 students (Arts, Science, Applied science, Nursing e.t.c..) from Cameroon to study in 5 selected and well known European Union accredited universities in Ukraine.

The number one advantage which was given to Fly4studiesCameroon and Ukrainian scholastics by our partner universities in Ukraine was that our students do not pay the application fee. When we send your documents to Ukraine, they are being treated with urgency.

When admitted, an admission letter will be sent to the studenut's email (not the original). For the student to get the original Admission letter, he or she owe to send a sum of $100 for the shipping of your admission letter (mostly) through DHL.

All tuition and other expenses are paid as the student arrives in Ukraine. Partners are responsible for reception at airport, all enrollment processes and adaptation process

Classes starts, 1st Sept.,2019 and students are expected in Ukraine by 10th August, 2019. Original hard copies of Certificates or documents are required at the time of enrollment in Ukraine.

Courses Available for September, 2019 entry

We have programs ranging from Bachelor through Master and PhD degrees. Nursing courses are highly needed and after two years the student have to right to chose any Canadian university to study in.
Bachelor's Degree $2000/yr    PhD $3200
Master's Degree $3000/yr

Other African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania can apply through Us.
  • Subjects available: Institute of Biology, Chemistry and Bioresources.
  • Institute of Physics, Engineering and Computer studies.
  • Faculty of Geography.
  • Faculty of Economics.
  • Faculty of Modern European Languages.
  • Faculty of History, Political Science and International Relations.
  • Faculty of Mathematics and informatics.
  • Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social activity.
  • Faculty of Philosophy and Theology
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Physical Training and Health(Nursing) 200 nurses needed.
  • Faculty of Architecture, Construction, Arts and Craft 

Documents Needed for Application

Please contact US now with all your scanned documents.
GCE Advanced Level Certificate and Bachelor's Degree( for Bachelors and Masters respectively) and transcripts. Or High School or University diplomas of your respective countries.
A scan passport Bio Page.
A bank statement may only be needed for embassy interview.
Send your documents to rooneyicelolly@gmail.com

Additional documents will be requested.
+237675421156, 685626107                                            +380 99 415 9401
Entree SICNlongkak Yaounde, Cameroon                       University Street, Chernivtsi 58000- Ukraine

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