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Tuesday 13 February 2018

Top 10 blogs and bloggers in Cameroon

Top 10 blogs in Cameroon-Jan-Feb, 2018

Because blogging is becoming a hobby and a money making factory in Cameroon, we have decided to bring out the top 10 blogs and bloggers in Cameroon.

A blog is another name for web-log where articles or posts are frequently updated while a blogger is the person that post such articles. 

In Cameroon, blogging is rapidly growing at a geometric rate, I think many bloggers will concur. Some have grown to almost explosion while others are still baking their margins. 

I for one I am a newbie into the blogging valley in Cameroon, yes my blog Fly4studiesCameroon is celebrating it's 5th month anniversary on the 20th of Feb, 2018.
Its mission statement is "Global education for all" and Fly4studiesCameroon doesn't block its ears from latest happenings around the globe. 

The brain behind this blog is Nshing Rooney whose passion is education, entrepreneurship, and online marketing. I mean trading the crypto-currency bitworld Center , affiliates and adverts.

Here are the top 10 blogs and bloggers in Cameroon. Once more blogging may shift others towards technology, education, celebrity, fashion, news e.t.c... Some may have ads by Google, meaning that they are following the norms, others followers, views from unnumbered platforms, others quite engaging. 

This is the method Fly4studiesCameroon has used for the early February 2018 countdown.

  1. Ransbiz www.ransbiz.com is a brand by Angu Ransom whose passion is entrepreneurship. He is a Webmaster and also help others in building blogs. His blog is mainly tech. Each day he keeps growing. Shoudout to Ransbiz.
  2. Moneymastertutorials www.moneymastertutorial.com is a Kum Eric's blog. He is a web developer and an internet marketer. He is a fan of entrepreneurship, technology. His interest is programming and design.
  3. TheHotJem TheHotJem.com is a fashion, lifestyle and an online entertainment magazine and media portal for Cameroon and Africa. It showcase and promote the best of African culture, music and brands from Cameroon. TheHotJem is very popular among youth. Credits, TheHotJem.
  4. Kamer kongossa kamerkongossa.com goes to extremes where latest news and gossip is served. It post latest updates on sports, music, politics, TV and fashion. It has gained popularity within a short span of time. Halla Kamerkongossa.
  5. Miss Gina Promotes www.missginapromotes.com is a celebrity blog that kicked of in 2016 and has hundreds of thousands of views with its engaging content. I think this blog is behind the boom in the Cameroon music hill. Hurree Gina.
  6. Bonteh's blog bontehblog.com is a news, celebrity and entertainment blog with an eye catching content. Making the youth to hover over his content. Great job Bonteh.
  7. Kinnakablog kinnakablog.com is coined to kinnakaTV that narrates entertainment, news, fashion about Cameroon and the world.Congrats kinnaka for the pushful spirit. Come and see is your blog.
  8. Mammypi mammypi.com is a Fashion and entertainment, lifestyle blog that keeps influencing the universe. Mammypi also runs a fashion TV. Many are looking acquire Mammypi's style. A basket of all you don't have is what makes Mammypi. 
  9. Epictv237 epictv237.com of Fedi Akems is a celebrity blog and latest gist about sports, news and entertainment. Thanks Akems. Youths are behind your brand. Keep spearing.
10.  Je Wanda Magazine www.jewanda-magazine.com like kongossa, it is a French blog that blogs mainly on people all over the globe, music, mode, tech, Lifestyle, and business. It has a dope templete that charms its visitors. They could not fall out of the top 10 blogs in Cameroon due to it solid aspects. Je Wanda comme toi Je wanda Magazine.

Blogs not mentioned here doesn't mean that they are not doing their best. But effort is what makes blogging a step forward. This time around, technology blogs are topping the February chat. Watch out for the next rankings.
If you have a comment, drop it below.

Fly4studiesCameroon your number one Cameroonian education abroad and latest news blog


Kum Eric Tso said...

Waoh! Moneymastertutorials.com number 2? No way! Great attempt bro. I actually tried to do this classification on Money Master Tutorials but had a hard time locating and discovering Cameroonian blogs and bloggers. I commend your efforts and strongly think we can never classify Cameroonian blogs or bloggers effectively unless we do a category rank. Let's say we focus on a niche based classification. But a big problem remains: finding these blogs and bloggers - most of whom know nothing about networking and reaching out. Worst of all, most are shut off in obscurity for fear of competition.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Very cool

Rooney N said...

You are doing just great. I know how I do it. From google search, presentation, networking, content e.t.c...

Sappa Tamang said...
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Sappa Tamang said...
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Shiva Excursion said...
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James harper said...

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Rooney N said...

Thanks great friend i appreciate.

Unknown said...

HI rooney. You are doing just great. How can I reach t you please?

Rooney N said...

Mariane thanks for being here today. rooneyicelolly@gmail.com can be used to contact me personally.

Carlos said...

Hello there fellow blogger!

I'm really amazed by the way you analysed and outlined the best bloggers in Cameroon. I most say your site is well designed and has credibility.
Best regards to Fly4studycm.

Himalayan Guide said...
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BobVolts Electronics said...

https://lrn2make.com/ is not only a Crafty Tech blog (Making 3D Electronics) but also the first of it's kind in Cameroon.

Rooney N said...

Thanks Carlos. We keep improving everyday to meet our audience need.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing..

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THE HOTJEM team said...

Thank you very much for the feature and sorry for seeing this late. We really appreciate it. THE HOTJEM team works very hard to stay at the top of the 237 blogging game and we are STILL here. You might want to do an update as some of the blogs you mention are no longer functional. "Blogging no be bonbon." :-)

Rooney N said...

Yes three are no more functional. I will update soon

Anonymous said...

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