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Monday 4 March 2024

Lesson 1: How to create a blog using blogger.

Free tutorials on how to create a free blogger blog.

 Today due to monetisation on social networks, I have decided to teach my followers on how to create a blog that can be monetised by Google Adsense. Google monetisation is not limited like others. It is worldwide and today we are starting our first lesson.

To create a free blogger blog in 2024, search for a niche that you love and people are also interested on it. Please make sure you have enough content to create please. Don’t joke with this.

Create an account On google or just a Gmail account and select mail and at the top right corner of your laptop or phone menu, just beside “Gmail” and “Images” as seen on the image below, click the icon with 9 dots (.) 

Image showing email menu bar.

Before you continue learning, not that there is no coding involved, making things easy for non coders to build their own blogs.

Now, scroll down till you see the blogger icon. Please click it and continue with the instructions as you read.

Gmail menu bar with many apps in one place.

A new page will open as seen on the image below. At the top left, click add new blog but if you already had, click the blog and you will find add new blog. 

When you click “add new blog “ a pop up will appear requesting you to choose a name for you blog… enter you blog name e.g Sunday tips.blogspot.com (this can be changed to .com” if you decide to do so at anytime). 

Please here is the end of our first lesson for today please I wish to see your screenshots on the comments section to know whether you are taking the right track. Please also type the name of your blog on the comments section.

Thank you 🙏 as our next lesson loads. Like share to help more friends learn and earn.

Saturday 21 January 2023

How To Trace and Recover Your Stolen Phone In a Couple of Minutes

How to trace my missing iPhone
How to trace my stolen iphone or Android phone.

Mobile phone theft is becoming more popular in different parts of less developed countries but the advancements in technology has seen it reduced drastically.

If your mobile phone has been stolen, there are a few steps you can take to try and trace it;

Firstly, Contact your mobile phone carrier e.g MTN, Nextel, Orange as soon as possible if you are in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana or elswhere. They may be able to use the phone's IMEI number (a unique identification number for the device) to track its location.

Second, Try to locate your phone using a phone tracking app such as "Find My iPhone" (for iOS devices) or "Android Device Manager" (for Android devices). These apps use the GPS location of the phone to help you find it. It will show you the exact location of your phone.

If you have a Google account connected to your phone, you can also use the "Google Find My Device" feature to locate your phone. Contact the police and file a report. They may be able to assist you in locating your phone and tracking down the person who stole it.

If you have any information such as phone number, email or location, use it to track the phone using third party apps.

It's important to note that there's no guarantee that you'll be able to recover your stolen phone. However, by taking the above steps, you can increase your chances of recovering it and also prevent any unauthorized access to your personal information.

Note that for Iphone users, you can login using their ID and password online and block the phone and it may never be used. In case there is no internet access for the phone to be tracked, once the person who stole your phone passes near an iphone with internet access, the Iphone will still connect and show you the exact location except the person will steal it to use in the wilderness.

Also, it is important to note that you can also protect your phone from future thefts by setting up a passcode or fingerprint scanner, and also activating remote wipe feature, this would protect your sensitive information from being accessed.

Note that phone De blockers especially in Avenue Kenedy in Yaoundé are normally supposed to be arrested and jailed. It is just because Cameroon is a porous country where everyone does what he or she like and go scot free.

Tech with Rooney Nshing

Sunday 19 September 2021

Selma Ndi of DataGirl Tech Becomes First Young Cameroonian Lady To Appear On Forbs Magazine

Datagirl Tech CEO
Selma Ndi, DataGirlTech CEO.

We bring forth the 1st youngest Cameroonian lady to have appeared on #Forbes magazine, the most prestigious website on earth that talk mostly on Stars and great society influencers. Her name is Ndi Selma from Belo, Boyo Division of the North West region of Cameroon. She is the CEO of #DataGirlTech 

Listen to her "A few years back , I graduated from the prestigious ICT University. I remain grateful to the staff of the university for making my story complete and impacting the lives of its students. 

This is where the entrepreneurial spirit, the love for tech started. I remain thankful for the university that keeps producing emerging leaders.

To my alma matter, Kudos. Another light has been shone on DataGirl Tech"

Selma is a ICT engineer and trainer with multiple awards such as that of "Young African women in tech", Tony Elumelu foundation awards and many local awards and has held many conferences with the United Nations concerning tech among her gender.

Considering the fact that tech is becoming more common in our emerging Africa, 80% of youths wish to go tech but doesn't know where to start. Selma is your window to your new tech dream... Check out her website here datagirltech

If you are new here, like and follow our page NshingTv  for latest on News, Sports and Entertainment.

#Fly4studycm #NshingTv #DataGirlTech #NdiSelma #Forbs

Saturday 27 February 2021

5 Most Important Reasons Why Your Products Are Hardly Sold On Facebook

5 most important reasons why people are not buying your products online especialy on Facebook👇👇👇

I am Rooney Nshing nicknamed KoP, passionate about everything I do. I am a scientist, blogger, Fx trader but adore agriculture. 

There are a good number of reasons why your business doesn't have sell outs on social media;

When you post on social media like Facebook, only friends or group members can see your product. But how many of them are interested. You need the secret.

1. You dont have a Facebook page. Having a Facebook page permits you to boost your posts and tag the regions or countries and an estimated number of people to view your product also provided. E.g if I am selling a car, I will target Facebook users in Bamenda, Bafoussam, Yaounde, Douala E.t.c I mean areas where Facebook users can easily view or people using Facebook in these regions are likely to see my product, not just your friends.

2. You don't have a website or a blog. When You have a blog, you can easily write articles about your product, add links to your pages and can even boost those links. Note that blogs appear on Google search. Just type "Nshing Rooney and Forex trading in Cameroon" on Google. All my blogs, Facebook pages and many will pop up and even on YouTube.

3.If I create a post title e.g "Longrich in Cameroon" and add it to my webpage or blog, anyone searching about longrich on Google will fall on it to read. On reading they will find my contact and get more or join Longrich or even click your affiliate link and join without bothering you. Make sure you add a link on how to create an account with the company and add a link to the post. I bet you he or she will do it without worries. This is what I call affiliate marketing. Many Cameroonians don't know this.

4. When you make good videos and add to your Facebook page, also write about the product and add pictures and videos to your website or YouTube channel especially when there is competition on selling that product, service or idea. Someone just using a Facebook page can't compare with you having a Facebook page, YouTube channel and a website. You didnt know this right?

5. Note that Facebook just like Google started paying pages with 1000+ followers and a good number of engagement but you need to apply and create good videos or good content. For content, you need a website or a blog. E.g when watch MC angel videos on Facebook, an advert will just pop up, maybe advertising a college or whatsoever for a few minutes and disappear. 

Their page has been approved by Facebook and they make huge sums from it. Youtube does same. Check out the images above. You will find Google adverts there. 

MTN Cameroon and other companies worldwide send adds to Google and Google send back the ads to us bloggers in Cameroon to help them advertise at a token. Hey check out the share button on the image showing my blog. I can still share my posts on every platform in the twinkle of an eye. Yes even on Whatsapp on a single click.

6. Many who come to me to learn forex always say this " I saw you on Facebook, Youtube video, Google search e.t.c... Hey our next batch starts on the 2nd Feb.2021 join us here https://chat.whatsapp.com/Cmrforex . If you have join our group know that you have taken a bold step into financial wisdom.

As from today, I think you have gotten a brief idea why your products are still hidden in the shelf.


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Check out my blog here www.fly4studycm.com 

Rooney Nshing - KoP

CEO of Cameroon Online School of Forex

Blogger: Nshing Advertising Hub and Fly4studycm

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Friday 11 September 2020


Mobile IMEI

If you lose your mobile phone, you can easily trace it without going to the police station. Our fear of going to the police station is that you will have to loss some money and a longer process.

Each phone carries a unique IMEI number i.e International Mobile Equipment Identity which can be used to track it anywhere in the world. It helps to give detail location of your mobile phone including a few details.

How Does It Works?

  • Dial *#06# from your mobile phone.
  • Your mobile phone shows a unique 15 digit.
  • Note down this number at a secured place except in your mobile phone itself as this number will help trace your phone in case of theft.
  • Once your phone is stolen, just email this 15 digit IMEI NO. to cop@vsnl.net with details as stated below;

Your name:____________________


Phone model:_________________


Last used No.:_________________

E-mail for communication:_____

Missed date:___________________

IMEI No :_______________________

Your Mobile will be traced within next 24 hours via a complex system of GPRS and internet, You will find where your handset is being operated and the new user's No. will be sent to your email.

After this, you can inform the Police with the details you now have. Unfortunately in Cameroon and elsewhere in Africa it will take the police weeks to start a mobile theft investigation.

This information will help thousands worldwide if you can take 3 seconds to share on all social platforms in your community.

Sunday 17 May 2020

Make a 60 Seconds Video Content for your Business and Get more Buyers

A business video content is the most trending form of advert for both big and small businesses in Cameroon. Video content brings out the reality and the physical players in your company or small business while drawing leads and more buy or interest.

Short video contents can easily be shared on different social media outlets like whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, e.t.c... or even sponsored on such platforms.

Get a video content for your business in Cameroon at Nshing Digital Fingers. We are ready to make your business touch the upper mantle of the business atmosphere in Cameroon. We are the best branding home in Cameroon.

To get a video content equal to the ones below, contact us at +237675421156. Each Video content ranges from 15 000 frs to 25 000frs. Whatsapp us now to help your business out of the dark zone. We provide your advert with 3D images, clear and objective images.

Your Video content at Nshing Digital Fingers is delivered with 6 to 10hrs. 

Watch our sample video below.

Learn forex trading in Cameroon with the Cameroon Online school of forex-Cmrforex. Whatsapp 675421156.

Sunday 10 May 2020

How To Deposit With Bitcoin On FBS Forex broker site

FBS is 2020 best brokers in the world that provides financial products for currency, CFD, stocks and precious metals. FBS operates globally in 190 countries with 15 million + traders with client majority from Asia, Middle East, Laten America, Africa and Europe. Fbs is currently an official partner of FC Barcelona with a 4 year contract signed on the 17th January, 2020.
FBS has more than 6 deposit and withdrawal processors like Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, OneNaira e.t.c...Last week FBS added bitcoin deposits which will help traders who could not use other payment methods. FBS have the most responsive help desk among brokers, 24h/7d. Don't relent to trade with the best broker. Sign up here https://fbs.com .

How To Deposit On FBS With Bitcoin

Deposit method
Bitcoin, a new deposit method at fbs.

To deposit with bitcoin, login to your FBS account or dashboard and click "deposit funds" in front of your account type. A new window will open and once its open, click "Finance" and your will find many payment processors including bitcoin. Click "Bitcoin" . You will have two option;

  1. Copy your fbs bitcoin wallet by scanning with your bitcoin wallet by a click on your left to send directly from your bitcoin wallet or
  2.  In Click on your right (once you click, your address appears below as on the image) to copy your wallet then paste it on your non fbs bitcoin wallet to send the money or send it to someone to fund your fbs account and you give the person its equivalent in his/her fiat currency.
When all is done, wait for 3 confirmations from Blockchain or other bitcoin wallets for your deposit to be completed.

For those who do not have bitcoin wallets but wish to deposit with bitcoin, you can copy your address and send it to the seller to send your requested amount to your fbs account.

To learn forex trading, join our trading group here https://chat.whatsapp.com/ Its all about Forex trading in Cameroon. If you are already a Forex trader and wish to try the Best Forex Broker in 2020, signup here https://fbs.com 
Nice trading day.

Rooney N of Cameroon Online School of Forex-cmrforex @kingOfPips. +237675421156
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Sunday 8 April 2018

Make money in Cameroon through Bitclubadvantage and get paid in Bitcoin

Bitclub Advantage pricing plan in Dollars and in cfa

Bitclub Advantage Cameroon

Cameroonians are making money through Bitclubadvantage. Cameroon is becoming versed with Bitcoin and other Crypto-currencies like Dashcoin, Litcoin e.t.c Trading of Bitcoin and making money in Cameroon through the bitcoin market called Bitclub Advantage is becoming more popular and profitable in Cameroon.

Bitclub Advantage is a Bitcoin trading company in the US that authorizes persons from any angle across the globe to invest in their company. Bitcoin transfer doesn't need any bank transfer because all is done with your android telephone or computer. Today people are withdrawing money from banks to invest in Bitcoin which is more profitable than fiat currency.

How to invest

All applicants need a sponsor to apply or register directly in the company website. Most of the times, it is preferable to use a sponsor to help you out during the registration process though it is very simple to apply. Now you are new to it and you need your sponsor to fund your account.

When you register an account for the first time, you are given an order number. Your sponsor will fund your account in  a few minutes and you wait for about 24 hours to start reaping your benefits.
Benefits depend on the plan you chose during the registration process. 


Bonuses each individual gain daily from Monday to Friday, depends on the plan. An account can be renewed at a particular percentage depending on your bonuses at the time of upgrade. Make money through Bitclub Advantage in Cameroon is a reality. Other nations like Nigeria, S Africa are doing great in the game.


Bitclub Advantage gives you the opportunity to withdraw your Bitcoin through  Blockchain and store in your wallet. Blockchain Wallet can be downloaded on Google play store. Very soon Bitcoin ATM will be available in Cameroon. There are thousands of people who keep buying Bitcoins everyday. At any given moment you wish to sell yours, contact someone on you network or Fly4studiesCameroon to withdraw your money through mobile money.

One bitcoin as of today 25/04/18 is $9,200 as opposed to $20,000 in December, 2017. This year, 1Bitcoin is estimated to reach $25,000. Invest now and meet the others who are already earning in your neighbourhood. 

There are more than 15,000 investors in Cameroon. To start the Bitclub Advantage journey, click here nshing.bitclubadvantage.academy/register and start your registration.  Whatsapp me now 675421156. After registration, send us a message through the contact form and we will solve your needs. After registration you will also be given a link to register others and a bonus is offered for that.

If you think that Bitclub advantage is important to you and your friends or family, share it on Whatsapp, Facebook, Pinterest e.t.c. Subscribe for latest updates directly in your inbox.

 Want to know more about Bitcoin? it origin? follow these links https://bit.ly/2qeNHE2 for part one  and https://bit.ly/2HhSRq2 for part two

Good luck

Wednesday 21 March 2018

Delete Facebook because your Facebook account is at risk, Brian Acton (WhatsApp co-founder)

#DeleteFacebook following the Cambridge Analytica.
Reports from Cambridge Analytica using Facebook's user information is now clear and almost all social media platform users are urging others to delete Facebook or #BoycottFacebook. Brian Acton, the WhatsApp co-founder has join the action. He left the Facebook company in 2017. WhatsApp was finally bought for about $19,000 in 2014.

He said, We all moved from Myspace and we can do same for Facebook. This is what he tweeted today following the accusations over Cambridge Analytica, using personal data from 50,000,000 Facebook users to influence the US presidential elections in 2016.

Note that Facebook has deleted many political blogs and websites and other categories which it suggest might bring him additional havoc.

Privacy concerns extends beyond Facebook as "your data is being exploited all the times", International Privacy spokeswoman said.

This heavy concern to delete Facebook is personal because the whole world uses Facebook and its the only way to connect to family, friends and our daily business. I think the discussion should intensify on the Facebook security and privacy issue.

There are hundreds of posts on Facebook showing up links to check whether your account is secured or not. Some saying that, if during the check, and you finally end up with a blue remark, know that it was not trespassed, but red signifies your account was touched.

Mark Zukerberg finally talks of monitoring the Apps linked to Facebook, meaning that if they do not respect the standards, they will be permanently banned from Facebook.
He will also ban developers who do not agree to thorough audit.

Kogan who created the App that harvested data from 50 million users mostly in the US has made the Facebook boss a "scapegoat".

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Saturday 24 February 2018

Make money online in Cameroon with little investment

Design by Rooney Nshing: Online marketing in Cameroon and the world.

Today, almost everybody is in possession of a laptop or an android phone in Cameroon and worldwide. Money is what bring smiles to every student, employed and the unemployed. One must not carry a bag and put on a tie and suit to be controlled by a Boss. Be a Boss on your own at the confort of your home, journey, leasure e.t.c...

Today we shall take a step by step method on how to grow wealth to all dimensions in any relaxed environment of yours. Now as you read the rules I am about to spread today, tell yourself that " I am ready to make it and the journey starts now". 

These are the three fundamental methods you will start from in order to stop being broke or keep waiting for a monthly salary while your debtors keep knocking at your door. All you need is at most two hours a day. Hey great friend, you are not going to stop what you are doing. This is a part-time job.

Affiliate marketing, Blogging, and Cryptocurrency trading.

Blogging is simply a method of posing articles or post continuously. You may decide to blog about Yourself, News, Education, Fashion, Culture, Travel, Showbiz, Celebrity, Agriculture and what have you? Today in Cameroon and the world at large, there are millions of blogs and bloggers who keep posting and growing their wealth everyday.
Lets take for example, I run a shop or I sell in a shop and at the same time have a blog, why not signup for a paypal www.paypal.com account and upload three to four pairs of shoes in your blog and their prices and any payment is recieved directly into your Bank Account and an email notification. Creating a blog with blogger is free except you need a custom domain. Leave a comment below if you need a blog in three days. Take a bold step and create a bank account. Very cheap today, we used to know that only the rich can own one. You can create a shopify or any shopping platform account and link it to your blog. Read about shopify on the link at the end of this post.

Affiliate marketing Yes, now that I have a blog I can subscribe to advertisement networks like eBay, amazon, Alibaba and they will offer you their native ads or banner ads, links. Example here in Cameroon is Momopays which offer links https://www.momopays.com/register?ref=62184 . Ask me how momopays work by a simple comment below. Click on web view at the end of this post just below Home to see affiliates in this blog e.g Google and Amazon. Though links at times may not need you to own a blog or a website since you can also share them on social media platforms. People may decide to advertise their product and you may offer them a space on your blog and charge them a certain amount on a particular time frame. You can also use this link https://goo.gl/m7oyuf  and earn some money from home advertising Facebook and Tweeter.

Cryptocurrency trading is becoming very popular in Cameroon today. It is a new and worldwide currency. It is not a fiat currency but you buy it and keep in a wallet or invest some money( fiat) and as Bitcoins keep growing, you can sell yours to friends worldwide. Banks are crying today because of crytoptocurrency. Firstly there are no transfer charges for bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency. December 2017, 1 Bitcoin was $19,000 but this week, a bitcoin is $12000. You sell your bitcoins and recieve your money in your local currency. I will introduce you to Bitclubadvantage where you invest some money and traders trade and send your own daily bonuses from Monday to Friday. Payment is through a Blockchain wallet where you recieve in Bitcoins.

 Register here nshing.bitclubadvantage.academy and post your comments before your invest. You start to recieve your bonuses the next day. As you school, work, or unemployed, think of doing it online. Very soon in Cameroon, Bitcoin POS and ATM card will be availabe for local currency withdrawals.
About shopify? www.shopify.com

Hope these methods can help you make some money online in Cameroon and elsewhere in the world. We appreciate your visit and your comment. You will recieve a quick respond.

Tuesday 13 February 2018

Top 10 blogs and bloggers in Cameroon

Top 10 blogs in Cameroon-Jan-Feb, 2018

Because blogging is becoming a hobby and a money making factory in Cameroon, we have decided to bring out the top 10 blogs and bloggers in Cameroon.

A blog is another name for web-log where articles or posts are frequently updated while a blogger is the person that post such articles. 

In Cameroon, blogging is rapidly growing at a geometric rate, I think many bloggers will concur. Some have grown to almost explosion while others are still baking their margins. 

I for one I am a newbie into the blogging valley in Cameroon, yes my blog Fly4studiesCameroon is celebrating it's 5th month anniversary on the 20th of Feb, 2018.
Its mission statement is "Global education for all" and Fly4studiesCameroon doesn't block its ears from latest happenings around the globe. 

The brain behind this blog is Nshing Rooney whose passion is education, entrepreneurship, and online marketing. I mean trading the crypto-currency bitworld Center , affiliates and adverts.

Here are the top 10 blogs and bloggers in Cameroon. Once more blogging may shift others towards technology, education, celebrity, fashion, news e.t.c... Some may have ads by Google, meaning that they are following the norms, others followers, views from unnumbered platforms, others quite engaging. 

This is the method Fly4studiesCameroon has used for the early February 2018 countdown.

  1. Ransbiz www.ransbiz.com is a brand by Angu Ransom whose passion is entrepreneurship. He is a Webmaster and also help others in building blogs. His blog is mainly tech. Each day he keeps growing. Shoudout to Ransbiz.
  2. Moneymastertutorials www.moneymastertutorial.com is a Kum Eric's blog. He is a web developer and an internet marketer. He is a fan of entrepreneurship, technology. His interest is programming and design.
  3. TheHotJem TheHotJem.com is a fashion, lifestyle and an online entertainment magazine and media portal for Cameroon and Africa. It showcase and promote the best of African culture, music and brands from Cameroon. TheHotJem is very popular among youth. Credits, TheHotJem.
  4. Kamer kongossa kamerkongossa.com goes to extremes where latest news and gossip is served. It post latest updates on sports, music, politics, TV and fashion. It has gained popularity within a short span of time. Halla Kamerkongossa.
  5. Miss Gina Promotes www.missginapromotes.com is a celebrity blog that kicked of in 2016 and has hundreds of thousands of views with its engaging content. I think this blog is behind the boom in the Cameroon music hill. Hurree Gina.
  6. Bonteh's blog bontehblog.com is a news, celebrity and entertainment blog with an eye catching content. Making the youth to hover over his content. Great job Bonteh.
  7. Kinnakablog kinnakablog.com is coined to kinnakaTV that narrates entertainment, news, fashion about Cameroon and the world.Congrats kinnaka for the pushful spirit. Come and see is your blog.
  8. Mammypi mammypi.com is a Fashion and entertainment, lifestyle blog that keeps influencing the universe. Mammypi also runs a fashion TV. Many are looking acquire Mammypi's style. A basket of all you don't have is what makes Mammypi. 
  9. Epictv237 epictv237.com of Fedi Akems is a celebrity blog and latest gist about sports, news and entertainment. Thanks Akems. Youths are behind your brand. Keep spearing.
10.  Je Wanda Magazine www.jewanda-magazine.com like kongossa, it is a French blog that blogs mainly on people all over the globe, music, mode, tech, Lifestyle, and business. It has a dope templete that charms its visitors. They could not fall out of the top 10 blogs in Cameroon due to it solid aspects. Je Wanda comme toi Je wanda Magazine.

Blogs not mentioned here doesn't mean that they are not doing their best. But effort is what makes blogging a step forward. This time around, technology blogs are topping the February chat. Watch out for the next rankings.
If you have a comment, drop it below.

Fly4studiesCameroon your number one Cameroonian education abroad and latest news blog

Thursday 8 February 2018

Donald Trump tweeted the end of American Lottery.

The US President Donald Trump addressing the Congress.

Commonly called the American lottery or the green-card lottery is a by chance free entry to the United States where applicants are selected at random. The applicant after application from October to November each year require a 16 character code to verify whether he or she was selected for further processing or not.
About 50000 migrants from almost worldwide travel to the United States of America. Except countries that have already sent more than 50000 people to the states over the past 5 years are deemed unqualified to participate. The US President, D Trump is today bent to wipe off the history of the American lottery. Many Americans have supported their President while others still sees it as a joke.
Trump started pronouncing the end of the DV lottery by late 2017 after a few terror attacks  recorded in New York and across the States. It was a Muslim from Uzbekistan that carried out the attack.

During D Trump's campaign, he was always against Muslims because of many suicidal bombings in and out of American. He finally said that "those who win the lottery always end up trying to bring their families to the US who today are causing Havocs". Trump has been battling with many issues, like the cancellation of the digital visa lottery, the North Koreans' intercontinental ballistic missile programs and his recent "shithole" countries in which he referred mostly to Africans, Haitians e.t.c many have called him a "racist" because of his words. There are States in different so-called shithole countries in the world e.g Abuja or Lagos, Nigeria that are more better that tens of states in the United States.

Trump's declaration on Tweeter.
Finally Trump tweeted the end of the American lottery which has been a dream to many in the third world countries. Note the dv lottery was designed for such people who were unable to travel to the states. Trump today needs a merit based program and not a by chance travel. Where applicants have to present a certain level of education, age, experience and others. Even many who entered the States through the work visa are still afraid, especially Indians who are today the backbone of America's tech industries. The unanswered question is, did those who applied this year still going to feel the American dream or not? Or all is cancelled.

Thursday 1 February 2018

History Of Bitcoin and Price Progression- part 2

Bitcoin expected to worth $25000 in 2018
In 2009, Bitcoin was launched at $0.0 cost. It was completely a new concept to humanity, just like it is today to billions of people the world over and probably its new to you too. In 2010, Bitcoin started gaining some value around $0.10, up to $ 0.31 in 2011.

But amazingly in 2012, there was an exponential growth in value to $1200. During this period, bitcoin is said to have created a billionaire and over 200 millionaires. A few people at this time began to realise real power and essence of digital cash and started using it, making it more demanded and more valuable.

People like Bill Gates and Richard Brandon and other powerful entrepreneurs, business muguls began to see the future in digital currency, and took deep interest in it. The value has fluctuated over the years but it has increased over time.

Today, bitcoin sells around over $10000 per coin in a short few years all the way from $0.10 in 2010, and this after it has taken some corrections in value from $19000 in December, 2017. January 2017, bitcoin traded at $1000. Imagine a huge jump today.
If you had invested $100 in bitcoin in 2010, you would have got around 1000 bitcoins. Today, your 1000 bitcoin would be worth $10.9M =N3.9 in Nigeria and 5.5 billion francs CFA. Inspite of price volatility, bitcoin continue to be the most valuable and sought after asset in the world with experts predicting a value of $25 k in 2018.

It is not difficult to see that this is achievable. This is a strong wake call for everyone still sitting on the fence. More and more people are realizing the transformational power of digital currency and are trading their fiat currency for it. I have talked more on bitcoin which is just an application of blockchain. A blockchain, originally is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptographs. Before now blockchain was meant to for digital currency only, but right now there are other applications of this technology.

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Coming up is DasCoin.

Sunday 26 November 2017


Adsense by Google have restrictions that publishers do not always bind to, and for them to approve your blog or site is quite difficult. There are many out there but i think popads and popcash are good as well. 99% of bloggers and websites owners continue earning at least $5 from the comfort of their homes. You do not need extra effort or shout outs by your boss because you are your boss. This monetization takes a couple of ads networks, affiliates and many others. This involves a CPM or CPC. Do not bother much about these unfamiliar words.

Here I will encourage low traffic blogs and websites to use these two advertising networks
Popcash and Popads
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Wednesday 15 November 2017


Each year, hundreds to thousands of international students keep crawling search engines to get scholarships or admissions to study abroad. Others search on partial while others on full tuition scholarship schemes. At the end some do not apply, or abandon it along the bridge. Some apply but weren't admitted nor offered a scholarship.

Today Fly4studyCameroon shall be taking you step by step on how to drive along with these two main points "scholarship and admission".
The first stage is to have all the available documents needed.
A passport is the first requirement you must have a few weeks before the start date. Other documents like transcripts, photocopies or scan copies of originals, recommendations from professor or teacher should be gathered within the first two weeks.

One other important document especially for those who wish to apply into a College or University is an English language proficiency test, depending on the country and the school you choose to study. It is 80% clear that if your scholarship requirements needs you to provide a language proficiency test and you do not have it, then think of loosing the scholarship or get it by chance. I mean full time scholarships and other strict University admissions.

Many scholarships require applicants to write letters of purpose, or essays. Take your time, write it for about two or three days. Send it to friends or people you think can help and go across and correct one or two phrases. In this case I prefer a study abroad agent because they know what it takes to grasp a scholarship or an admission.
Note that there are hundreds to thousands behind that scholarship.
Today student's fear is their GPA or their GCE results. That should not scare you if you even had an average or fair. There is a particular thing that admission officers need to or want to know about you.
In the same school you may need to know someone who can help you out like a student counselor.

Scholarships are not or never 100% free because you must apply into a particular Institution or College or University before your scholarship can be fully acclaimed.
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