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Monday 4 March 2024

Lesson 1: How to create a blog using blogger.

Free tutorials on how to create a free blogger blog.

 Today due to monetisation on social networks, I have decided to teach my followers on how to create a blog that can be monetised by Google Adsense. Google monetisation is not limited like others. It is worldwide and today we are starting our first lesson.

To create a free blogger blog in 2024, search for a niche that you love and people are also interested on it. Please make sure you have enough content to create please. Don’t joke with this.

Create an account On google or just a Gmail account and select mail and at the top right corner of your laptop or phone menu, just beside “Gmail” and “Images” as seen on the image below, click the icon with 9 dots (.) 

Image showing email menu bar.

Before you continue learning, not that there is no coding involved, making things easy for non coders to build their own blogs.

Now, scroll down till you see the blogger icon. Please click it and continue with the instructions as you read.

Gmail menu bar with many apps in one place.

A new page will open as seen on the image below. At the top left, click add new blog but if you already had, click the blog and you will find add new blog. 

When you click “add new blog “ a pop up will appear requesting you to choose a name for you blog… enter you blog name e.g Sunday tips.blogspot.com (this can be changed to .com” if you decide to do so at anytime). 

Please here is the end of our first lesson for today please I wish to see your screenshots on the comments section to know whether you are taking the right track. Please also type the name of your blog on the comments section.

Thank you 🙏 as our next lesson loads. Like share to help more friends learn and earn.

Sunday 3 March 2024

From Mozart Hotel To Undergo Renovation and Reopen as Sofitel Legend in 2027 in Prague

Grand Mozart hotel booking in Prague
Mozart hotel to become Sofitel Hotel after renovation in Prague.

The Mozart Hotel is delightful to announce … the signature of an agreement with Courbet SA for #SofitelLegend The Mozart in #Prague

Owned by the Courbet group and part of Jean-Francois Ott family heritage since 1999, the iconic The Mozart Hotel will undergo extensive renovation to open as Sofitel Legend in 2027! 

Located in the Old Town district in the heart of Prague, the Czech capital and is well-located at the base of the Charles Bridge with picturesque views of Prague Castle. The hotel dates back to the 17th century and has a rich history, having hosted numerous celebrities such as Wolfgang Amadeus #Mozart, Wagner, and more recently Vaclav #Havel.

Drawing on its rich historical and cultural heritage, The Mozart Prague hotel perfectly embodies Sofitel Legend’s spirit and DNA. The exclusive portfolio of unparalleled Sofitel Legend destinations is part of Sofitel the only luxury hotel brand of French origin to have expanded internationally, which advocates hospitality that blends heartfelt, genuine, and committed luxury with a French zest💫

The hotel will be the second #SofitelLegend in Europe, joining the ranks of Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

Worldwide, other hotels in the brand’s portfolio include Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Aswan  Sofitel Legend Casco Viejo, Panama City Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi  @Sofitel Legend People's Grand in Xi'an, China.

Book a cheaper hotel in Czech right now and even get better deals here www.booking.com 

Friday 16 February 2024

How To Solve The Dollar Crisis In Nigeria As $1=N1500.

Lagos the economic capital of Nigeria at a time when $1 equates to N1500 worst in history and in early 2024.


Let go straight 

Nigerian economy depends a lot on dollar due to foreign investments in the country where these foreign investors own accounts in Dollars likewise Cameroon banks don’t permit dollar accounts. So there is no fluctuations in CFA as the case of dollars making Naira a shitty currency as we speak $1= N1500

The Nigerian central bank is made up of a handful of gangs that doesn’t want to release these dollars and because the dollar is scarce these criminals keep increasing the buying price that’s why the same $1 which was at N700 is now at N1500.

They sell these dollars only to a few people and these few people keep spreading the news that there is no dollar and for me to sell this dollar, my $1= N155 do you agree? Yes or no? As people agree, the economy keep decaying and prices of basic commodities keep rising.

A bag of rice now in Nigeria is N 100,000 and a litre of fuel which was at N180 is now at N1000. How do you survive in such economy?

Those in online purchase or students paying their tuition abroad will have to release huge sums of Naira which will just equate to a few dollars or Euros.

This means that for a Nigerian to benefit from this situation especially those living abroad right? They should send dollars or Euro back home and exchange them to Naira cash or fiat but hide the money somewhere not in a bank because it might still drop in your account. Now when the economy will be stable or when dollar will drop back to N700 you will remain a wealthy man.

E.g Emeka has 10,000,000 fcfa in Cameroon. If he converts to Naira he will have 25,000,000 Naira as we speak. Exchange it and keep it because the dollar rate can drop any time as the economy becomes stable and you will be very rich.

Now the government of Nigeria should clean the corruption agents in their central bank and make Naira a standard currency for both local and foreign investors. This is where insecurity and other malpractices infiltrates a country and renders it unfit for human survival pushing the youthful population to emigrate to different countries for survival.

Fit to share

Foreign Exchange analyst

Rooney Nshing.

Monday 12 February 2024

10 Facts About AFCON 2023 You Need To Know


10 things you need to learn about afcon2023
Afcon2023 Ivorian ladies watching the finals against the Supereagles of Nigeria.

Afcon2023 happens to be the best Afcon ever organized in the continent. All the 24 teams participated to their highest level. The competition was organized by Ivory Coast with high quality stadia, good infrastructure and no need to complain.

In this competition many surprises were recorded; Morocco that played the semi finals of the world cup in Qatar 2022 was eliminated in the second round followed by Cameroon, Senegal and Egypt which were termed the most favorites of the competition.

Ghana was the first high profile team to be eliminated in round 1 of the competition. South Africa dismantled Morocco and also stopped them from advancing to the next rounds of the competition. It should be noted that 9 south African first 11 play for local team in South Africa, Sundowns United but managed to play the semi finals of the AFCON2023 but won the third place under Hugo Broos who once won the competition in 2017 with the indomitable lions of Cameroon.

Osimhen in a tussle with Ndicka

Cameroon played only 4 matches with the highest ball possession but could not make it to the 8th finals of the competition while Nigeria had the worst ball possession but succeeded to play the finals of AFCON2023 with Ivory Coast but lost to the host nation. Nwabali Stanley who is a premier league goalie in South Africa benched the all time Nigerian Francis Uzoho who plays in Cyprus premier league.

4 nations sacked their coaches and others went on retirement during the competition. Ivory Coast sacked their coach and he was replaced by the 2nd local coach who managed to play the experienced players and won the competition. The black stars had clashes with the journalism team and the head coach and the next day the coach was sacked.

The South African Goalkeeper Ronwen Williams won the best goalie of the competition and being his first participation, he stopped 6 penalties. This has never happed in the history of AFRICAN football While the Nigerian central back Troos Ekong won best player of the competition but many opposes this claiming that the winner was supposed to be Fofana, the Ivorian central midfielder.

Match prediction by Nshing Rooney of NshingTv.

Young Emerse Fae of Ivory coast emerged the best coach of the competition. When the French coach Jean Louis Gasset was sacked, he took charge and staged a comeback to defend the last 2021 title holders Senegal and sent them packing.

Finally, teams like Mauritania, Namibia, Cape Vert, Equatorial Guinea, DRC Congo, Mali, Guinea and Gambia didn't smile with any bigger guns of the competition. Congratulations africa for such a beautiful competition without any form of cheating.

Saturday 28 October 2023

Pep Guardiola issues Andre Onana warning ahead of Manchester derby

Pep Guardiola sends a powerful message to fans about Andre Onana.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has warned his players about the threat posed by Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana and his ability on the ball.

United are set to host City at Old Trafford on Sunday for the Manchester derby. Ahead of the clash, Guardiola spoke to the press and indicated that Onana is one of the players his side needs to watch out for despite the Cameroonian’s hard start to life in England.

Guardiola reflected on Onana’s sensational performance for Inter Milan in last season’s Champions League final against City.
The Spanish coach said, “Hopefully not [Onana does not replicate his UCL final performance], hopefully we can beat him, but before the game, I always expect the best of the players we are going to face.

 I prefer to see what are their strengths than their weakness.”
“He saved a penalty in the last minute to help them stay in the race to qualify [for the #UCL knock-out stages] and it’s a good boost for them and for him.”

Guardiola opened up on the rivalry between City and United and explained that the Red Devils have always proved to be tough opponents irrespective of which manager is in the dugout.

Manchester United vs Manchester City match day on the 29th October 2023 live.

Join the here NshingTv for more football news and videos.




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