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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

A Word From The Must Influential Forex Trader in Cameroon


One outstanding failure in Cameroonian youths is that they are very slow. Be smart my dear youth. Take opportunities as they pop up. I have 200+ forex (foreign exchange) traders now and some took their training at a fee of 5k others 10k and other 15k n 20 respectively. Poverty is a mindset. I am not insulting because it's a reality. 

Your brilliant mates who were top in your class may be poor today because they wrote an entrance exams and made it but thought that was all they needed to make a handsome living. Average n smart guys went to university and met many people with different mindsets n had to learn many things.They finally smartup their mindsets. You can't live a good life on salary my friend. If u are above 25yrs and you can't bank 250k monthly, then you need to open your lifebook again.

You need to build a house, take care of yourself, wife, kids(education, feeding, health) family but this will not be less than 15 million frs for a start because just a piece of land in the city is not less than 4 million frs. A mild trader will obviously bank not less than 500k but you need the training before you can trade. 

People you find today in big cars, building skyscraper, big supermarkets and malls have sacrificed their time to build their wealth. You must not start with millions. When you were born you never had money but after a few years you had 10k of your own. You need to build this 10k to 100k and that's a millionaire journey.

Please don't depend on government for jobs. The internet is almost free but we use our data for post likes and views. There are millionaires on that same blue app making hundreds of thousands daily. Share this to all the groups youth belong.
God will take us to our 2000 millionaires journey.

Please wake-up my Cameroon youth.
Contact 675421156 learn Forex and help yourself. The kingofpips wish to build 2000 millionaires in Cameroon before 2022 and you must be among. Cameroon Online School of Forex- CMRFOREX to give $2000 to charity come Dec 2020. Join our training school here https://chat.whatsapp.com/EeZ0JbkOX1BK5TpKTorkBi . If you are already a trader and wish to trade with the best broker in Cameroon and the world at large, signup here https://fbs.com .

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Make a 60 Seconds Video Content for your Business and Get more Buyers

A business video content is the most trending form of advert for both big and small businesses in Cameroon. Video content brings out the reality and the physical players in your company or small business while drawing leads and more buy or interest.

Short video contents can easily be shared on different social media outlets like whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, e.t.c... or even sponsored on such platforms.

Get a video content for your business in Cameroon at Nshing Digital Fingers. We are ready to make your business touch the upper mantle of the business atmosphere in Cameroon. We are the best branding home in Cameroon.

To get a video content equal to the ones below, contact us at +237675421156. Each Video content ranges from 15 000 frs to 25 000frs. Whatsapp us now to help your business out of the dark zone. We provide your advert with 3D images, clear and objective images.

Your Video content at Nshing Digital Fingers is delivered with 6 to 10hrs. 

Watch our sample video below.

Learn forex trading in Cameroon with the Cameroon Online school of forex-Cmrforex. Whatsapp 675421156.

Saturday, 16 May 2020

The Good and Bad of Jovi, the prolific Cameroonian rapper

  • MbokogodGodlove Ndukong, artist name Jovi, CEO of Newbell music and founder of his kind of  music in 237showbizsphere crowned by a group of lovers named the MbokoGang has his bright and sad side. 

The Sad side first right?
Jovi has been in the 237showbizscope for close to a decade but with less exposure internationally. No one can explain this but thanks to beef he is achieving this in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.

His label seems to resemble a no option for other artists under him as he decides for all. He rules his empire and like a king his words are final. Not good for younger artists that's why many quit Newbell music due to these harsh policies.

As an old giant in the industry, Jovi is still unable to ignore comments from young and coming artists like the case of Tzy. At times he will post more than 5 posts a day when twisted but could let it go. 

Only 3 percent of artist who quit Jovi are likely to blow. This is still a question. Only Magasco is thriving as of now. What of Pascal? What's wrong Jovi? He has to analyse himself too. Meaning if Renis is out, then will that be all?

 The Good side of The MbokoGod

The fact that you can't easily see Jovi makes him royal. Over exposure blurs the taste of an artist. That's Jovi. 3point over 3.

The MbokoGod has created his fame and many felt a sudden fall could break one of his ladder sticks but didn't succeed. He is not coined with other fames thats why you will hardly find Jovi's songs on Trace tv and other platforms. He is generally not a public "abeg" for other fame homes like many Cameroon stars.

Jovi hardly makes adverts because he has a committed fan group who are ready to share his hard hits like the trending "sok, sok". Keep on MbokoGod and your holy Pentecostal Gang.

Jovi doesn't go low-key to accept mudfish cash for concerts. His world is crafted to accept his strength. In short he doesn't go for birthday parties in the name of concerts. Met l'argent à Terre he counts and if it's not above a birthday show cash his Gang and him will filter the arena.

Just the fact that Jovi is not a copy and paste artist with a lot of groundroots and originality makes him an artist.

Lastly Jovi can sing any time because he owns a label and doesn't need extra effort to produce his songs. Covid19 has slow down artists but not this guy. Hala MbokoGod@MbokoGang@Newbell.

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Sunday, 10 May 2020

How To Deposit With Bitcoin On FBS Forex broker site

FBS is 2020 best brokers in the world that provides financial products for currency, CFD, stocks and precious metals. FBS operates globally in 190 countries with 15 million + traders with client majority from Asia, Middle East, Laten America, Africa and Europe. Fbs is currently an official partner of FC Barcelona with a 4 year contract signed on the 17th January, 2020.
FBS has more than 6 deposit and withdrawal processors like Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, OneNaira e.t.c...Last week FBS added bitcoin deposits which will help traders who could not use other payment methods. FBS have the most responsive help desk among brokers, 24h/7d. Don't relent to trade with the best broker. Sign up here https://fbs.com .

How To Deposit On FBS With Bitcoin

Deposit method
Bitcoin, a new deposit method at fbs.

To deposit with bitcoin, login to your FBS account or dashboard and click "deposit funds" in front of your account type. A new window will open and once its open, click "Finance" and your will find many payment processors including bitcoin. Click "Bitcoin" . You will have two option;

  1. Copy your fbs bitcoin wallet by scanning with your bitcoin wallet by a click on your left to send directly from your bitcoin wallet or
  2.  In Click on your right (once you click, your address appears below as on the image) to copy your wallet then paste it on your non fbs bitcoin wallet to send the money or send it to someone to fund your fbs account and you give the person its equivalent in his/her fiat currency.
When all is done, wait for 3 confirmations from Blockchain or other bitcoin wallets for your deposit to be completed.

For those who do not have bitcoin wallets but wish to deposit with bitcoin, you can copy your address and send it to the seller to send your requested amount to your fbs account.

To learn forex trading, join our trading group here https://chat.whatsapp.com/ Its all about Forex trading in Cameroon. If you are already a Forex trader and wish to try the Best Forex Broker in 2020, signup here https://fbs.com 
Nice trading day.

Rooney N of Cameroon Online School of Forex-cmrforex @kingOfPips. +237675421156
If you find our write up helpful just a single dollar can help 
Perfect Money U19278528

Friday, 1 May 2020

Cameroon Forex Trader Influenced FBS Forex Broker To add Bitcoin As means of deposit

FBS and Rooney Nshing
Withdrawal and deposit methods of the fbs broker.

A young Cameroonian forex broker Rooney Nshing common known in the Forexsphere as the Cameroon Kingofpips on the 28th of April, 2020 compelled fbs, one of the best forex brokers in the world with more than 15 million traders, created in 2009 and an FC Barcelona partner to add bitcoin as a means of deposit to the platform.
Rooney runs an online forex school called "Cameroon Online School of Forex" which has been existing since 2018. With more than 200+ traders, mostly from Cameroon and a few abroad trained by his academy, deposit method didn't actually suit his traders who were not used to VISA/MasterCard payments, Perfect Money, OnlinNaira. 

On the 28th April, 2020 Rooney could not keep the silence when his traders complained they were unable to deposit using visa and Mastercard, coupled with Perfect Money wallet login problems. Fbs forex broker which is highly recommended Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Africa in general, Europe and Asia now accepts bitcoin as a new method of deposit.

Fbs forex broker an FC Barcelona partner has a well structured platform with good and responsive team that's why any problem can easily be solved with FBS. 
Withdrawals and deposits with fbs doesn't take up to 10 minutes for online wallets and 3 hours for Bank deposits.

To learn Forex trading with Cameroon Online School of Forex, join us here https://chat.whatsapp.com/EeZ0JbkOX1BK5TpKTorkBi for our upcoming training sessions.

Due to the plaguing Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, Rooney Nshing decided to cut down the Forex training fee from 150,000frs, about $250 to 11000 frs equivalent to $20 to help alleviate the striking poverty of desperate youths in his country. His aim is to train 15 000 youths in the field of Foreign Exchange where they will be able to trade directly with their mobile phones or laptops.

If you are already a forex trader and wish to trade with fbs, register here https://fbs.com and contact Cameroon Online school of forex to be added to the traders group.
Join our Facebook Page: Cameroon Online School of Forex.
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