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Sunday, 9 August 2020

How To Bid And Make Money With My Coin Auction

My coin auction

My Coin Auction is a fast growing online platform that enables you to participate in  a virtual auction where registered members can bid and buy virtual coins called My Coin, sell them at a mature time which is usually 5 days, 10 days and 20 days. 

My coin auction is a peer to peer online platform that offers from 20% interest in 5 days, 45% in 10 days and 110% in 20 days.

The minimum investment is R100 and maximum is R15000. The system operates in both bitcoin and South African Rand.

Auction opens twice daily at 9am and 7pm. Then you bid (buy) coins meaning that you have invested. Auction is open for 45mins as you find a countdown on your home screen, follow it till it goes down to 00h 00min and 00s then you can start placing your bids.

How To Bid with BTC

Login or register an account here http://btc-mycoin.live if you wish to bid using bitcoin. Where they as for SPONSOR ID, enter 23550. Login, click menu, auction menu then click view auction. Choose your bid amount, then type the amount you wish to bid e.g R700 or BTC (amount in dollars). Select the period e.g 45% for 10 days and conclude by clicking "BID". Note that you must accept the terms and conditions by clicking OK.

Once you have made a payment, upload the pop(proof of payment) for the seller or support to approve it.

Note that for bitcoin, all you need is the screenshot of the transaction. To get it, at the bottom of your Blockchain mobile app, click "Activity" then click the transaction and screenshot to upload (pop). then a URL will also be requested. Simply click the link at the top starting with https://blockchain....copy it and enter it. and send. 

Now last thing to do is to click request approval. It can be approved by the support or the person you bid his coins.

Approval with btc is faster than banks and very easy.

Under your Bank details, you will find your Whatsapp number and your country. Make sure you add your bitcoin wallet address and if you have a note you can add then save it.

How To Get Your Pop If You are Using a Bank(Capitec App)

You need to own a working email. Please click "transact", then Payment followed by the name of the person you paid. Click Payment history then the amount written in Blue to your right-hand of the app. Click the three white bands at the top right corner, then resend notification then email and enter your email address. On cover note enter your bid reference.

Once you bid is approved, you will find it on Recent Bid and the amount you will receive under Bid Income. Wait for the number of days and sell them on auction and your payment will be sent to your wallet address and once you receive it, approve it as fast as possible.

Payment is everyday from Monday to Sunday.

Note that if you bid and doesn't pay with 24hrs the system will cancel the transaction.

Register now Https://btc-mycoin.live .SPONSOR ID, enter 23550 . 

Whatsapp +237675421156.

Saturday, 8 August 2020

The Most Trending Video On How To Make Money Online in Cameroon in 2020

Today you are about to watch the most trending video on how to make money in Cameroon by one of the most influential young Cameroonian entrepreneur, Rooney Nshing. He is also the CEO of Cameroon Online School of Forex, a Teacher and a Blogger. 


His next plan is to create an incubator and pack all his great works. Guess what? He calls it "Nshing Digital Fingers". Before you read about him, watch the 3 most trending ways on how to make money online in Cameroon in 2020 he posted in his YouTube channel. Please click the red button as you watch.

Now that you have watched the video and have subscribed with a simple click on the red "subscribe" button, you will as from today get new methods on how to make money in Cameroon.

Our next video shall be based on how to make money on affiliates. What are affiliates? Affiliates are subscribers to companies who earn by simply sharing their link and as people use their link to buy a good or a service you make money.

There are many companies in Cameroon and everywhere in the world that offers affiliates especially in the United States, Uk, Australia, South Africa and many others. As a blogger in Cameroon you can subscribe to Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart and many more...

You as blogger in Cameroon can register and get the affiliate link and add to your blog and as people visit, you make some money. 


Here is a sample. If you wish to make money from this site http://www.btc-mycoin.live. As you sign up, where they as your Sponsor ID, enter: 23550 but before you register, contact +237675421156 to get full details on how to earn from this latest online business from South Africa for African and the world.

For Forex training and trading, contact Cameroon Online school of Forex. Trading is done just with your mobile phone or laptop everywhere you find yourself on earth and with the availability of an internet connect. Cameroon Online School of Forex offers training every month. Join us here https://chat.whatsapp.com/EeZ0JbkOX1BK5TpKTorkBi 

Thanks for reading.   

Thursday, 6 August 2020

God Read what Nigerians are writing About Biggy 237

Biggy237 logo.

Cameroon has started their own BB show, a show that brought in 37 contestants from the English speaking regions of the country only to be looked down by our neighboring 9ja. According to Nigerians online when interviewed in Lagos. A certain Chlorpheniramine said, the country's show should be called Small Brother because of sub-standard facilities. Here is what he said;

Biggy237 on tweeter.

Nigerians took over tweeter to share God forsaken messages about Biggy237. According to a certain victor and many commenters, the facility they use for the accommodation of participants looked like a self-contained room. 

He insisted that he saw 13 mates on one small table as they sat down to eat a meal of bread and tea with the Biggy sign on posters on walls.

Take a look at screenshots on what they took to tweeter this time around about Biggy237. Read about what Agapelove wrote on his tweet;

Agapelove on tweeter.
Also there are many Cameroonians who also claim that the organizers of the Biggy237 didn't do their best to get a cool environment for the show. Others keep the courage and hope for a better Biggy237 in the years to come. Grab another comment from @king-David;
Nigerians mocking buggy237.

There is a saying the efforts bring success and that's what Nigerians don't understand about what we call a start. Biggy237 according to many Cameroonians is a success because one didn't know it could ever start. Corrections bring perfection.

What can you say about these comments guys. Are you in support of Nigerians or you stand with Cameroonians who are happy for the coming of BB237?

How To Trade Nonfarm Payroll-NFP

Nonfarm Payroll and the Pullback strategy.

What is NFP?

Nonfarm Payroll (NFP) is an economic indicator for the United States economy. It presents the number of jobs added excluding the agriculture sector (farm employees), government employees, private household and those of NGOs.

NFP new outbreak generally cause broad movement in the forex market. The news is released every first Friday of each month at 8:30 AM ET and 13:30 PM CAT.

What You Need to Know About NFP and Forex

  • It creates high volatility in the forex market.
  • Measures net changes in employment jobs.
  • FX traders use economic calendar to prepare for NFP release.

How Does NFP Affects The Forex Market?

NFP is released by the Labor Statistics Bureau and release can be seen on an economic calendar. It is a great indicator for the current state of an economy.

Employment is a great tool for the Fed Reserve Bank. When unemployment is high, policy makers tend to have an expansionary monetary policy (boost low interest rates). The goal of expansionary monetary policy is to increase economic output and employment as well.

If unemployment rate is higher than usual, its obvious the economy is below its potential and policy makers will try to stimulate it. It lowers interest rates and reduces demand for USD.

Forex traders are ears-up of NFP data release. Traders should know that due to sudden increase in volatility, spreads do too and increased spreads can also lead to margin increase.

Currency Pairs are Most Affected by NFP

The NFP is a USD indicator, so your currency pairs include EURUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY and may others. Some pairs not even related to the NFP also show some mean volatility so traders should be aware.

Due to the volatility nature of the NFP, kingofpips of the Cameroon Online School of Forex urge traders around the world to use the pull-back strategy rather than breakout strategy. With the pull back strategy, traders should wait for a retrace before entering a trade.
Pullback strategy
NFP and pullback strategy

Points to Take Home

  1. NFP release is accompanied with high volatility and increased spreads.
  2. Currency pairs nit related to the USD could also be affected and spreads widened.
  3. Finally NFP is released every first Friday of the Month.
To learn forex trading with Cameroon Online School of Forex, simply whatsapp +237675421156 for our next training batch or join here us https://chat.whatsapp.com/Ee . If you have been searching for the best broker in the Forex market, contact us to help you with one, best account type and a good leverage. Or just signup here https://my.octafx.com or https://fbs.com.

CMRFOREX-Cameroon Online School of Forex, 2020. 

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

A Reunion Message From Stanley Enow to Jovi Through Reniss

A message fro Stanley to Jovi
Left: Jovi and Right: Stanley Enow
Stanley Enow the most prolific Cameroon rapper on the 2nd Aug. 2020 sent a message to Jovi the finest MbokoGang god and the creator of pidgin rap style in Cameroon through Reniss, the real root Makossa queen, the mother of the Newbell Empire through a Facebook status update.
Here is what the Motherland Empire CEO said to Jovi through Reniss:
Stanley Enow's message to Jovi
Facebook status of Enow carry cool vibes to Reniss.

I don't know whether the MbokoGang interpreted it negatively or positively "Up and coming Afropop singer". I think she is up and coming and one of the best in Central Africa. On the screenshot one can clearly see New Bell Music.

Note that on the 5th Aug, 2020 Jovi wrote a short blog post where nobody could actually sort out the milk or sour in it. He posted "avoid shame". No one can actually say if he was pointing at Stanley or others he is never ok with.

One can't actually say whether they are cooking a collabo or not but the love from this move is colored Saphire and golden yellow. The question is, will Jovi accept the collabo?

Music lovers of the two stars who are always at war on all social media platforms didn't say a word about this peaceful move. The 2 stars have never think of a collaboration after a clash at the start of their career. Every Cameroon music lover wish to ever see the Duo perform on one stage.

When my secret eye caught this status update i expected Jovi and his gang to react but non of them didn't cough for this love move Stanley Enow took. Every young Cameroonian into music need a father to show them love and if these two can remove ego and create a loving breeze, the others will follow suit.

A lesson to young artists in Cameroon:

War is a new normal in the 237 musicsphere that keep extending to other arts. Young artists are caught up with pride at the start of their beautiful career. Great African stars like Psquare, Wizkid, Davido, Salatiel, Koffi e.t.c didn't grow on beef. Meet great stars follow their rules if they are great and grab your dream.

Question??? Does the MbokoGang like this move? Drop your comment below.




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