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Saturday, 27 July 2019

Teach English Abroad With The Best and Cheapest TEFL and TESOL Courses by ITTT.

Apply Now to teach English abroad with ITTT. Huh, 10% discount.
Teaching English abroad is a new money making industry. TEFL and TESOL high quality and cheapest courses are offered by International TEFL and TESOL Training. Both Native and Non-native English and non English teachers need this almost free certification to teach English Language abroad.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language is abbreviated as TEFL and it is also known as TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages). After this exam, you can enhance your teaching strategies and get valuable professional experience. This experience prepares you very well for international exposure so that you can work effectively with people of different culture.

Increase your salary after taking the TEFL/TESOL certification, this shows that you are a master of advanced teaching skills for teaching English. Most schools and institutes will pay you high salaries if you are TEFL or TESOL qualified.

Why Take the Exam with International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)?

International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT) have been at the apex of teacher training for over 20 years with a variety of online and in-class courses to suit every individual need. Once graduated, ittt trainees have a distinct advantage in the worldwide job market as their certifications are actively in search by employers in all global edge.

Whether you choose to study from home via one of their online TEFL courses, or you would prefer hands-on instruction at one of their international centers, a TEFL or TESOL certificate from ITTT will ensure your new teaching job.

Advantages of Taking TEFL and TEFL with ITTT

  1. The application process is free with 10% discount if you apply and pay for the course.
  2. Anyone fluent in English and 18+ is eligible for all International TEFL and TESOL Training courses.
  3. No previous experience or qualifications needed.
  4. Free additional course if you APPLY NOW. E.g Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) or Teaching Business English.
  5. No need paying for the postal service fee to receive your TEFL or TESOL certificate. It is included.
  6. Excellent support staff.
  7. International accredited Certification.
  8. Best recruitment partners on the market.
ITTT sample certificate - Best TEFL/TESOL certification online/hands-on by international Tefl and Tesol Training.
This TESOL/TEFL certificate improves your employment chances and add value to your resume. This internationally recognized professional qualification can get you a good teaching job with high salary package.

Ittt is operational in more than 120 countries. Most students studying online, does that in 4 weeks. Be the first to apply this week. Click HERE to apply. Wish you the best.

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

British Professional Diploma: 1yr or 2yrs In Yaounde and Last Year in UK, Canada, Australia or U.S

British professional diploma, Inaugurated by the British High Commissioner and the Director of British Council at ILEC, Yaounde. All diplomas are issued in Great Britain and are recognized worldwide. All Cameroonians are encouraged to take this professional course in Business Management with high possibility to study in the UK under their guidance.

Students can use their diploma with the help of the British Council to continue abroad in the aforementioned countries or get jobs in these countries especially in Canada, Australia, UK, Australia, Ireland.

Different Course Levels


Level 3 Diploma

Level 3 is an equivalent of GCE A level or BACC. At the end of the training, students receive a diploma in Business Management. Students will be able to go for a first degree in a good number of British universities.

Admissions Open for 2019/2020 Academic year. Academic year starts in October 2019. Apply now.

Admission Conditions

Be 16 years or more and a holder of GCE O-Level or BEPC
Tuition fee: 1.075.000 FCFA

Level 4 Diploma

Level 4  is equivalent to university level 1 with 120 credits. At the end of the training, students have the opportunity to apply for the 2nd year in universities in Great Britain or continue to level 5.

Admission Conditions

Holders of GCE A level/ BACC or Level 3
Tuition fee: 1.075.000 FCFA (one month of free English language course)

Level 5 Diploma

Level 5 is equivalent to second year university in Great Britain. At the end of the training, students are eligible to continue their 3rd year (Bachelor's Degree) in many Great British universities, Canada, Australia and Ireland or you continue the level 6 diploma.

Admission Conditions

Hold a level 4 or its equivalence.
Tuition fee: 1.075.000 FCFA (Including a free one month English language course).

Level 6 Diploma

Level three diploma is equivalent to a First degree. At the end of the training, the student can continue with MBA in Great British universities or take level 7 which leads to a complimentary or last year in MBA in many UK universities as well.

Admission Conditions

Hold a level 5/ HND/ or equivalent or 5 years professional experience in Business management.
Tuition Fee: 1.075.000 FCFA (Including a free one month English language course)

International partners offers 50% scholarships to Cameroonians each year. Students who receive an admission letter are eligible for the scholarship in their universities abroad.

Contact or WhatsApp

+237 675421156
Fly4studiesCameroon is your home education. We help schools gain reputation through adverts. contact us now. 

Monday, 22 July 2019

African Scholarships At Edinburg Napier University in UK, 2019-20

African scholarships at the University of Edinburgh, UK-2019/20.
Here are the scholarships for African students looking for an opportunity to study in the United Kingdom. Here comes this fortune to complete your dream to study in one of UK's prestigious university.

The bursary is available for all African candidates in order to pursue a bachelor's degree or masters degree program at the Edinburgh Napier University.

The university was previously known as Napier Technical College and gained the university status in 1992. It is a public university located in Edinburgh.
Edinburgh university provides that available support through its teachers in building a bright future and making their dream come true.

Description Of Scholarship

Department : Not available
Course Level: Bachelors and Masters degree.
Award: 3000 Pounds
Access Mode: Online
Number of awards: Variable
Nationality: African descends.
The program can be taken in UK.
Language: English


  • Acceptable Course and Subjects available for undergraduate or postgraduate at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Admissible criteria: Be a self-funding student student who received an offer to study either in September 2019 or January 2020 at the university.
  • Make your 3500 Pounds deposit payment towards your fees.

How To Apply

You have to take admission in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program at the university. You will be automatically be considered for the grant when you meet the eligibility criteria.
For your supporting documents: During the application period, the university will ask you to submit your language ability proof, CV, copy of passport and transcripts.
Language: If your country's language is not English, then you have to demonstrate the English language ability through TOEFL or IELTS

Application deadline: OPEN

Trump - U.S To Start A Must-Pass New Citizenship Test

U.S citizenship test to take into effect soon.
The Trump's administration on the 21st July announced it will revise the U.S citizenship test to help make a meaningful, uniform and efficient test.

USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) said it had formed a naturalization test revision working group in December 2018 with "members from across the agency".

The agency added that it is "soliciting the input of experts in the field of adult education to ensure that this process is fair and transparent."

"Granting U.S citizenship is the highest honor our nation bestows" USCIS Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli in a statement.

"Updating, maintaining, and improving a test that is current and relevant is our responsibility as an agency in order to help potential new citizens fully understand the meaning of U.S citizenship and the value that unite all Americans.

Cuccinelli told the Washington Post that the changes will not be major. "Isn't everybody always paranoid that this is used for ulterior purposes?" the immigration hardliner told the outlet on Thursday.

Ofcourse they're going to be disappointed when it just looks like another version of a civics exam. I mean that's pretty much how it's going to look."

USCIS naturalized nearly 752, 000 people in 2018, a five-year high according to the agency.

If it happens you were to take the test tomorrow, you might be asked to name one or two U.S territories or one or two of the rights contained in the Declaration of Independence, and or provide the correct answer if asked the number of amendments to the constitution.

The naturalization test test is simply a journey to becoming an American. According to the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services, it is meant not just a measure of U.S civics knowledge, but also a reason to study and absorb the principle, value and functions of the U.S government, including the rights and responsibilities that come with the citizenship.

Some people have contacted the citizenship office with their suggestions, requesting more questions about inventors or scientists; a question about that national park; and maybe something about Mount Rushmore.

Cuccinelli said "Nobody has suggested anything specific to me",.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Rene Sadi-Cameroon Government Wants A One Mouth Public Speaking (Harmonized)

Cameroon's Communication minister, Rene Sadi.
The Cameroon's communication minister Rene Sadi has declared that the government of Cameroon will henceforth have one voice. He insisted on harmonization and control in public speaking as he believes this new method will give his government a credibility.

According to Rene Sadi, it was a question for the heads of communication units, to take into consideration the current changes in the communication sector and to serve national and international audience information credibility.

38 heads of communication units and those from different public services were trained during a workshop in Yaounde. All participants vouched to follow the agenda of the meeting.

This comes at a time when ministers communicate on various topics and at all times contradicted what the government spokesperson had already presented to the public. This will bring forth a harmonize release on topics by the state.

"Our aim is to defend the governments' action when ever there is wrong information circulating both nationally and internationally", said Emanuel Sadi.

The communication minister's instructions centers around the mechanism used in news gathering, media monitoring as part of government communication, and communication planning. Henceforth, the heads if communication units, must always approach the cabinet of the minister of communication before any publication initiative that relates government position.

Recently, information has been leaked from most ministries, with communication heads passing out information, unauthorized. This move is expected to regulate this phenomena.

The question is, why does the government of Cameroon trying to regulate communication? Is free speech authorized in Cameroon? If no why? Drop your answers below.


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