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Sunday, 11 September 2022

NshingTv: Humble Fans The Administration Of NshingTv Needs You Right Now

 Welcome to our affiliate webpage also owned by NshingTv. At NshingTv we crack jokes daily, some get annoyed, others smile and others go simply for News and sport. We are a world on its own creating a future for the future. 

With due respect and honour from our free hands on social media, we request our fans and followers to help our team member who is carrying out an agricultural research which will crown him MSc or Ig in the field of Agriculture. If you are from the North West Region and doesn't even reside in the North West for now, this form is still for you.

Our team member is working on Agricultural Migration and Land Abandonment in the North west Region of Cameroon and is pleading with you to help him fill in an online questionnaire which will not take you more than 10 minutes to complete it.

On the questionnaire your name, email or any personal information won't be requested and it will not appear anywhere. The questionnaire has 3 sections. After each section, please click next till the 3 section and when your are through, click submit and in 1 second we will receive the form.

Thanks a lot great friend and special fan of NshingTV, You are one in a million.

Here is the link  https://forms.gle/ea5bn9BpeMkFrzef7

If you know any farmer or group of farmers from the North West Region please share the link with them 

Thursday, 25 August 2022

Here is The Reason This Cameroonian Died In Dubai.

Yungcho Denis Tche died after he collapsed on a construction site, a witness told NshingTv.

It was his first time working at a construction site. He said he can support construction work and they recruited him. Due to the high temperature now in Dubai because of too much sun, he collapsed at the job site and he was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately he died on Monday morning.” Someone with knowledge of the incident narrated.

The deceased was born in 1980 and recently travelled to the United Arab Emirates for greener pastures but it turned out a dead journey.

Dubai is a land full of great potential but you need to understand the environmental factors associated with your jobsite or the people living in the country.

Before you travel to UAE, please get the skill and do not join any skill because you need the cash.


Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Yaounde, Biyem Assi- Woman Kills Sister-in law, Chop Her up and Package in a Valise for Rituals

 Woman Kills Her Sister-In-Law, Chops Body For Money Ritual (Graphic Photos)

Fly4studycm and NshingTv gathered that a 57-Year-Old Cameroonian Woman Identified as Marie France Mbea has been arrested for allegedly killing her sister-in-in-law for suspected money ritual.

According to local media, the suspect killed the woman and chopped up her body in a hotel in Biyem Assi area of Yaoundé.

She was intercepted on Monday, August 22, 2022, while leaving the hotel with the body parts stuffed in a suitcase.

Marie France Mbea said she had been talking with an unknown man on the phone who advised her to kill the sister-in-law in exchange for wealth. She lodged into the hotel with the victim and used a beer bottle to hit her on the head and slit her throat.

After killing her sister-in-law on Sunday night, she left the hotel Mendzang, only to appear on Monday with a machete and a Valise.

She then chopped the body into pieces and bundled them in the bag but hotel management suspected foul when they discovered that she was carrying something too heavy for her and despite offers to help her, she refused. They thren called the Police.

The Suspect who is currently being interrogated at police headquarters in Yaounde, confessed that the body parts were to be given to a man in exchange for wealth.

NshingTv- Biyem Assi-Yaounde

Friday, 29 July 2022

Several People Arrested In Yaounde As Macron says Good Bye Cameroon

Riots in Cameroon as Macro leaves the country (Many arrested).

Police in Yaoundé have arrested several people who held up Franck Biya posters during President Emmanuel Macron visit on Wednesday July 27.

Senior Cameroon government official contt anonymited said that holding up the Franck Biya posters demonstrated disrespect for the 89-year-old head of state President Biya.

Our source added that the posters had nothing to do with right to freedom of expression which is guaranteed by the Constitution and the law on freedom to express an opinion in public.

The so-called Franck Biya supporters now in police including Tchouta Marthe Marguerite, Mengan Même Marc Aurélien, Anyouzoa Mbida Éric Arcene- an Accountant at the Central Regional Office, Belinga Obama, Ayissi Robert- a Divisional Delegate at the Centre Region, Nkoumou Jean Chanel, Atangana Assembe Norbert Hermann-Divisional Delegate from Nyon & Foumou, Abafack Marc Berthol, Akoa Marie Christelle, Ntsama Mpega Christian and Sandjock Yves. 

A police officer leading the investigation was quoted as saying “political thuggery has no place on the streets of Yaoundé”  but he refused to confirm if Franck Biya, the president’s eldest son will be summoned for questioning on the matter after he was seen sharing a conversation with visiting French President Emmanuel Macron.

Many Francophone opposition figures have described the Franck Biya posters as “utterly shameful“.

Sunday, 10 July 2022

Breaking- South West Cameroon-Yesterday 9th July, 2022. At least 13 People Have Died from Truck Collision in Kumba

Road Accidents in Africa
Fatal road accident in Kumba.


9th July, 2022 was a sad day for travellers and their families. At least 13 people have died after a truck collided with a bus in southwestern Cameroon, according to local police. 

The accident occurred Saturday morning along Kumba-Muyuka highway in Southwest region of the country. This highway is remarkable for numerous accidents in the country. It records about 4 percent of accidents in Cameroon.

The truck lost control and collided head-on with a bus that was carrying 30 passengers at a locality called Bombe Bakundu which is located along the highway, police said.

According to the police, fatal accidents are common in Cameroon due to reckless driving, dangerous overtaking, drunk driving and poor state of road.

The Ministry of Transport estimates that 1,500 people die in road accidents each year in the central African nation.

#NshingTv #Fly4studycm news books.




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