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Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Barcelona Ready to Sign Sofyan Amrabat From Florentina

Tranfer news as Amrabat prepares to join Barcelona
Sofyan Amrabat.

Sofyan Amrabat's incredible season has caught the attention of many of Europe's top clubs including the mighty Barcelona. 

The Fiorentina midfielder, 26, has lost the final of Coppa Italia showpiece against Inter Milan 2-1 with goals by Lautaro Martinez 26 and 27th minutes respectively while Nicolas Gonzalez scored a 3rd minute goal for Fiorentina.

World Cup 2022 in Qatar and Amrabat of Morocco 

This follows a World Cup campaign in which the tough tackler was one of the standout players in the tournament, inspiring Morocco to an unexpected semi-final appearance. 

Ahead of La Viola's clash against Inter tonight, we explore the qualities that have made Amrabat Barca's top summer transfer target.

In a run which saw the Atlas Lions eliminate the likes of Belgium, Spain and Portugal, before providing a major test to France in the semis, the Fiorentina man stood out a mile.

Amrabat proved to be the perfect link between defence and attack. Not only does he possess the ability to win the ball, but he is a calming influence in possession. 

He is also blessed with real pace. This was evident in the semi-final against Les Bleus, when he turned on the afterburners to win a foot race with Kylian Mbappe before producing a memorable recovery tackle. 

It was no surprise that Amrabat found himself as a wanted man after such exploits.

Several teams were keen to sign him in January. A deal did not materialise, but if the anchorman was disappointed at the time, he will not be now. 

In the second half of the season, Amrabat has been a key element in La Viola's quest for a famous cup double.

 The LaLiga champions are in need of a player to replace legendary deep-lying playmaker Sergio Busquets, who will leave the club this summer. 

Amrabat's agent Mohammed Sinouh recently confirmed that there was interest from both the Catalan giants and Manchester United in January. 

Sinouh said: "We received many offers during the winter transfer window, including one from Manchester United, but we couldn’t finalise the deal. 

"Barcelona? Fiorentina's president refused to sell him at that moment as he represented an added value after what he had done at the World Cup. 

"We have no proposals for the summer, at least for the moment, but Fiorentina will listen. It's a promise they made after the president refused all offers in the winter transfer window." 

That opens the door for other clubs to try and hijack the deal, with a number from the Premier League having previously been linked with Amrabat. 

Aside from the Red Devils, Chelsea are also interested suitors while Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham have all been reported to admire the engine room operator.

Whatever happens in the two upcoming cup finals, Amrabat's days in Florence appear to be numbered.

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8 African Countries With The Highest Literacy Rates In 2023 Revealed

Literacy rate by country in Africa
African map showing 54 countries that make up the continent.

As of my knowledge and statistical research, here are some of the top African countries with high literacy rates:

 Seychelles: Seychelles, an archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean, has one of the highest literacy rates in Africa. The literacy rate is estimated to be around 95%.

Equatorial Guinea: Equatorial Guinea, located on the west coast of Central Africa, has made significant progress in improving literacy rates. The literacy rate is estimated to be around 95%.

South Africa: South Africa has a relatively high literacy rate compared to many other African countries. The literacy rate is estimated to be around 94%.

Mauritius: Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian Ocean, has a well-developed education system and a high literacy rate. The literacy rate is estimated to be around 90%.

Mauritius: Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian Ocean, has a well-developed education system and a high literacy rate. The literacy rate is estimated to be around 90%.

Libya: Despite the political and social challenges faced by Libya in recent years, it has historically had a relatively high literacy rate. The literacy rate is estimated to be around 90%.

Botswana: Botswana, a landlocked country in Southern Africa, has made significant investments in education and has a relatively high literacy rate. The literacy rate is estimated to be around 88%.

Namibia: Namibia, located in southwestern Africa, has made progress in improving literacy rates since gaining independence. The literacy rate is estimated to be around 88%.

It's important to note that literacy rates can vary depending on the sources and methodologies used to measure them, and these figures are approximate estimates based on available data. The literacy rates of African countries keep changing.

Nshing Rooney is an independent blogger, blogging for glory.

Sunday, 21 May 2023

Gianluigi Buffon Names Onana Among The World's Top 3 Goalkeepers


Gianluigi Buffon names 5 top goalkeepers in the world
Gianluigi Buffon in AC Milan.

Juventus legend and Italian former goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon, has included Inter Milan’s Andre Onana among the top three goalkeepers in the world.

Buffon also included AC Milan’s Mike Maignan in the list.

Speaking to Sky Italia, Buffon said, “Maignan is no surprise, he had already clearly demonstrated what he was able to do last year.

He added that “Onana inserted himself convincingly, he showed personality and broad shoulders to hold up a team like Inter and (Samir) Handanovic as a competitor. Note that Handanovic was completely replaced by Onana after a few seria A and Champions League matches.

“On the field, they deserved to be considered in the circle of the top 3 goalkeepers in the world and I don’t think I’m giving them anything by saying this.”

Onana recently helped Inter Milan to qualify for the Champions League final after putting in an impressive display against AC Milan.

The Cameroonian will hope to lead Inter to victory when they face Manchester City in the Champions League final in June.

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Wednesday, 10 May 2023


Top 10 passports in Africa
International passport images.

Below is a count down of the most valuable passports in 2023 in Africa.

Possessing a mobile passport is one of the most underrated but crucial assets in the world today. In a world tilting towards remote work, and digitisation, having a mobile passport opens up a new world of opportunities and freedom for you.

According to the Henley Passport Index, which passports ranking is based on the number of destinations their holders can access without prior visa arrangements, there is a causal relationship between a mobile passport and the ability to travel, foreign investment in a country, increased trade, and economic growth. 

The mobility of an international passport refers to the number of countries the passport enables you to travel to visa free. Typically, the higher the number of visa-free countries holders can go to, the more powerful the passport is considered.

In Africa, the top 10 passports are Seychelles, Mauritius, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swatini, Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania.

1. Seychelles 151 destinations 

2. Mauritius 146 destinations 

3. South Africa 101 destinations 

4. Botswana 85 destinations 

5. Namibia 82 destinations 

6. Lesotho 77 destinations 

7. Swatini 73 destinations 

8. Malawi 71 destinations 

9. Kenya 71 destinations 

10. Tanzania 68 destinations 

Although there are other major factors to consider when acquiring a passports like the quality of life, investment potential and economic potential, mobility remains the most essential.  

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Monday, 8 May 2023

Leonel Messi’s Salary and His New New Club As He Joins Long Term Rival Christiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabian League Will shock You

Ronaldo and Leonel messi
Ronaldo and Leonel messi #sk image

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo could rekindle their intense rivalry in the Saudi Arabian top flight next season, if reports are anything to go by. The Argentine maestro has been tipped to follow in the footsteps of his eternal rival by switching to the Middle East.

According to a report from Spanish outlet El Chiringuito TV (via Express), Lionel Messi has agreed to sign for Saudi Arabian side Al Hilal as he nears the end of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

As per the report, the playmaker's contract with the Middle Eastern club would be worth a staggering £262 million per year, which would give him one of the most lucrative contracts in the history of the sport.

Al Hilal are reportedly determined to do every possible thing to ensure that they secure the Argentine's signature. They are said to be pulling the strings to snap up his former Barcelona teammates Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba and reunite the trio in Riyadh.

It appears that Leonel Messi has reached the end of the road in Paris. The Argentine has turned down multiple offers from the French club and is eager to be on the move this summer, with Al Hilal in prime position to snap him up.

Should Messi end up joining the Saudi Arabian side, he could reignite his rivalry with Christiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese icon left Manchester United following his controversial interview with British broadcaster Piers Morgan and ended up joining Al Nassr in the winter transfer window.

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