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Friday, 3 May 2019

This Is The Easiest Way To Make 250,000 FCFA/Week Online In Cameroon And Africa

Currency pairs in the Forex market.
Forex (Foreign Exchange of currencies just with your smartphone) is the easiest way to make money online in Cameroon. In the Forex market, we buy and sell currencies. The best thing with the Forex market is that when you buy you earn and when you sell you earn but you need the training to start this millionaire journey. Join our WHATSAPP GROUP NOW

Who Is Cameroon Online School Of Forex (Class start 6th May 2019)

Cameroon Online School Of Forex is made of a team of professional certified traders and trainers who have been trading in the Foreign exchange market for the past three years. For the past two years we have train more than 2500 Cameroonians and more than 1250 international students who are making huge daily.

Our Fee

We charge our students a one time fee of ($18) 10 000 FCFA during our two weeks online training. Keep in mind that this is totally free. Google search the fee of Forex training. We did our training online with a total fee of ($550) 300 000 FCFA/student. But today due to unemployment, unstable economy, crisis in Cameroon and Africa, we have decided to give out this training for a peanut fee.

Our Training Platform

CMRFOREX- Cameroon Online School Of Forex uses the cheapest online platform-Whatsapp to train her students so that everyone, everywhere in the world can participate. Interactions, demonstrations and illustrations on Whatsapp are very easy. We can train more than 150 students at a time using this platform. Join our whatsapp group here . More than 50 students are already waiting to receive you.

Tuition Payment

Students from Cameroon can make their payment through Mobile Money (+237675421156) and International students through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash (Contact group admin for your payment). All students are expected to pay their full fee before the 3rd class during our training.

Training start date: 21 May, 2019 at 7:00 pm (Cameroon time).

Sunday, 28 April 2019

LATEST: A Solution For You If You Have Been Scammed By Bitworld, Bitclub Advantage, CWC and ICOs

Online Forex Training in Cameroon and the world.
Many people have been scammed by Cryptocurrency investment platforms especially in Africa from 2017 till present. Bitworld Center, Bitclub Adavantage, Crypto World Company, Bittimecash, Mactub Emirates and hundreds of others have scammed more than $500 000 000 from Africans.
Other scams like ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) have consumed more than $10 000 000. All these fake scams use pyramid schemes to scam. Where you invest and they force you to invite friends so that as your friends invest, they take what he has invested and pay 1/3 to you. i.e Use John's Money to pay Mary.

Solution To Your Cryptocurrency Scam

You have been hearing of Forex (Foreign Exchange) Trading everywhere over the internet and even from friends right? With Forex trading, you only need an account and then learn how to trade. It takes only 2 weeks at the "Cameroon Online School of Forex" to start trading. 

Real traders can make $5000-$10000 a week. For you to trade, you need this skill on how to manipulate this App.

Who is "Cameroon Online School of Forex" (CMRFOREX)?

Cameroon Online School of Forex is a team of certified Forex trainers and traders who have been trading for 3 years in the FOREX market. They offer 100% of their courses online with live demonstrations. Any body can attend their classes everywhere on earth. All you need is a smart phone.

Our Training Platform

CMRFOREX uses Whatsapp as the training platform. Where everyone can easily reply to questions and answers during training. Easily send voice and notes to students. That's why the school is for nationals of every country. Our classes starts at 7:00 pm West African Time.

We have already train more than 1526 students this year from more than 35 countries who are excelling well in the field of Forex. To join our next batch of training, whatsApp +237675421156.

Our Training Fee 

Our training course takes 2 weeks and cost $18 or CFA 10 000. Please calculate using your local currency. At the end of your training, we offer you an additional eBook. The methods of payment are Mobile Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, BCH. Join our WHATSAPP group now.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Free Forex Trading Training By CMRFOREX For Every One

Forex Trading by CMRFORX.
Welcome to the world of Forex Trading. Today you are going to learn the following topics about Forex Trading. Note that this training am giving you for free here cost more than $500 and at the end, please share it on all social platforms. I know you wanna be independent rather than losing money to fake Ponzi schemes.
Here we go;

Forex simply means foreign exchange. Forex is the largest market in the world with a total daily liquidity of $5.3 Trillion dollars. It is larger than the New York Stock Exchange market and Cryptomarket combined.

Yesterday 27th October the cryptomarket value was $216 Billion, according to Coinmarketcap. The statistics are online. You can as well search for more details. This is just to show the liquidity of the Forex market and how large it is. This is a brief intro which i think we will continue to see more as were read.


It is not obviously a market we buy and sell shoes, clothes, bags and popcorn e.t.c . In Forex Market, we trade currency pairs like the ones listed here; USD, EURO, POUNDS, AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS, JAP YEN, SWISS FRANCS, NEW ZEALAND DOLLARS e.t.c... Apart from currencies which is the most traded, commodities like precious metals, sports, oil are on the line.

Two currencies are traded against each other. For example you can trade YEN against Dollars which means Yen will either rise or fall against Dollars or Cedis against Dollars. (real demonstrations are coming up as you read)


These are firms that gives you access to the FOREX Market by providing a trading account for you. They give traders what we call Leverage.( You will see it soon). They also provide support functions to the traders. There are various Brokers in the Forex Market like; Hotforex, Fxtm, Fxcm, Fbs, LiteForex and many others...


Now we have started penetrating into the real roots of Forex Trading so open your brain now. You need to know the Forex Market. There are various Trading Times and Trading Sessions in Forex. They include; SYDNEY SESSION, TOKYO SESSION, LONDON SESSION, FRANKFURT SESSION, NEWYORK SESSION. Sessions names are derived from the cities where most transactions are done. E.g SYDNEY rep Australia and other countries around the time zone and the others as well.

Forex is actually 24 hrs market that's why it is regarded as the market that never sleeps except on weekends. Nor matter where you find yourself on earth, or on any time zone you can trade.
Lets talk now of the trading times; SYDNEY SESSION opens by 9 PM GMT, Tokyo Session opens by 11 PM GMT, London Session opens by 7AM GMT, Frankfurt Session opens by 8AM GMT and the Newyork Session opens by 1PM GMT. So almost the whole of West African countries' time zone should be that of London. Not that if its not open, you can't trade. For the rest of the world, use your time zone and the corresponding Session above.

All Sessions last for 9 hrs so just add 9 hrs to their opening Times to when they will close.
Please, one important thing to note here... Many Forex Traders don't actually understand this because they were not taught. Its good to trade when two Markets are open at the same time i.e when 2 Sessions are open.

This is because volatility is always more when 2 or more Sessions are open. In Forex Market, more volatility means more money. So as a Forex trader, you won't wanna trade in a quiet market because there won't be fluctuations and its movements that makes money for you the trader.
You will understand this soon. E.g by 8 PM GMT, London Session and Frankfurt would be open and in fact Tokyo will soon join and volatility will be the order of the day. So always time your trading between 2 sessions. An edge in the market.

You must have heard about Forex before I' am aware though you may not know how to trade the market. Hey some of your friends keep the secret to themselves. They would rather help you out on their nice cars, buy you hot drinks. JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP NOW
Share with Friends and family on Whatsapp. I share because I love you all. God bless.


To go Long means to Buy.
To go Short Means to Sell. What we are doing in Forex is buying and selling.
Bullish Market means the market is going upward.
Bearish Market means the market is going down
Ranging is when a market does not have any particular direction. It’s neither moving upward or downward.
Trending... the market has a direction, its either moving downward or upward. So people will say the market is trending upward or downward.
Hawkish refers to the Central Bank Governor or personnel of a country. They tend to be liberal on the interest rate and are willing to increase it.
 Dovish is simply the opposite of Hawkish because they are very restrictive and they do not want to temper with the interest rate and this is bad news for investors.
Currency pairs have names e.g Dollar is called Greenback, the Pound is called the Cable, the New Zeal Dollar is called kiwi, the Australian Dolars is called Aussie e.t.c...
Our tomorrow's topic shall be FORMS OF TRADING.
Rooney N.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

How To Make $5 Daily Trading, Exchanging Or Swapping Cryptocurrencies On Blockchain wallet

Trading on your Blockchain wallet.
A Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed public digital ledger used to record transactions across many computers so that  records cannot be altered without the alteration of all the subsequent blocks.

Blockchain appears to be the most trusted crypto company. The Blockchain wallet supports BTC, ETH, BCH, XML and BSV (recently added). The Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency on the Blockchain wallet.

How To Register and Swap Currencies and Earn On Blockchain Wallet

Another name for swap is exchange or trade of currencies for the other. To join the exchange or swap program, considering that you have already signup, you need to apply for swap from your Blockchain wallet by clicking Exchange or swap. 

From there you will need to provide basic information like ID cards or drivers license, International Passport and take some photographs or short videos and send to the Blockchain team after verification for approval.

It may take about 3 days to 1 week for approval. If approved, you can now start your first swap. Many call it trading on the Blockchain. It is very profitable if you can keep an eye on your Blockchain wallet or if you are a good crypto speculator.

Swap Cryptocurrencies On The Blockchain Wallet

Click the menu of your blockchain wallet and then click swap or exchange. A pair of currencies will appear with one on the left and the other on right. The one on the left side of the screen means that you are exchanging the amount you choose to be received by the cryptocurrency on your right.

E.g If I have $1000 on my btc wallet and a bitcoin is $4005 at that moment, and after 15 mins, bitcoin rises (bull) to $4800. That my $1000 will also rise to about $1007. Since am afraid it may drop soon since it is volatile, I will quickly exchange the $7 BTC to my ETH wallet. 

Now my $1000 remains while I wait for a few dollars to add so that I keep swapping. At times you may swap and wait for a few minutes if you want to take risk. As the price is rising, your placed trade may even rise from $7 to $9.

Know that you decide the amount you wish to trade by entering the amount either in dollars or in Eitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Stellar XML, Bitcoin Cash BCH or BSV.

Never stop trading with your blockchain. If you find it cool, you can SUPPORT US, our next project is to fund refugees and displaced persons in Cameroon. Just you $1 can help build back a hopeless person, provide education and a comeback to the society.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

[Sponsored] Excellent Construction, Your Building Construction Company In Cameroon

Construct your new home with Excellent construction company in Cameroon.
Excellent Construction Company is a building construction Company located in Yaounde, Cameroon The CEO Afuma Silas has 15 years of experience in office and on field. The company's headquarter is located at Essos, Yaounde.

What Does Excellent Construction Has To Offer

  • Excellent constructions build homes, hotels, schools. 
  • Realize plans and estimates.
  • Calculation notes and also provide training.

Projects Realized By Excellent Constructions

Excellent Constructions is brand with excellence in the field of construction with coverage all over the national territory. With a team of 10 experience engineers, Excellent Constructions validate contraction with maximum satisfaction of her customers.

Get a brand new home in Cameroon with Excellent Construction. Its a nationwide affair. Be the first to contact us for a deal.

Projects Realized

  1. 3 Hotels and 18 homes in Yaounde.
  2. 5 Homes in Kribi.
  3. 8 homes in Douala and 1 hotel.
  4. 3 homes in Kumba
  5. 2 homes in Bamenda

Its all about quality-built homes and we use quality materials through out. Never underestimate you project. We are 24hrs/7day to the public. Use the contact below.

To contact us for your brand new home contact us now
Whatsapp: +237 674709797
                  +237 664949594



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