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Sunday, 15 May 2022

How To Win This Weekend Game On NshingTv

Win cash on NshingTv
Live Quiz and data cash on NshingTv.

Every week NshingTv offers some free cash called "NshingCash" for Facebook fans and followers. This will from today 15 May, 2022 be done in the form of quiz which answers will be dropped on the comment section on a post on our Facebook page.

In case there are more than 3 winners, a raffle draw will be conducted. The raffle can be live at 8 PM Cameroon or Central African time or done directly from our studios and results posted 30 minutes later. Every Saturday the post will be available at 10 am till 7PM on Sunday.

Question of the day

1. In which year was NshingTv created?

2. When did Cameroon get her independence?

To answer this question, you just need to separate the answers with comers e,g 2002, 1840. All participants have equal chances of being selected. Once your name appears on our list 30 minutes later, please inbox us on our page's Facebook messenger providing your MTN momo account number and name.

Like, comment, share and even become our Top Fan.

Welcome to NshingTv your number one 237Tv hosted by Rooney Nshing and Rodney Kuma.

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Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Popular Apostle Suleman Acused By A Certain Stephanie Otobo


Apostle Suleman on a video call with Stephanie Otobo.

The internet is on Flames as many questions keep coming.

Could This Be Apostle Suleman? Uproar As Stephanie Otobo Reinforce, Releases Receipts & His Manhood pictures.

Here is what the lady said

"This man has done everything to end my life but God is not dead, this video is the complete story of how everything happened and how it's going lately. I'll release a comprehensive video of everything that happened and the answers to questions"

She further provided detailed information to proof things right.

"If the di*k picture isn't his, what is he gonna say about the scar on his left thigh? His wife can't deny that scar. How did I know he has a scar on his left thigh if we didn't have intimacy? Lol. If he's denying it, he should open up his thigh let's see. His nails too say it all.

Some people kept on wondering why I came out exposing Apostle Johnson Suleman, and why I haven't let go ever since. 

The truth is that I never planned to. He pushed me to the wall and the only way I could fight back was to cry out and made everything known.

Apostle Johnson Suleman tried using police to shut me up because I visited Nigeria to feature Timaya in a song. I already paid Clarence Peters for the visuals of the song before oga arrested me, cos I refused to obey him to go back to Canada. He wanted me to amount to nothing.

He did everything to stop my music career. He was scared that I'll be influential. He even poisoned me, paid my friends to set me up and bribed some members of my family to assasslnate me. Lured me to come to make a false confession at his church in Auchi that I lied against him. 

That it was other pastors and politicians that wanted to bring him down. How come no name was mentioned.? I only did that cos the pressure was too much and everyone had left me to suffer alone. No support. I had to give up at that moment to have the opportunity for reinforcement

This man has done everything to end my life but God is not dead, this video is the complete story of how everything happened and how it's going lately. I'll release a comprehensive video of everything that happened and the answers to questions"

Cc:Stephanie Otobo.

#NshingTv official partner of Fly4studycm.

Sunday, 8 May 2022

Stop Eating Corn If you Have Any These Three Diseases

Boiling or roasting corn, also known as maize, is a common way to prepare this well-known food crop. It offers many advantages, but it also has some drawbacks, such as the risk of overdose.

Corn is a popular food for people who suffer from diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

1. Asthma

Consuming maize, which contains ingestible protein, is not recommended for those with asthma. Corn is a major cause of asthma in many people. It is possible to be allergic to maize, albeit it is rare. An allergic reaction to food can produce symptoms such as a runny nose, itching, and wheezing. Anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening response, can occur in those with a corn allergy. You can detect if a product has corn in it by looking at the ingredients, such as cornstarch or popcorn.

Reduce your consumption of maize if you suffer from any of the following conditions: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or cancer. Thank you so much for your kind words.

2. Indigestion

If consumed in excess, the high fiber content of maize can cause digestive troubles such as indigestion and stomach upsets.

If you smear butter (a well-known heartburn trigger) all over your corn, you’re almost asking for trouble. You can eat your corn without butter, whether it’s grilled, boiled, or any other way you choose to eat it.

3. Diabetes

Sugar levels in the blood rise quickly while eating corn because of the high carbohydrate content. Diabetic individuals are harmed by corn’s presence in their diets. In this case, diabetic patients should avoid or limit their intake of maize.

It’s vital to know how high-carbohydrate foods like maize might affect your blood sugar levels and how you manage your diabetes if you plan to consume them.

Following dietary rules and keeping note of what you eat can go a long way in helping those with diabetes manage their condition.

Saturday, 7 May 2022

How To Check Your 2023 DV American Lottery Results or Status

How to check your DV 2022 results
Dv lottery results check 2022

If you have applied for the DV lottery 2023 program and you wish to know the result or your application status, you are at the right place. In this guide, I will like to take you into the simple steps on how to check your status for DV 2022 which you played or entered in October 2021.

How To Use The Entrant Status Check

After keeping the DV lottery confirmation number that you were given during the application period, now you have to use it to check whether you have been selected for further processing of the Green card application. However if you have lost it, you can still retrieve it on the official website of the US lottery site only if you know the email you once used and a few details about yourself.

Enter your 16 digits confirmation number which will obviously start with the year e.g 2022JFIFHFKDH...., your last name, year of birth and a captcha authentication (Figure or words will appear and you refill them on a blank space provided).

People who have been selected will receive a success message and information on how to apply for the migrant visa if you are abroad e.g Cameroon or how to adjust you status if you are already in the USA. During your application or visa interview, you will need to prove your education and work admissible in to the USA.

Beware of lottery scams. The only way you applied is the same way or website you will use to check your status. The US government do not send emails to applicants of the results of their DV lottery status. So, ignore any emails claiming to be representatives of the US government or the green card program.

The DV lottery 2023 results will be out on the 7th May, 2022 eastern time at Mid day. Check your results or status here https://dvprogram.state.gov/

NshingTv is an official partner of Fly4studycm.

FIFA Has Sent A Brief Message To Algeria Football Federation Concerning Cameroon-Algeria Match (Qatar 2022)


Algeria footbal federation
Fifa has sent the last powerful message to Algeria Footbal Federation.

During the final stage of the FIFA 2022 world cup qualigication, Cameroon beat Algeria in Algeria 2-1 on the last minute and booked a ticket for Qatar World Cup 2022 but Algeria claim that the referee was a fault for the game.

Here is what FIFA sent to Algeria and its federation.

"We regret to inform the Algerian national team and federation that the decision of the referees could have negative influenced the match between Cameroon and Algeria in Blida, Algeria.

We have taken a good look at the recent email points and we can guarantee you that all the incidents that occurred during the match were carefully examined by both referees (video) in accordance with the laws of the game and protocol of the video assistance arbitration" A FIFA response to FAF.

This declaration by the  FIFA commission confirms that all decisions taken by Papa Gassama and video assistance referees were correct.

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