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Friday 3 May 2019

This Is The Easiest Way To Make 250,000 FCFA/Week Online In Cameroon And Africa

Currency pairs in the Forex market.
Forex (Foreign Exchange of currencies just with your smartphone) is the easiest way to make money online in Cameroon. In the Forex market, we buy and sell currencies. The best thing with the Forex market is that when you buy you earn and when you sell you earn but you need the training to start this millionaire journey. Join our WHATSAPP GROUP NOW

Who Is Cameroon Online School Of Forex (Class start 10th Dec, 2020)

Cameroon Online School Of Forex is made of a team of professional certified traders and trainers who have been trading in the Foreign exchange market for the past three years. For the past two years we have train more than 2500 Cameroonians and more than 1250 international students who are making huge daily.

Our Fee

We charge our students a one time fee of ($38) 20 000 FCFA during our two weeks online training. Keep in mind that this is totally free. Google search the fee of Forex training. We did our training online with a total fee of ($550) 300 000 FCFA/student. But today due to unemployment, unstable economy, crisis in Cameroon and Africa, we have decided to give out this training for a peanut fee.

Our Training Platform

CMRFOREX- Cameroon Online School Of Forex uses the cheapest online platform-Whatsapp to train her students so that everyone, everywhere in the world can participate. Interactions, demonstrations and illustrations on Whatsapp are very easy. We can train more than 150 students at a time using this platform. Join our whatsapp group here https://chat.whatsapp.com/EeZ0JbkOX1BK5TpKTorkBi . More than 50 students are already waiting to receive you.

Tuition Payment

Students from Cameroon can make their payment through Mobile Money (+237675421156) and International students through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash (Contact group admin for your payment). All students are expected to pay their full fee before the 2nd class during our training.

Training start date: 18 March, 2021 at 7:00 pm (Cameroon time).


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