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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

2018 Most Beautiful Presidential Palaces in The World- Number 8 and 10 are From Africa

The 2018 most beautiful presidential palaces are homes to presidents, top emperors and Kings who rule nations or kingdoms in the world. These palaces are of great magnificent value, in terms of cost. Countries in the world regard the presidency as the most prestigious touristic avenue in their country.

1. The White House (USA)
It is the United state's presidency having solid fragrant building, carved with passion, making it the US's touristic site though not only for US citizens but also international visitors. It was built in 1800 during the days of John Adams.

The White House, USA.

2. Dushanbe presidential palace (Tajikistan)
This where the president lives, commonly called the Tajik presidential palace also known as the palace of unity.

Dushanbe presidential palace.
3. AK Orda Presidential palace, Astana-(Kazakhstan)
Situated at the left bank of Ishim river is the presidential office and also a home to staff of presidential administration. The palace is 80m tall.

Astana AK presidential palace.
4. Presidential Palace(Abu Dhabi) United Arab Emirates
This architecture by Wilson Associates and others is said by many architectsarchitects that the palace is the most expensive in the world. The compound is embraced by lots of jewelleries that have cost the state some $490 million  constructed by three companies.

UAE presidential palace.
5.Prague Castle (Czech Republic)
The Castle was seat of powers of Kings of Bohemia, Roman emperor and presidents of Czechoslovakia. The top jewels of Bohemia are hidden in the secret rooms in the palace. The Castle has been listed in the Guiness Book of record as  the largest ancient castle in the world.

Prague Castle in Czech Republic.
6.Grand Kremlin, Moscow (Russia)
It was built from 1837 to 1849 on the site of the Grand princes, established on the 18 century in Borovitsky Hill. The Grand Kremlin was formerly the tsar's Moscow resident.

The presidency of Russia.
7.Oguztstan Presidential Palace, Asgabat (Turkmenistan)
Ogukstan is the jobsite and work place of the president of Turkmenistan, located in the capital city of Asgabat. The palace is estimated at a cost of $250 million constructed by the French company Bouygues.

Turkmenistan Presidencial palace.
8. Unity Palace, Yaounde (Cameroon)
The architech was constructed by President Amadou Ahidjio the former Cameroon's president who passed over in 1982. Biya, the recent Cameroon's president has been using it since 1982 till date. Hanging on sophisticated pillars under green environment, it still remain the best in Africa.

The unity palace in Yaounde.
9.Presidential Office building(Taipei) (Taiwan)
The presidency houses the president of China, located at Zhongzheng district in Taipei. The building was designed during the Japanese rule of Taiwan 1895-1945. The building was bombed during the second world war but was reconstructed by the governor of Taiwan province.

Presidential building of Taipei, Taiwan.

10. The Flagstaff House, (Ghana)
It serves as the presidency and office of the president of Ghana. The presidency was reconstructed and re inaugurated by the government of John Kufour in November, 2008. The construction cost is estimated at about $45-50 million

The Flagship House, Ghana.


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