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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Here is What You Have Never Known of Christiano Ronaldo

Five times Balloon d'Or farmer, Christiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveira
It is clear that the 5 times balloon d'or winnner has got some hidden stories you have never known. His Birth name Christiano Ronaldo Aveira Dos Santos but today only called Christiano Ronaldo. Because his dad was a fan of Ronald Reagan the US president at the time, in Portuguese Ronald means Ronaldo, he didn't hesitate to name his son Ronaldo.

He is today known as CR7 but when he joined Manchester United, he wanted to choose number 28 which would have landed him with CR28. He just wanted to avoid pressure that David Beckham, Eric Cantona and Best have been doing with number 7 but what did Ferguson tell him? Boy but wearing this jersey number 7 is like pushing you to work hard for this symbolic figure. What an iconic coach.
Maria Dolores Dos Santos is the mother of Christiano Ronaldo and a supersonic fan of Real Madrid. Mom always want her son to go green turf every weekend. I mean Santiago Bernabeu. Spain is closer to CR7's country Portugal where mom lives than Man U.

In the history of football, Ronaldo is the only payer that have driven more than 80,000 supporters during a player presentation in 2009. I mean him alone apart from Diego Armando Maradona, who was greeted by 75000 supporters in Napoli, 1984.

This professional man doesn't carry tatoos, doesn't smoke nor drink alcohol. He hates smoking because it was the cause of his father's death. He donates blood to any that needs it and that where his non alcoholic was fully confirmed.

He is a very charitable human as explained by neighbours and charity organizations. He once donated 100,000 pounce at a hospital that treated her mother. In 2012, he treated a young guy with terminal cancer
In 2014, the Portuguese paid 50,000 Pounce of surgery cost for a child and even cut his hair in zig-zag in reference to the scar of this young boy. CR7 is a lifetime ambassador for "save the children". What a great guy here.

The mother of Christiano Ronald Junior, born in June, 2009 is still a question. CR7 is still keeping this a deep secret. The 10 years old guy was born in the United States by a portuguese woman.

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