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Monday, 4 June 2018

Take a Look at these Top 10 Cameroon Hit Songs of the Week #1 is a New Guy

Cameroon Top 10 hits of the week. 
When you wish to know the top 10 Cameroon top hits of the week, think of what night clubs, trace Africa and other popular TV stations, cabarets and bars are hitting within the week and youths are falling for. To arrive at the peak of the first 10, you need some hard work and courage if not the first ten will always be a no go zone to thousands of Cameroonian artists.

The top songs are mostly collaborations and a few singles by well known Cameroonians, Ivorians and others. These Urban artists are very popular when it comes to Cameroon and African music. They have invested just much in Directing and are reaping their hard labour fruits.

  1. Rythmz, a new guy in Camer music valley didn't relent his efforts by giving us this new hit "Fedeti" already hitting the corridors of Cameroon.
  2. Mr Leo, with his "on se connait pas" from alpha beta records is the second Cameroon national athem of the week. Everyone is on the ring.
  3. X-Maleya ft Minks just hit "Mon Gout" meaning my taste dedicated to a beautiful lady they love so much. While X-Maleya is an old man in Camer hit Biz, Minks is a new comer but already opening wild albums.
  4. Numerica, just sang Valide. The song is just cool. Many Cameroonians always think that this guy is from Cote d'Ivoire. Noonoo he hails from the Western Region of Cameroon.
  5. Shado Chris Ft Locko, the song "Kitadi" is an Ivorien/ Camer collabo. You just need to get the cool breeze of this song. It is just cool.
  6. Senzaa ft Magasco, Mbongochobi is developped in a cool horse ride scene right down to a hot hammered night club.
  7. Tzy Panchak with his I'am not lucky is a new but hard nut to crack guy, his out of Africa in the US tour at the start of the year has award him stage courage and firm.
  8. Dj Moh Green Ft Locko and Axel Tony in a new song - Kondo is just what ears are ready to here. Dance it now before any ear gets it again.
  9. Locko, with Booboo is the second to the least of the top ten. The song machine is a voice manipulator of all times in Camer. His voice also help worried hearts forget their worries.
  10. Featurist ft Kedjevara and the collabo, Livam is a purely dance hall song, hitting night clubs across African. This is just a new wave in Africa. All Djs will affirm.
This is our list of the week. Stay tune for updates. Subscribe.

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