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Thursday, 28 December 2017

George Weah is the first former professional Footballer in the world to become a President

President W George (left) and R.Madrid Z. Zidan (right)

 George Weah is now the first formal football player to become a country's president. The former Chelsea, Manchester city, Ac Milan and PSG has also played for Tonnere Yaoundé in Cameroon. Today he is the President of Liberia. He is the first African to win Balloon d'or in 1995 and FIFA player of the year. In his professional route, he won 3 African player of the year, 3 times seria A, and one time ligue 1.

 Weah George was born in Monrovia on the 1 Oct.1966 and is married to Clar Weah, having two children, Timothy Weah and George Weah Jr.
 Weah went into the presidential battle with Joseph Boaki who has been the country's vice president for over a decade. In October, Weah needed and outright 50% win though he finally topped. Delays stepped in as his opponent loud cried of fraud allegations. His opponent could only win in his home counties of Gbarpola and Lofa. Weah once loss to the former President and the Nobel peace price winner SirLeaf Johnson in 2005 because of inexperience in the political wave in his country.

 In 2006, George Weah at 40 and 51 today completed high school and decided to further at DeVry University in Florida, USA where he obtained a bachelor's degree in Business Management and two years later, he completed a Master's degree in Public administration.

Today, G Weah is proud to take home an 80% win after grabbing 13 counties out of 15. Weah a few days for the release of the election results, went on Twitter to thank his family, friends and loyal supporters who contributed during the long election season. They were on the verge of making history. A change in Liberia. He added that it is with deep emotions that he thank the Liberians for honoring him with their votes. It is a great hope.

 The election was conducted by both European Union and the Liberia Election Observation Network (LEON) facilitating its speed during the second round as opposed to the first round delays.During the electoral campaign, both Boaki and Weah the president elect promised to revive the Liberia's struggling economy and infrastructural upgrade. Today it is Cristal clear that the song remains on the ears of George Weah and his people.

 Liberia before Helen Johnson took power in 2003 was a civil war ground. Credit goes once more to this great and first African lady to become the President and for ending the civil war. She has been in power for close to twelve years.

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