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Friday, 29 December 2017

30 Best Universities in Africa - Fly4studiescameroon 2017 rankings.

2017 African top University rankings

Africa is a home to a population of about a billion inhabitants from the north in Lybia to the South in S Africa to Senegal in the West and Kenya to the East. In Africa, most governments attribute universities and colleges as higher education studies. Most of the top Universities are owned by the state.
South Africa stand tall at the acme of African University rankings. Universities branded at the top notch are pushed by powerful research, hands-on education and international recognition. Fly4studiescameroon has worked with Higher times and www.usnews.com/education/best-global-universities/africa?pages=2  to come out with the rankings. The first ten have been classified based on global score and global rankings.. The second country behind South Africa stands Egypt and a dot ranking in other parts of the continent.
Here are the 2017 end of year top University rankings.

University of Capetown SA #1
Global score 63.4 with a world ranking of #113.

University of Witwatersrand SA #2
Global score 57.0 with a world ranking of #216.

University of KwaZulu Natal SA #3
Global score 50.4 with a world ranking of 336.

Stellenbosch University SA #4
Global score 49.6 with a world ranking of 359

Cairo University Egypt #5
Global score 45.2 with a world ranking of 450.

University of Pretoria SA #6
Global score 44.9 with a world ranking of 452.

University of Johannesburg SA #7
Global score 44.7 with a world ranking of 453.

Makerere University, Uganda #8
Global score 43.8 with a world ranking of 497.

Helwan University, Egypt #9
Global score 38.4 with a world ranking of 634.

Suez canal University, Egypt #10
Global score 36.5 with a world ranking of 686.

University of Marrakech Cadi Ayyad, Morocco #11
Ain Sham University, Egypt #12
University of Alexandria, Egypt #13
University of Western cape ,SA # 14
Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia #15
Assiut University, Egypt,  #16
Rhodes University, SA  #17
Mohammed V University #18
North West University, SA #19
Université de Tunis el Manar, Tunisia #20
Université de Sfax, Tunisia #21.
Zagazig University #22
Al Azhar University #23
University of Freestate , SA#24
University of Yaounde l, Cameroon #25
University of Ibandan, Nigeria #26
University of South Africa, SA #27
Tanta University, Egypt #28
Université  de Monastir, Tunisia #29
University of Ghana, Ghana #30

The rankings were carried out by interaction with a community of Universities in Africa. Each year, African Universities put in more efforts to improve the quality of education in their respective countries in order to gain a new position in the continental rankings. In Africa, the top Universities are obvious to belong to nations with the strongest economies. An example is the case of South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria e.t.c... Though a few countries like Uganda, Cameroon, Ghana are featuring among the first thirty, doesn't declare them countries with a strong economic power. We hope to see new countries next year on this list.

If you have a doubt about the rankings, comment below.
Happy new year


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