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Sunday 4 July 2021

5 Ways To Make Money Online In Cameroon In 2021/2022

Make money online in Cameroon

Making money online in Cameroon is becoming more easier and faster but millions of Cameroonians never see this coming. Are you an android user but still can't make money online? Then this post is for you.

Today I am going to break down 5 opportunities on how to make money online in Cameroon. From here you can decide to select one or 2 methods or all and your online money making dream will come so soon ( read till the end)

1. Facebook page

Facebook page was created by Mark Zuckerburg mostly for businesses to express what they offer to fans but early 2018 Facebook setup rules to pay pages with 10000+ followers but you need to qualify for any of the advert type they offer after your application. Hope you have seen ads on many videos on Facebook pages you follow? Facebook pay the owners.

If you don't want to use Facebook ads to make money you can use the page to sell your services or goods to your fans and followers. Here is a sample page you should follow www.facebook.com/money237 . Please if sales are slow, make sponsored posts and tag your desired locations in Cameroon so that Facebook users in those areas can see your product. You will have to Pay a few dollars to Facebook for that.

2. YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most popular social platform in the universe and almost use by a billion users. Making money online in Cameroon through youtube is very easy.

Create a YouTube Channel and get a professional Camera, make videos on what you like most e.g comedy, music, films, cosmetics, travel, visa, Agriculture, courses and what have you? Share your page link with friends and family on social media and ask them to like and SUBSCRIBE. Once they do so each time you upload a video they get a notification.

Once you have 1000 followers and 4000 minutes view time you can now apply for Google adsence and once approved you will always place the adverts on your videos. Hope you have seen how ads starts at times before you start  to watch a video right? The owner makes money from it. 

Apart from Adsense you can make your own adverts and followers contact you for your service. Companies can also contact you to make videos about their products. Hey never charge less than 500k for big companies. Here is my YouTube channel 👉 CMRFOREX , please like, comment and SUBSCRIBE.

3. Blogging

Blogging is the most popular method of making money online in Cameroon. There are more than 250 potential bloggers in Cameroon. You are now reading my blog. It has 15 to 30k visitors per month.

To make money blogging, you need to constantly blog what your fans like and once you grab their interest and the popularity comes in now you have many options.

1. Apply for Google ADSense which usually take some time for approval. Once approved you will be paid depending on your page traffic- Cost Per Mille and Cost Per click. Please on your blog select automatic ads so that you won't stress copying codes.

Hope you are seeing adverts of companies appearing on my blog right? They have paid Google and Google is sending the ads to our blogs. Once people visit I make 60% and Google 40% of the profit.

2. Many companies and individuals want to be noticed on Google Search, tell them that you can do it and charge them some money.
Go to supermarkets, schools, Malls, companies, Banks, Hospitals and propose to them then charge them a fee.

3. I am a forex trader and own the largest forex academy in Cameroon and have trained close to a thousand traders online and offline. What I do is that I blog and add my academy link to my posts and once readers go through it they join. Here is my school link https://chat.whatsapp.com/CMRFOREX
Join and learn how to buy and sell currencies online with just your mobile phone or laptop.

Finally I have made close to 4.5M FCFA from this blog since 2018 till now.

4. Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading

Forex simply means foreign exchange which involves buying and selling of foreign currencies. All you need is just the knowledge, an Android phone or a laptop. Note that all central and commercial banks trade this market. It involves risk management due to volatility. Hit the link above to grab your forex knowledge with Cameroon Online School of Forex.

CRYPTOTRADING involves buying of crypto or digital currencies. There are many platforms where you can buy from more than 5000 cryptocurrencies and hold. Once is rises you can withdraw your profit. E.g if you buy bitcoin on www.binance.com yesterday 3rd July 2021 whose price was $32000 and today 4th July 2021 its at $35500 which means a profit of $3500. Note that trading is also risky and you can also loss money. If you wanna learn either forex or cryptocurrency trading contact us or use the link under Forex trading.

Never join multilevel schemes because you will be disappointed after a few months. Where is Chymall, Bitworld, Petronpay and many others. They are all scams.

5. Graphic Design

Hey to make money online in Cameroon guys learn this stuff. Hope you have seen my blog image its cool right? You can also decide to go professional by making logos and selling them online. All blogs, YouTube Channels and Facebook pages at times need a header logo and if you are a blogger and can't make one then you need to buy from a graphic designer.

Companies like Mtn Cameroon, CAMTEL, BRASERIES DU Cameroon, and many have billboards everywhere in every street. That's a graphic designer's work. You can also join a freelance community and sell you designs there like Flyers, Logos and many more.

Guys if you have another means please drop your idea on the comment section. Use the share buttons below to share with friends and family on all social platforms. This post can help a, youth, country and the world. Its applicable to every living human on earth. Share Please.

If you need my service Whatsapp me here https://wa.me/Rooney N and smile soon.

I am Rooney Nshing a blogger by heart and scientist by soul passionated by Agriculture and growing for glory.
Good morning Africa.

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