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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Njie Clinton And Fake Driver's License In France

Njie Clinton: Accused of fake driver's license in France.
Njie Clinton, the indomitable lion's forward according to the French Police, France Info and Social Media confirm that Clinton Njie was using Fake driver's license. He was caught on high speed by a patrol officer in Marseille.

The Cameroon international striker ranked the 6 highest paid Indomitable Lion was caught with a fake driver's license played for Tottenham before joining Olympique de Marseille presented the grey card of his Bentley as well as British driver's License that seemed suspicious to the police in July.

Njie Clinton was using their club's car and the police didn't disturb him but simply took some photos to a specialist of counterfeit documents.

Without a word from the later, the patrol returned the documents to the OM player who cleared the scene. After his departure of Njie Clinton, the counterfeit specialist finally rendered his verdict to the police.

A simple confirmation is that the license is fake and no records or identification number registered by the British Authority. Though his club is trying to defend his player.

The question is, what is actually happening to the Cameroon? Problems with the FECAFOOT, at times his coaches and this time around a fake Driver's License.


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