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Sunday, 28 April 2019

LATEST: A Solution For You If You Have Been Scammed By Bitworld, Bitclub Advantage, CWC and ICOs

Online Forex Training in Cameroon and the world.
Many people have been scammed by Cryptocurrency investment platforms especially in Africa from 2017 till present. Bitworld Center, Bitclub Adavantage, Crypto World Company, Bittimecash, Mactub Emirates and hundreds of others have scammed more than $500 000 000 from Africans.
Other scams like ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) have consumed more than $10 000 000. All these fake scams use pyramid schemes to scam. Where you invest and they force you to invite friends so that as your friends invest, they take what he has invested and pay 1/3 to you. i.e Use John's Money to pay Mary.

Solution To Your Cryptocurrency Scam

You have been hearing of Forex (Foreign Exchange) Trading everywhere over the internet and even from friends right? With Forex trading, you only need an account and then learn how to trade. It takes only 2 weeks at the "Cameroon Online School of Forex" to start trading. 

Real traders can make $5000-$10000 a week. For you to trade, you need this skill on how to manipulate this App.

Who is "Cameroon Online School of Forex" (CMRFOREX)?

Cameroon Online School of Forex is a team of certified Forex trainers and traders who have been trading for 3 years in the FOREX market. They offer 100% of their courses online with live demonstrations. Any body can attend their classes everywhere on earth. All you need is a smart phone.

Our Training Platform

CMRFOREX uses Whatsapp as the training platform. Where everyone can easily reply to questions and answers during training. Easily send voice and notes to students. That's why the school is for nationals of every country. Our classes starts at 7:00 pm West African Time.

We have already train more than 1526 students this year from more than 35 countries who are excelling well in the field of Forex. To join our next batch of training, whatsApp +237675421156.

Our Training Fee 

Our training course takes 2 weeks and cost $18 or CFA 11 000. Please calculate using your local currency. At the end of your training, we offer you an additional eBook. The methods of payment are Mobile Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, BCH. Join our WHATSAPP group now.


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