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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Here Is What You Did Not Know About This Year's World Cup Winner, France.

French National Team selection (African selection) image gotten from Whatsapp.
It is clear that many have a little idea about this year's world cup winner. The 2018 World cup was hosted by Russia and the winner France wasn't a big surprise to the whole world or for those who knew the content of the team, from Goal Keeper to the attack line.

Imagine the Argentina trying to play against a European selection. Huh, the European team will obviously win. It is clear that France on its own can never win a world cup on its own. With the help of the African selection commonly known today in Africa and the world, France carried the day in Russia.
It should be noted that 90% of the players are young Africans who went to France and were dubbed with Euros to play for the French national team. 98% of Young Africans must pass through France if they want international recognition and France has taken the advantage of this journey to choose the best African players to form a giant national team which was unbeatable in Russia.

I am always surprised by France fans burning fireworks each time they win a match. That was supposed to be done by 2.1 billion Africans. Imagine Cameroon having two giant players for the team, Kylian Mbappe and Samuel Umbtiti, Guinea we have Paul Pogba but the brother plays for his home country, Blaise Matuidi of Angola, Nzongzi of Congo, Konte, Matananda, Varane, Dembele, e.t.c and a few whites who are not even from France.

The national team of France is just like a junction where players meet and if your quality is good, you are given a French nationality. Secondly, these players always fall for impressive bits by France. We know that the African football federations are not the best, that's why these young guys prefer a good starting in France.
Today France is boosting of a world cup it didn't work for. To Africans, France is regarded as a no football country because they can't play good soccer without the help of Africa. France's national team is purely an African Selection as the world knows.

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