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Monday, 11 June 2018

Facebook | One Big Thing You Have Never Known About The Number of Friends a User Should Have

Facebook, the number one Social platform one Earth.
Facebook is openly known as one of the best and the most used social media on earth. It is used worldwide, allowing users to interact with friends and family, create business contacts and also advertise their goods and services to reach more audience. Though their sponsored adverts can reach more audience.

Here is the number one biggest thing many didn't know or never knew about the number of friends you are supposed have on Facebook. The question is, why should Facebook limit the number of friends users are supposed to have on its platform. As we go global, we are forced naturally to meet new people and they will obviously ask for friend's requests on this social platform.

5000 is the total number of friends a user should have on Facebook. If you already have this number of friends, friends who really want to become your friend may never add you unless you delete some of you friends in order to give room for new friends.

Here is the message" He has already reach a total of 5000 friends and can't receive more friends". Facebook has set up other strict rules like not advertising Gambling, hate speeches and others that may lead to your account suspension. That's why some of your friends suddenly disappears on Facebook.

Some of your friends may be no where to be found due to space and finally were deleted. They have to delete friends who hardly interact with them. One funny thing is that you will still see them just below posts as " People you may know" . If you think that you can create a better relationship this time around, then hit the invite button.

One weak thing about Facebook is that they will hardly warn users on bad practices as they use Facebook. They will simply suspend your account. For example, if a friend reports your post as being abusive or hate and others, they will check it but most of the times they just suspend it considering that you must have read and understood their terms of services.

After all considerations, Mark Zukerberg,s Facebook still remains at the top followed by WhatsApp when talking of the social media family. He is also the owner of Whatsapp whom he bought in 2017. If you have any problem with your Facebook account, ask it here.

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