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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Berkeley College scholarships for international students

Scholarships in Berkeley college for international students

Berkeley College is a US University with two campuses in New Jersey and New York, accomplishing international students special needs with its amplified and a hyper education approach. It is accredited and focused on career development programs, integrating students into industrial setting while studying.
The diversity of a student niche in the  Berkeley College creates a long lasting network opportunities and the ability to learn in various cultures not excluding the environmental adaptation around the heavenly campuses in New York and New Jersey.
Both graduate and undergraduate students can apply.
All you need to do as an international student is to apply into the University by filling the online international student form and a scholarship application form and provinding a proof of a few documents to be seen on the website below. As an international student applying for a scholarship in the United States, note that 99% of Universities will want you to apply as full time before filling their scholarship application. Application fee is between $50-$60 in must Universities but  Berkeley College application fee is $50.
Below is a list of resources available through Berkeley College international office and other sources that can help international students with unexpected financial challenges to complete their degree programs. Visit https://www.berkeleycollege.edu/. Or international@BerkeleyCollege.edu   to chat with an international representative. Note that international students are excluded from federal and state funded financial aid, as we earlier informed you, a bank statement is needed to proof that you can study for one year with expectations that you have available funds to sponsor your study throughout the program. Try to understand the need based and other scholarships before you apply. International student department provides personal help with SEVIS I-20 or F-1 student visa procedure, housing information, orientation to college life.

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