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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Dreamers of becoming US citzen can apply

DV lottery 2019 is here and now

       Thousands are behind a single question in the whole wide world whether they could be 2019 DV lottery winners this year. My answer is simply to give a try. We call it lottery meaning that you may still qualify in all aspects but may not be selected same as you can be a winner. This is what I call the US dream. It is contested by 10's of millions each year between October and November (a month) by the US government but only about 55000 applicants carry the day. Geographic distribution also counts when it comes to winning this lottery i.e Each continent has a particular percentage out of the 55000 winners.

Who can apply

       A list of selected countries is always displayed in the drop down menu as one starts filling the form. If yours appears there, then count yourself eligible. Other qualifications like completion of high school, bachelor's degree and other training only counts when facing a consular during your interview in your home country. So if you applied without these qualifications, try hard to qualify because the consular may need them. Please do not carry fake certificates because they will rectify them. If fake, you may be banned from that embassy for life. Beware be warn.

All you have to do is to look for a good camera that can take clean JPG images. I prefer a white background than the others. Make sure your image doesn't have any shadow. Look for a photo editor to help re size your digital image to 600×600px. Never retouch the image to make it more brighter than the original. All the two ears must be clearly seen, no cap, and no face shields. I recommend a public photographer for you dv photo. Low quality jpg camera may never give you a well moulded impression of yourself. Make sure you follow the dv photo requirements and instructions from the dv lottery website. Fill the form clearly and upload your image. Note that if your image is not well drafted to a 600×600 dimension, the online process will not get your application processed. When filling the application make sure you create an email. I recommend gmail. If selected you will be contacted for other requirements through this email. But note that dv lottery check is never notified through emails. If this happens, then you are in a scam box.Towards the end is the marital status and if you are married, then you have to give the details of your spouse. If you have children, you also have to provide their full info as well but at a particular age, you child can also apply. Example my 17yrs old son can apply on his own.
Submit your application and keep your sixteen character code to check by May next year. Know that this code can't be retrieved. Print or make copies of it and keep it in a secret place. You can do the online application by a simple click on this dv lottery official website www.dvlottery.state.gov . Beware of scam sites that ask for money to be paid through bank transfers, PayPal and others.
If you receive a winning notification by mail, know that you are dealing with a fraudster.
If you find it difficult to submit your application, contact us below for help.
      Special extracts from the dv lottery official website.

Wish you good luck and hope it helped then we need your comment.

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  1. The American online dv lottery website is currently down these days for maintenance. We shall notify you as soon as repairs are done. Thanks

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