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Saturday, 30 September 2017

International student?African? you can apply.

Admissions are currently going on in USA, China, S Korea, Norway, Canada. Apply now? Yes we can help you. 

To get a full time scholarship is not a hard target but you must qualify for it as well. Take into consideration the following points when searching for a scholarship ;
Application deadlines
            It's always advisable to go through the website of the University or college you wish to enrol in or ask for  help from a travel agency or a university partner in your home country about scholarships and their deadlines. There are are a few documents to gather for the application but the must essential is you essay. Though others such as the SAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS or TOEFL may also count.
           Scholarships range from foundation, department, faculty and many others from the school, community e.t.c.. but the must available is the merit-based scholarships.
Here they specify a particular score before you can go in for that scholarship. They need an essay or a letter of purpose. Here you have to send your transcripts and your certificates for evaluation. It should be noted that once you deposit this application in some schools, you may be considered for all the other scholarships.

Many Universities will want you to normally apply in any program of your choice before you can as well be considered for a scholarship. When you must have taken that bold step to apply, look for an education consultant or a student travel abroad agent or a firm if you can't do it on your own because you have to be logical.
Note that there are many guys out there looking for that same scholarship. At times your results may be poor and having a good essay can still help.
Never be in the hurry to drop your scholarship file but try to qualify it before dropping it.
Many scholarships may require the applicant to pay in an application fee while others do not.
           Make sure you apply at least two weeks before the deadline. Also school consultants always need to be Contacted at least 4 or 5 times during the application process.They are the ones doing the selection and he/she may help you out. Never pressurize himhim/her in case hehe/she delays in answering your emails. When admitted, an admission certificate shall be sent to you through postal mail or through email. What next? Embassies across the world have different requirements for different types of student visas. Walk to the embassy in your home country or visit their website for requirements. Then apply and wait for your visa to be collected collected in a few days.

They followed the right procedure under our mentorship. What next? Good results.
If you ever had problems compiling for a scholarship , contact us through the contact button below.
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