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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Medicines in China? Apply now

        Apply into Chinese medical Universities

 Our partner universities in China are requesting Fly4studiesCameroon to recruit 85 medical students for the January 2018 entry. We call on all the students who wish to pursue their dreams in these world class accredited  universities to consider this information urgent. Each University has a Hospital for students hands-on training and research which is what hold world class-universities elsewhere. It takes 5 years to graduate from these Universities and one year additional research. Good learning environments, dormitory and refectories well furnished.
The first step is to get a passport and contact us for all forms of educational counseling and orientation.

Our students amongst other international students on their opening day in Gannan Medical University in Guangzhou, China
            These are the the subjects we expect our candidates to have succeeded in the Advanced or baccalaureate.
Biology, Chemistry and Physics. But Biology and Chemistry are what matters most when applying for medical studies. There is nothing like writing an entrance examination into this field. We analyse your documents and forward them to our partners with strong assurrance of getting you accepted. 
Last year we admitted 56 students from Cameroon, 3 from Nigeria and 2 from Gabon. Place a full assurance if your documents are preselected here in Cameroon. Except otherwise, Our Chinese medical Universities are never hard on us. They reported last year that our students were topping the merit chat  according to their second semester results. Medical studies are gaining grounds in China because they have the equipment and the personnel to run the medical fields. Reports says that in China, is almost 1:10 patient-doctor ratio, but back here in Cameroon is about 1:1000. China has made it possible for international students to enroll in their Universities at low costs compared to European and American Universities. Maintaining good grades in your first year in Chinese Universities may earn you many scholarships.
           Each year the Cameroon embassy in China offer scholarships for Cameroonians already in China. This is an advantage for students already enrolled in China to grab those scholarships. The best start is to apply today and reap tomorrow. All you need is to contact our office for more details.
           Nursing and other related medical fields are also available.
Send us a message or call us.

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