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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Make money in Cameroon through Bitclubadvantage and get paid in Bitcoin

Bitclub Advantage pricing plan in Dollars and in cfa

Bitclub Advantage Cameroon

Cameroonians are making money through Bitclubadvantage. Cameroon is becoming versed with Bitcoin and other Crypto-currencies like Dashcoin, Litcoin e.t.c Trading of Bitcoin and making money in Cameroon through the bitcoin market called Bitclub Advantage is becoming more popular and profitable in Cameroon.

Bitclub Advantage is a Bitcoin trading company in the US that authorizes persons from any angle across the globe to invest in their company. Bitcoin transfer doesn't need any bank transfer because all is done with your android telephone or computer. Today people are withdrawing money from banks to invest in Bitcoin which is more profitable than fiat currency.

How to invest

All applicants need a sponsor to apply or register directly in the company website. Most of the times, it is preferable to use a sponsor to help you out during the registration process though it is very simple to apply. Now you are new to it and you need your sponsor to fund your account.

When you register an account for the first time, you are given an order number. Your sponsor will fund your account in  a few minutes and you wait for about 24 hours to start reaping your benefits.
Benefits depend on the plan you chose during the registration process. 


Bonuses each individual gain daily from Monday to Friday, depends on the plan. An account can be renewed at a particular percentage depending on your bonuses at the time of upgrade. Make money through Bitclub Advantage in Cameroon is a reality. Other nations like Nigeria, S Africa are doing great in the game.


Bitclub Advantage gives you the opportunity to withdraw your Bitcoin through  Blockchain and store in your wallet. Blockchain Wallet can be downloaded on Google play store. Very soon Bitcoin ATM will be available in Cameroon. There are thousands of people who keep buying Bitcoins everyday. At any given moment you wish to sell yours, contact someone on you network or Fly4studiesCameroon to withdraw your money through mobile money.

One bitcoin as of today 25/04/18 is $9,200 as opposed to $20,000 in December, 2017. This year, 1Bitcoin is estimated to reach $25,000. Invest now and meet the others who are already earning in your neighbourhood. 

There are more than 15,000 investors in Cameroon. To start the Bitclub Advantage journey, click here nshing.bitclubadvantage.academy/register and start your registration.  Whatsapp me now 675421156. After registration, send us a message through the contact form and we will solve your needs. After registration you will also be given a link to register others and a bonus is offered for that.

If you think that Bitclub advantage is important to you and your friends or family, share it on Whatsapp, Facebook, Pinterest e.t.c. Subscribe for latest updates directly in your inbox.

 Want to know more about Bitcoin? it origin? follow these links https://bit.ly/2qeNHE2 for part one  and https://bit.ly/2HhSRq2 for part two

Good luck


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