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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Shocking Method students Are Using To Consume Tramol In Cameroon Secondary Schools

Tramadol and Tramol consumption in Cameroon secondary and high schools
Today I am going to share this method students are currently using to consume Tramol and Tramadol in Cameroon secondary schools. More than 80 students a have been caught in Yaounde and Douala consuming Tramadol and Tramol in school corridors and class-rooms. Other statistics from other regions have not yet been confirmed.

Parents are fun of buying juice to their children to drink in school during break. Students as from Form three and above have taken bottled plastic juice as an advantage to drink Tramol and Tramol.

This is what they do;

They buy the juice from these guys called "tok-tok" and secret drug vendors around the quarters or beside schools. The vendors use syringes to inject the Tramol in the sweet drinks. Many schools are innocent of the act because they haven't notice it yet.

To catch them right handed, arrange a search on a fresh Monday. Collect all the juice and water bottles. Take note of all the students having these drinks. Turn the bottles up side down and press the bottle. If the drink contain Tramol, it will be sipping out just beside the neck of the bottle.

Most of the drug consumers always feel weak in school and can't study well. What if they give the drug to the female students, they will obviously fall asleep and what next rape. Apart from Tramol, more than 500 students are weed smokers especially in schools along rail lines in the Capital city of Yaounde.

The victims in to the smoking weed and Tramol, Tramadol consumption started because of school fee drive. Bad friends linked them to these drug lords who intend visit those bad zones with new friends and today drug consumption is taking a different shape. With students age 15 and above consuming drugs in class-rooms and in public corridors.

Fly4studiesCameroon is encouraging all the institutions both private and public to ban the use of sweet drinks in secondary and high schools in Cameroon.
If you have any idea, just drop your message below.

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