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Saturday, 1 August 2020

How To Create a Blockchain Wallet To Send and Receive Funds

Blockchain is the most used and the most powerful bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet in the world. It was designed to send and receive bitcoin but can now accept more than 4 cryptocurrencies like STELLAR XML, BCH, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, USDD.
A Bitcoin wallet address is composed of 32 unique characters which allows you to send and receive bitcoin. Once you create a blockchain wallet, any currency in it has its own wallet where you can receive or send money.

To create a blockchain wallet, go to www.blockchain.info , click wallet, create your wallet. Enter an email address and password. Once you create it, your login details will be sent to your email which is a series of mixed characters and letters. All you need is to click it and enter your password to login.

BlockChain Wallet ID

A wallet ID also known as Wallet Identifier acts similarly to a username you use to access your email or login to your gmail account or Facebook. To login to your wallet, use your wallet ID, password and a 2 factor authentication if you enabled it.
Your wallet ID is a string of letters and numbers like this sample:

A wallet ID is used for login process and its different from receiving address. So it cannot be used to receive or send funds. That's the work of a blockchain address. Please never share your wallet ID with anyone.

How To Pair Your Blockchain Wallet to Use With Mobile App

A pairing code is a QR code allows you to sync your existing web wallet with iOS or Android device. Before you pair, make sure you have downloaded and install the latest version of blockchain for android or iOS. Once you open the app, follow these 3 steps on your existing wallet.

To pair your wallet with your mobile device, login to your wallet from a computer.
To display the pairing, click on "Show Pairing Code".
Once this QR code displays, you can scan it with your mobile device.

As with your wallet ID, you should never share your pairing code with anyone. The pairing code grants full access to your wallet and its funds. It should be used only by you when you wish to access your funds on mobile device.

How to send and receive money on your Blockchain wallet

  • Click on send at the bottom of your screen if you are using a mobile phone and select the currency you wanna send.
  • In the field, paste recipients's address or scan the recipient's QR code.
  • Enter the amount you want to send.
  • Once you are ready to send, click Continue to review the details of your transaction.
  • Once verified, click send bitcoin or any cryptocurrency on your blockchain you wish to send.
  • To monitor incoming and outgoing transaction on your wallet, click activity at the bottom left of your mobile app.
To receive money, click Receive and copy your wallet address and send it to your sender even through whatsapp, messenger, or even email or sms to fund your wallet. Once it is sent you will see it live on your wallet after 3 block confirmations.

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