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Saturday, 16 May 2020

The Good and Bad of Jovi, the prolific Cameroonian rapper

  • MbokogodGodlove Ndukong, artist name Jovi, CEO of Newbell music and founder of his kind of  music in 237showbizsphere crowned by a group of lovers named the MbokoGang has his bright and sad side. 

The Sad side first right?
Jovi has been in the 237showbizscope for close to a decade but with less exposure internationally. No one can explain this but thanks to beef he is achieving this in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.

His label seems to resemble a no option for other artists under him as he decides for all. He rules his empire and like a king his words are final. Not good for younger artists that's why many quit Newbell music due to these harsh policies.

As an old giant in the industry, Jovi is still unable to ignore comments from young and coming artists like the case of Tzy. At times he will post more than 5 posts a day when twisted but could let it go. 

Only 3 percent of artist who quit Jovi are likely to blow. This is still a question. Only Magasco is thriving as of now. What of Pascal? What's wrong Jovi? He has to analyse himself too. Meaning if Renis is out, then will that be all?

 The Good side of The MbokoGod

The fact that you can't easily see Jovi makes him royal. Over exposure blurs the taste of an artist. That's Jovi. 3point over 3.

The MbokoGod has created his fame and many felt a sudden fall could break one of his ladder sticks but didn't succeed. He is not coined with other fames thats why you will hardly find Jovi's songs on Trace tv and other platforms. He is generally not a public "abeg" for other fame homes like many Cameroon stars.

Jovi hardly makes adverts because he has a committed fan group who are ready to share his hard hits like the trending "sok, sok". Keep on MbokoGod and your holy Pentecostal Gang.

Jovi doesn't go low-key to accept mudfish cash for concerts. His world is crafted to accept his strength. In short he doesn't go for birthday parties in the name of concerts. Met l'argent à Terre he counts and if it's not above a birthday show cash his Gang and him will filter the arena.

Just the fact that Jovi is not a copy and paste artist with a lot of groundroots and originality makes him an artist.

Lastly Jovi can sing any time because he owns a label and doesn't need extra effort to produce his songs. Covid19 has slow down artists but not this guy. Hala MbokoGod@MbokoGang@Newbell.

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