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Sunday, 26 April 2020

Nshingbuy Your Number one Online shop In Cameroon-All Imported from South Korea, Japan and USA

Nshingbuy your online shop in Cameroon
Buy your android phone and tablet, car, television, and household electronics at Nshingbuy.

Nshingbuy is your best online shop in Cameroon with all her products imported from South Korea, Japan and the United States of America. Products from Nshingbuy are proven and tested by manufacturers in the above mentioned countries. Young Cameroonian businesses and start ups are working with Nshingbuy since January 2020 to import their goods at wholesale prices, while making good profits.

Our Products

Nshingbuy is a heavy importer of Android phones, Cars, Electronics, Laptops, HD Televisions. Our main products delivered Weekly and monthly are Android phones of the LG, Samsung, IPhone family. High quality phones like S105G, S11 Iphone10, 11 and others can be received here in Cameroon between 6 to 10 days. 
Cars, electronics and phone buyers in Bulk(Wholesales) must wait for at least 45 days to receive their goods. We also make home delivery to those who need single phones, electronics in Douala, Yaounde, Bamenda, Bafoussam and Buea.

Nshingbuy Support To Startups In Cameroon

Nshingbuy is looking for new startups in Cameroon to partner with them and provide them korean products at 45% discount. All they need is to contact us for partnership. We ship every week and your goods received at the port city of Douala by Nshingbuy. As from the 15th March 2020, young startups in Cameroon can order as from 5 android phones and or any electronics of their choice.

How We Operate

We have partnered with companies in Japan and South Korea and once we place an order from these companies, our orders are placed in 5hrs. We also retail in Cameroon but buying in Bulk for our customers can only be done when the goods are still abroad. E.g If S7 cost 60000 Fcfa in Korea and my customer orders it, Nshingbuy will buy it at that price and sends it to you but once our products arrive Cameroon imported by our company, this same S7 will be retailed at 80000 Fcfa.

We have Cars ranging between 2.9 and 3.2 million including shipping fee to the port of Douala but you the buyer have to clear the car. If its Nshingbuy to buy your Car, send it and clear it, it will range between 5 to 17 million depending on the car type.

Why Nshingbuy?

The CEO Nshing Rooney runs the main office in Cameroon, making transactions fluent for both companies and buyers in Cameroon very easy while the Co founder of Nshingbuy Musas Moderate is operating our sub office in Ansan, South Korea. We deliver high quality phones and laptops on command in 7 days maximum while Cars and other electronics in 45 days.

Don't forget to contact us Whatsapp: +237675421156 or +82 10-6891-9353
Nshingbuy, a new layer of buying in Cameroon for Cameroon.

Official Partners: VOSHEP Cameroon, NDF, CMRFOREX.


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