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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

3 Ways To Make Money Online In Cameroon in 2020

Graphics by Rooney Nshing.

Making money online in Cameroon in 2020 is the best thing every youth should think of doing right now. I will break down three ways to make money online in Cameroon in 2020. Coupled with the outbreak of the coronavirus, 80% of Cameroonians are frustrated and not knowing what to actually do with their jobs and offline businesses.

Forex Trading In Cameroon

Foreign exchange trading simply called forex is the buying and selling of currencies, commodities and stocks online while making profit. When a currency falls, we buy expecting a rise and when it rises, we sell expecting a fall. All you need is to take a three weeks training with Cameroon Online school of Forex. Follow this link to join the training https://chat.whatsapp.com/EeZ0JbkOX1BK5TpKTorkBi  Withdrawal from most forex brokers is through a bank account or an online wallet.

Make Money Blogging in Cameroon

Blogging in Cameroon is paving its way from a slippery road to a tared road. There are about 250 bloggers and blogs in Cameroon as of now. If you don't have enough money to create a blog, go to blogger.com and create a free blog there. If your aim is to blog on politics, science, education, showbiz, entertainment, choose what you like most and start blogging.

When you start blogging, apply for Google Adsense (Blog monetization) but make sure you adhere to the Google's advert terms like enough content, responsive theme and many others. Once your blog is approved, you will see adverts on your blog and the more your traffic the more money you earn.
Another way to make money blogging is to advertise your own products on your blog like affiliate links, Shops and services that can boost your income.

Cryptocurrency Investment

Crptocurrencies are digital assets designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets (Wikipedia).

 To make money with cryptocurrencies e.g bitcoin, Litcoin, BCH, Stellar, Ethereum and 3000+ others, when the prices of these currencies drop (bear), buy them in huge amount because they will suddenly rise and you can make a million francs in a few weeks of investment. Here you can easily monitor your account growth with just your smartphone or laptop.

With the Blockchain technology, your funds are secured. E.g if your bought 1 bitcoin 2 weeks ago at $4300 you will be $3000 richer just in 2 weeks. There are other promising currencies like the stellar which is having a bright future. It is now at $0.4 and if you invest $1000 now, when it hits $0.8 you will be $1000 rich.

These are just the most essential ones from our table today. There are many others like digital marketing, branding, freelancing, social media advertisement, web development, YouTube monetization e.t.c... 

To conclude, if you wish to succeed in making money online in Cameroon, you need a website or a blog to advertise your business. It will be everywhere on google search for customers in search of your service to find your blog and contact you.
I wish your the best.

No part of this content should be reproduced without our concern. 

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