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Saturday, 1 February 2020

This is how to make 125,000 fcfa weekly online in Cameroon

Make money online in Cameroon made easy by Cameroon Online School of Forex.
Making money online in Cameroon has suddenly become very common. I have come up with an online business that will help you earn more than 125,000 fcfa weekly. Why call yourself a man while you earn a total of 150,000frs a month.

This online business is called foreign exchange (Forex) and all you need is just an android phone or laptop to make money and live the life you have been dreaming of.

In the Forex Market we buy and sell currency pairs or commodities like gold, silver e.t.c... online. We buy from the market and we sell back to the market. You don't need to refer anyone before you earn. You are the one trading. Our trading platform is the MT4 app downloadable on Google playstore.
Currency pairs on displaying during the 18th batch training by Rooney @Cameroon online school of Forex.
Banks in Cameroon use our money saved in their institutions to do this and hide this from US that's why managers and top personnel will never stop driving in big cars but ours is different because we shall be doing it just with our mobile phone or laptop. You need the training.
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I have more than 200 traders making huge daily. I mean students I have already trained. 80% of them are Cameroonians home and abroad. Our next training batch is coming up on the 12th February 2020. Training is daily from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Training is online on whatsapp that's why distance is not a barrier.
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After the training, you will start trading. With just $10=6500 frs you can start trading. Note that with $10 You can trade more than $3000 with what the broker always give us called "leverage". You will see it in details during our 3 weeks training.

Your profits are either withdrawn through an online wallet or a bank account. My traders prefer online wallets because withdrawal is in 3 to 8 minutes but banks transfers to 3hrs to 5hrs.

Trading with passion and earning biggly.
Making money online in Cameroon is real. I am Rooney, the founder and CEO of Cameroon Online School of Forex.
Join me let's change your story together.
👉 https://chat.whatsapp.com/EeZ0JbkOX1BK5TpKTorkBi .

Imagine having a family of 5 with your kids schooling, what if 2 fall sick? You will likely borrow right. This is 2020.
If you are a university student, a trader, a banker, a lawyer, a teacher, a doctor, nurse, an engineer, know that your free time can heal your monthly bills through Forex trading.

"I learnt Forex trading for $450 and today I wish to help Cameroonians get the knowledge just for $18= 10000 frs". Investing in your dream is taking a bold step.
If you are already a Forex trader, JOIN FBS the best forex trader in the world ranked among the best forex traders in 2020. It recently partnered with FC BARCELONA on the 17th Dec 2020
Create a real account here https://fbs.com
FBS the official Partner of FC BARCELONA. A 4 yr contract deal signed and sealed.
Cameroon Online School of Forex

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