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Sunday, 8 September 2019

Don't burn South African businesses. The reason is here.

Xenophobia is South Africa against Nigerians and other African national.
Here is a count-down on reasons why African nations should not burn down or kill South African nationals in their home countries. Xenophobia to me SouthAfricanophobia, started in South Africa and has never stopped till date in South Africa.

To be added to English dictionary: SouthAfricanophobia is simply the hate of African foreigners in South Africa for fear of getting richer and prosperous than South Africans. 

In late 70's Africans used to praise whites even more than God, but it went off like electric blackout in all African nations but still remain in the hearts of South Africans that a white man remains superior.

South Africans are the most laziest humans on earth and as you know a lazy man is a devil's workshop or better call it a demon's shop. Many Nigerians, Cameroonians, Zimbabweans, Zambians, Ghanaians and others have great businesses there and they are simply jealous.

They hate school to the highest level that's why you can hardly hear that a South African has discovered or invent something on earth. Imagine on videos we all have seen on facebook, Google and on blogs, South African girls on Nigerians or better still other Africans' shops in SA running out with a bottle of milk as a xenophobia (Southafricanophobia) benefit hahahhaha I laughed my lungs . Their businesses in our countries are run by us and our salaries help our families. Burning will not benefit us in any aspect. We are more intelligent than them. So we should avoid such.

We need their investments to grow our countries so we should not chase them. Just keep in mind that SA has been developed by Whites, Indians and Us Africans. We employ them and they don't like it. Apart from beautiful girls in SA, there is nothing in SA. Apart from Nelson Mandela and the intelligent Mulema, there is nothing like a real man in South Africa.

African musicians should not collaborate with South African musicians if they cannot say anything about the xenophobia on their social media pages. They are silent meaning that they are in support of their dull acts.

The only good thing about South Africa apart from the above mentioned is their national parks and zoos. Their mindsets are down to the earth. Imagine a country where smoking spaces are being created for students in secondary schools. What do you expect?

South Africa's economy was great and booming but now wandering like an unwanted pregnancy. Why? corruption, hate and bad mindset. I cried when a 20 yrs old South African boy was interviewed and he said "We hate Nigerians and other Africans because they seize our women from us".

To proof that they are very dull set of Iguana, they don't want foreigners to drive trucks in and out of their country, but expect only South Africans to drive to other nations. Please I call on you guys not to chase them away, their business will and will continue to help us.

Ask yourselves why they don't hate whites, Chinese and Indians. They are very low-life set of people in our recent days. What a beautiful country with no intelligence, greed and short-sightedness is a clear picture of South Africa. They still believe in white superiority.

To make things worse, at a certain age in South Africa, the government pays you for doing nothing. That's the main cause of this laziness in this country. Once they notice that the money cannot even make up to foreigners' hustle, their souls are not free. That's why they hate their fellow Africans.

Please I call on all Africans to gather their storm and leave that country or stay at your own risk. They hate you especially a rich and promising African. Collect your wealth and invest in your home country now. Before your leave that country convince them to go and invest in your country.

#IamRooneyNaCameroonianBlogger and Hate Xenophobia.
#I Call it SouthAfricanophobia
Share it to the end of the earth if you hate SouthAfricanophobia let this word enters the English dictionary.
SouthAfricanophobia is simply the hate of African foreigners in South Africa for fear of getting richer and prosperous than South Africans. 

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