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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

How To Make $5 Daily Trading, Exchanging Or Swapping Cryptocurrencies On Blockchain wallet

Trading on your Blockchain wallet.
A Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed public digital ledger used to record transactions across many computers so that  records cannot be altered without the alteration of all the subsequent blocks.

Blockchain appears to be the most trusted crypto company. The Blockchain wallet supports BTC, ETH, BCH, XML and BSV (recently added). The Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency on the Blockchain wallet.

How To Register and Swap Currencies and Earn On Blockchain Wallet

Another name for swap is exchange or trade of currencies for the other. To join the exchange or swap program, considering that you have already signup, you need to apply for swap from your Blockchain wallet by clicking Exchange or swap. 

From there you will need to provide basic information like ID cards or drivers license, International Passport and take some photographs or short videos and send to the Blockchain team after verification for approval.

It may take about 3 days to 1 week for approval. If approved, you can now start your first swap. Many call it trading on the Blockchain. It is very profitable if you can keep an eye on your Blockchain wallet or if you are a good crypto speculator.

Swap Cryptocurrencies On The Blockchain Wallet

Click the menu of your blockchain wallet and then click swap or exchange. A pair of currencies will appear with one on the left and the other on right. The one on the left side of the screen means that you are exchanging the amount you choose to be received by the cryptocurrency on your right.

E.g If I have $1000 on my btc wallet and a bitcoin is $4005 at that moment, and after 15 mins, bitcoin rises (bull) to $4800. That my $1000 will also rise to about $1007. Since am afraid it may drop soon since it is volatile, I will quickly exchange the $7 BTC to my ETH wallet. 

Now my $1000 remains while I wait for a few dollars to add so that I keep swapping. At times you may swap and wait for a few minutes if you want to take risk. As the price is rising, your placed trade may even rise from $7 to $9.

Know that you decide the amount you wish to trade by entering the amount either in dollars or in Eitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Stellar XML, Bitcoin Cash BCH or BSV.

Never stop trading with your blockchain. If you find it cool, you can SUPPORT US, our next project is to fund refugees and displaced persons in Cameroon. Just you $1 can help build back a hopeless person, provide education and a comeback to the society.

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