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Saturday, 2 March 2019

Akudugu Martin One of the Most Wanted Scammer In Ghana And Africa On The Run

Ghanaian Scammer Akudugu Wirtima and friends enjoying people's hard earned money.
Akudugu Martin in many Whatsapp groups have given his name as Victory Belongs to God, has appeared to be the most wanted Forex Trader in Ghana and Africa. At times he uses this phone number 0544278410 and uses Gambo Blessing with phone number 0242144815 or +233 20 961 4361 (He is currently using this one) sources from his preys. At times he will tell friends on groups his real name is Enoch Victory

Akudugu Martin is a very fast scammer. He creates many Whatsapp trading platforms claiming that he trades Forex. He will start to train hundreds on how to trade and at the middle of his training he will propose for those who wish to earn while learning.

Once you deposit your funds or if he gathers hundreds of thousands of Ghana Cedis, he blocks everyone and only admins can send info while he goes on to create new groups. He started this scam when a fake company he created with his friends called Boospal collapsed.

It was estimated that he collected more than $45 000 from his prey. What sparked everyone to suspect Akudugu Martin as one of the most dangerous scammer in Ghana was that when you invest and he stop replying you he will block you on his whatsApp groups so that you will not have anywhere to complain.

If Akudugu Martin was a good guy he would even reply his investors. When he is training, he will use demo account on MT4 app to deceive his prey that he is a pro. This guy is wicked. I contacted one Ghanaian online and he said "Akudugu Martin will die a bad dead, i mean he will be crushed by a car.
One thing you should know about this African scammer Akudugu Martin from Ghana is that you will never see his profile picture on Whatsapp but he uses only logos. 
These are the phone numbers of his Gang he uses as his admins on his platforms. They are still to be tracked down by the Ghanaian Police.
+233 24 317 1259 is one of gang number. The Name of this group is Forex Traders and the other is Trade with Victory. akudugumartin5@gmail.com is his gmail. He uses this number as well                +233 05 427 8410 

Akudugu Martin is a student at the University of Ghana, Legon. Guys like him need to be search by the Ghanaian police rather than sitting in amph with innocent students. Ask yourself why should an individual should have more than 5 phone numbers.

If you want me to send you more about Akudugu, just drop your comment below.

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