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Sunday, 24 February 2019

Yaounde Evening School (YES) Providing Quality Education And Training to Cameroonians

Yaounde Evening School is open to all.
Yaounde Evening School was created in September, 2019 by Nshing Rooney with the aim of promoting Adult Education, School Drop-outs and Refugees. The Motor is "Education For All", The school is located in Chapel, Manguier-Yaounde, Cameroon and embodies a student population of 94 (they pay tuition) and 15 Refugees who are all tuition free.

The Yaounde Evening School is made of a staff of well experienced General Certificate of Examination Examiners who has been in the field for more than 5 years. They have also been drilled on how to go along with the depressed in their class-rooms.

YES school tuition fee ranges between 38 000 - 50 000 F, about $80-$105 per academic year depending on the student's level of study. This low tuition permit students who can't afford high tuition of Private and Government Secondary and High Schools but obtain their General Certificate of Education at very low cost in YES.

Tuition fee at YES is paid in two installments. This will permit students who are struggling during the day hawking and schooling in the evening to gather enough funds and pay their tuition and other needs without pressure.

Refugees and displaced persons at Yaounde Evening School do not pay tuition but they carter for their own accommodation and feeding. Their tuition is covered by the administration with funds from external sources.

Yaounde Evening School has set out 2 hrs each week to train students on Entrepreneurship. "We are doing our best so that after High School our students can be able to develop their own businesses or keep running their businesses while studying". Nshing Rooney.

YES provides a purely Anglo-Saxon education system and we encourage Cameroonians both Francophones and anglophone to start enrolling now for the 2019/2020 academic year. At Yaounde Evening School there is no discrimination, racism, colour or cases related to handicap that are being ignored.

Yaounde Evening School is calling on Education lovers and Organizations to fund their project. The project aims to admit more refugees and displaced person. YES could not afford for more than twenty scholarships this year. There are thousands of internally displaced persons in Yaounde who need this education. Why not contact YES to help this desperate population.

2019/2020 is the year Yaounde Evening School has set aside to gather enough funds to finance about 80 Refugees and displaced persons. Click here to SUPPORT US .

For more information about Yaounde Evening School, contact the administration through this number +237685626107 or use this CONTACT FORM of Fly4studiesCameroon (this site) to reach us.
For upcoming enrollment, use the same number.

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