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Friday, 11 January 2019

How To Use An ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Terminal In Cameroon

A caption of UBA's ATM Cards
I am going to explain how to use an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) in Cameroon. For every one having a Bank Account in Cameroon and everywhere in the world. This topic should not be a big surprise to you because Cameroon is a bilingual country and ATM language is both in French and in English.

When you use a bank like United Bank for Africa and many others, they are bilingual and you have to select the language you wish. But for checking of the account balance of your UBA account, you have to do it in French especially in the Francophone zones. If you try to check your account balance in English it won't work.

How To Withdraw From An ATM Terminal In Cameroon

Actually when you need some cash, you will obviously want to visit an ATM terminal depending on whether your service provider operates with the terminal. Services like Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress e.t.c... is what i mean here.

When you insert you Card (Credit or Debit), the machine will ask you to select language, then "Enter Pin"( you enter your 4 digit pin) and different options will pop up asking whether you just want to check your account balance, withdraw(retrait in French) e.t.c..

When you select one one language, they will ask the account type e.g Saving(Epargne), Current (current in French) e.t.c when you select, different amounts will pop up and if you can not find the amount you need, select "others" and type the amount you want and confirm.
"Your Transaction is Being Processed, Please Wait !" and finally they will ask whether you need to do another transaction, accept or deny if you are done.

I repeat, note that if your were to check your account balance (In French called "solde") in UBA terminal especially in a French zone, you will be forced to select French if not you will not see your balance on your ATM screen.

After the transaction a receipt will pop out at the top right corner of the machine showing the account details of the transaction and the balance.

What To Take Note Of With Your ATM Card In Cameroon

Please, never show your password to anyone because your funds are at risk. Apart from password, even the card number should not be exposed to sharp friends who are kings and queens of buying and selling online. Your cards have an expiry date and a CVV code behind. Please hide them.

A fast guy like me can use your card to buy from all online shops in the world, do my online investments and only for you to rush to your bank the next day to start holding the Bank manager's white collar for your money.

Note that most people write their names on their cards. I can't do that its risky and that means if someone picks your card then all your information about your account is in possession of someone else.

Most people especially women in Cameroon always form lines in front of a teller and hand their cards to their kids and as they play with it, someone can just snap the details and use it later for his/her online purposes.

Am I Safe Buying And Selling Online?

Yes you are safe buying and selling online in Cameroon and everywhere on earth. Websites do not authorize someone to know your Card details online even you that's why you find a series of xxxx at the end of your card online. So you are free to enter your account details online to buy or sell online. Make sure all you online shop emails and passwords are a secret to you.

Please if you have a neighbours and friends using an ATM Card, send it to them as it can help reduce theft and spread good news to thousands of ATM users.

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