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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Take A Look At Most Dangerous Bitcoin Scam Site In The World Call Bitcoin Doubler

Bitcoin Doubler Scam site Bitcoin Double 's Home Page always showing 144 investments and 169 payouts.
The Bitcoin Doubler Scam site operating under this bitcoin address 18HqGSdWv6EopABvj6q6LFDHot2e3PfYX4 and may still change it, has promised million of people on earth to double their bitcoins in 100 hrs using agents on Facebook through the Cryptotab Facebook page. This Scam site claims that they are affiliates to Cryptotab, meaning that Cryptotab may be a scam as well.

Bitcoin Doubler claim that the minimum investment is 0.0001BTC and the maximum is 100BTC. Their support is very responsive, you know how scammers do. They don't sleep. They even claim that if you refer 5 people with an investment of 0.01btc, you will have a bonus of 0.1 btc.

When a prey fall on this site, the pray sees the reality of the site as mining looks real and your account time left for the payment is real because of the convincing time count down.
A few hours to your payment, the site will take back your investment to 100hrs and everything starts over again with a new date showing that you are a new investor.
Bitcoin Doubler victims. Sorry for the first investor, his investment was under "process" yesterday and today at 79:43:46
For example Bitcoin Doubler also claims that if you invest 0.02 upward, you get 50% more income after 100hrs directly into your blockchain wallet.
Take a look at bitcoin doubler website here Bitcoin Double .If you have some useless bitcoins, just hit the site and forget about the coins. There is no history on who owns the site nor  the country the site site being hosted. You only login with your wallet address as they claim that they accept almost all blockchain wallets but only pay in bitcoins.

I think cryptotab should also be blamed for affiliating with such a messy scam site. At the menu bar of the site you will find Cryptotab and their terms of service which looks cute and convincing, clearly written by a professional scammer.

Do not fall for this guys. They look real but they are not. There is also one account on the site whose address ends with 4oC which is always under process. The "process" as the company claims means they are arranging to send your coins to that wallet.

The company also claims that payment takes a few minutes to 12 hrs and payments must be done nor matter what happens.
We are professional scam detectors. Contact us everywhere in the world before you invest in any website.


  1. hmnn Im searching about this site and I found this, but then my payout time goes out and my hours back to 100 hours, I messaged them and they replied not more than an hour, and they said I need to add collateral, and yes I add the amount they said, and honestly I got my payout less than 3 hours, no bad feelings about it, maybe Ill retry them again when my salary goes well.

    1. Lies, why can't they state that on their terms of service. The guy that posted the first comment is one of them. They don't write good English. No human feelings by these scammers.

    2. nah Im just sharing my opinion and now your accusing me? wow. Im just sharing that I used the website and I got payed, whats wrong with you man?

  2. btw your english is worse, do you think your grammar is perfect? you spell like a nigerian.

    1. Click the site url again for another investment. Bad records all over the internet about the site. That's why its currently suspended.


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