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Friday, 6 April 2018

eBook Get Admission and Scholarship into University or College without the Help of a Consultant.

The eBook

The eBook( "Get Admission and Scholarship into University or College without the help of a consultant") by Nshing Rooney is a straight forward and simple-to-understand eBook of 28 pages that explains briefly on how to apply for admissions and scholarships into universities both home and abroad.
Study in Any prestigious university or college without the help of a consultant.
Instead of spending huge sums of money in travel abroad agencies, this admission and scholarship guide will take you from step one to the last step without a glitch.

Because of stiff competition both online and offline in front of admission officers as millions keep applying for scholarships and admissions, students' chances are very limited. The eBook further explains how talent, community engagements, merit-based e.t.c can earn you a scholarship related to other factors in any country on earth.

What admission officers or sometimes called Designated School Officials and study abroad counselors and agents have been hiding from you are hidden in this eBook. The printable version can only be gotten on online shops.

How to buy it

West and Central African buyers from Cameroon, Nigeria, Chad, Ghana e.t.c can use MTN or Orange  Mobile money (+237675421156) to buy it. Contact me for a Whatsapp chat using the same number.

The online shop price is $7 for kindle eBook version in amazon kindle for global buy not letting out the USA, France, Australia, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, and other Asian countries. Buy now http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CBBDD76 and paperback version ( Printable) $8 available here http://www.amazon.com/dp/1980781923 .You can buy it for CFA 3000 offline ( You can convert the price with your local currency the moment you buy the eBook). When buying using Mobile Money, you have to pay the transfer charges. Now take the screenshot of your payment (press the power button and the reduce-volume button at the same time) and send it to the Whatsapp number above and you will receive your eBook in 3 minutes. This payment is only for Central and West African countries. Though they can also buy it through Amazon.

Today all android phones read eBooks. You can easily buy the eBook kindle from Amazon and store it on your android device.

This eBook is currently making impacts on friends and people currently using it worldwide. Purchasing it means purchasing your admission and scholarship, your future at a no cost. Think of the huge sums of money you may spend in a consulting firm.

The competition is stiff

This week's testimonies... 
I am James Oseagbu from Nigeria. I thank N Rooney for publishing this eBook. I am currently using it to look for admissions and scholarships in the United States. Sir, your eBook is superb.

I am already at the last stage of my admission and scholarship application. Thanks for publishing this eBook. I encourage everyone to buy it. Very simple and straight forward. Obam Franklin, Cameroon

Sir, thanks a lot. It will ease my application and even the money behind study abroad agencies
O. Blessing, Cameroon.
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