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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Make money online in Africa using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Gmail+ (Social media)

Make money online using the social media
Each day people from all over the world search the internet on how to make money online using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram e.t.c . Many people prefer to use social media just for fun with their family and friends, but others are using those platforms to make money.

Using the social media to make money online doesn't entails powerful social media skills. You only need the base to turn your little know-how into wealth. You only need 30 minutes of your time to hit hard on the social media platforms everyday.

Today i am going to talk of a market place called Clickbank, based in the US where you register, collect some links depending on what you are interested on and take them to the social media. On this online market, each product you sell, 60-70% is given to you. Example, if you wish to join the thousands of those who keep making money through social media, you can start here https://bit.ly/2GfFUPw and grow from hundreds to thousands of dollars each month.

Today, there are thousands to millions of people who are obese and wish to take shape and ClickBank gives you the opportunity to grasp the link and share it across all social platforms and each product bough you earn 75% of the sales. If you look at my link, I have simply shortened the link but the link from ClickBank is long and boring. Go to a site that shortens links and shorten it.

Now you have your link on obesity, look for blogs or obesity websites, read them and also recommend the author and then propose your link on the comments so that others may fall on your link and buy. But know that the social media is king. Example if you are obese and wish to take shape, click here https://bit.ly/2HV2PNd and buy your products and take back what you feel you should have looked like in 2 weeks. If you even have fibroid and have quench your hope of ever getting it healed, simply follow this link https://bit.ly/2GkwvX6 for your treatment.

You should not think of making it automatically within a day. You need to be patient and hard working.

"It took me more than 5 months to harvest google ads and Amazon ads which can be seen everywhere on this blog. All we need is patience. This is just what you should be thinking of doing as from today to join those making money online using the social media, sites and blogs". R.Nshing

Note that ClickBank does not require you to have a bank account because when you reach the payment threshold, they will send you a check on your request through email.

Next post I shall be giving you info about good and bad websites, simply because of online security and phishers or spammers that collect information of its subscribers online. Most of them are frequent on WhatsApp today.

You can register to Clickbank here https://www.clickbank.com and if you have any problems registering contact me for help or leave a comment below.
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