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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Government Scholarships for international students in Croatia, 2018-2019

Study in Croatia scholarships

The ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia in collaboration with the Agency for mobility and EU programs is offering scholarships for international students and professors as well as researchers who wish to gain a first hand Croatian education. scholarships are offered through Erasmus and CEEPUS.

Scholarship Description

  1. Application deadline: March 16, 2018.
  2. Course levels: Undergraduate, graduate, PhD, Postdoctoral program and summer courses.
  3. study subjects depend on the courses offered by the particular University choosen.
  4. scholarship award: Undergraduate/Graduate: 600,00 HRK monthly
  5. full PhD or Partial PhD studies longer than 10 days: 1.800 HRK monthly
  6. Postdoctoral studies or research longer than 10 days: 1800 HRK(D,E) monthly allowance.
  7. Short reseach stay (3-10) days: 150 HRK with accomodation in the domitory.
  8. Summer course(2 weeks) Tuition free, free accomodation and meals.
  9. number of scholarships not mentionned.
Scholarship to be taken in Croatia
scholarship eligibility

  • eligible countries: all foreign students can apply.
  • Semester/partial studies(3-10) months: Undergraduate(BSc/BA) and graduate students(MSc/MA) students.
Full PhD , 36 months but through a sucessful entrance exams and for 12 months, the applicant must be enrolled in a PhD program in an accredited university in his/her home country.     

Age limit:
For undergraduate and graduate scholarships, candidate's age must not exceed 25yrs. For postgraduate studies scholarship, candidates must not exceed 35yrs. For postdoctoral scholarships, candidates's age must not go above 45. No age limit for summer and research scholarships in Croatia.

Language Requirement:
If English is not your first language, then you need an additional proof of the language proficiency in order to study and succeed in Croatia.

Application Procedure

  • Online application and printed version of the application form.
  • A photocopy of passport.
  • One ID card photo, affixed on the application form
  • A CV in Europass format.
  • Transcript of the last two semester at the home university or copy of BSc/BA if you have alread complete the program.
  • A letter of interest
  • Copy of enrolment at the applicant's home University.
  • Letter of recommendation(2).
  • Letter of invitation by the host University in Croatia signed by the head of department for PhD related scholarshipsMedical certificate of satisfactory health fitness. Apply herehttp:www.mobilnost.hr/scholarship_application/
  • Students can also apply online


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