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Monday, 29 January 2018

Magasco, a Cameroonian pop star in brief

Magasco on scene-source, Facebook photos

Born in 1988 in the North West Region is Magasco aka "Bamenda Boy" a Cameroonian Afro pop artist born in a religious family. His birth name Tohnain Anthony Nguo is what most Cameroonians, Africans and the world shall discover today. This special nomenclature comes from kom, a people who stand by Magasco efsi both at home and abroad. He started music at the age of 6, that's why many sees it as inborn. At this tender age, Efsi could join the Roman Catholic Church choir in Bamenda. In high school, he studied arts and continued with History in the university of Yaoundé 1

After his first degree, he decided to burst like a pipe into professional music. In his musical footprints, Magasco has done rap and pop with a couple of friends who finally path their ways but still with him as friends. Today Magasco is an Afro pop genius and that marks his identity. He has worked with labels like Mumak which was like lighting a brand new touch in his career today a max man in Empire. He has collaborate with many Cameroon artists especially "Power" which is still trending in trace Africa, and many TV stations in the world. Wule bang bang, released in 2015  took Magasco Efsi to a different musical wave. Magasco in late 2017 has make tours in the US and uncountables in Africa. Sokoto is his latest single where Magasco is poor but decided to borrow clothing from a friend to prove to a girl how rich he is to a girl he admire but his friend (richie) disappointed him down to cigarette. Streets in cities have turn to Sokoto, quiet parlours into night clubs. Hey, take care with your earphones because Sokoto may force you to dance along the street.
His charitability is a reality, seen in prisons with friends to dash out love with them( Facebook)

In 2013, he was nominated for " best urban artist though he didn't win and never cried fowl because it was just the first ladder. Today Golden Boy, his first album is out and downloadable in many platforms like iTunes and others.
He has released singles like Line loba, Kumba market, Fine boy,and remix with Dug Z, Marry me, No man no wowo between 2013-14 with the following EPs Wule bang bang, mean someone fair in complexion, Bolo, Belinda, Deal, Baby love, Mummy love.

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