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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Non complicated Scholarship for a one year Korean language program

Korean language scholarship

Fly4studyCameroon is an affiliate to many Universities in the Republic of Korea. Our partner Universities this week sent to us a sensitive information concerning the special scholarship program in their education circles. After a review of the scholarship programs by Fly4studyCameroon, it was accepted and endorsed.
This programs shall start in March 2018. But the application period is now, meaning that applications have only a month to the deadline.

Who can apply

This scholarship is only awarded to students who are already in possession of a degree in any field. That is to say holders of a Bachelors, Masters and PhD holders can apply for a place in this scholarship. We do a special screening of the applicant's certificate and aid them on their purpose of study and other materials in relation to the scholarship application. This is done by our consulting team.
We need the following documents from our applicants from Cameroon; GCE A level and transcripts, Bachelor's degree and masters attestation and all the transcripts, an international passport, recommendations and other documents shall be gotten when you reach us in our office or online.
There are also many programs for undergraduates in the same Universities where the Ordinary and Advanced level certificates and transcripts, a passport and other required documents to be downloaded online.
Fly4studyCameroon in this same program have since last year helped more than 45 students.
Our partner Universities offer lodging, well furnished classrooms, qualified staff and more to that, accreditation from the korean ministry of higher education. .
When accepted, Fly4studyCameroon will be informed and it shall take care of your acceptance certificate till it rich you. What next? Our students are being accompanied during the visa process till it is issued. Most korean student visas do not need a face to face interview but we always drill our students on how to fill the forms and other documents compilation for a maximum visa assurance.
Fly4studyCameroon is located in Yaoundé at the spear head of embassies where information flow is on our finger tips.

Importance of the scholarship

After completion of your language program you might be employed by a Korea firm in your home country as a translator or otherwise employed as a teacher which pays very high in the Republic of Korea for English tutors, why not find a job in this diverse nation.
In the Republic of South Korea students are given work permit. So as an international student you still have to pocket something at the end of the month.

Contact us today let's hold the touch together contact us now rooneyicelolly@gmail.com   for more information.

Fly4studyCameroon thank you for visiting our blog and hope for a revisit for more updates on study abroad programs and youth engaging news updates.

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