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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Study in China, USA, S.Korea, Norway etc..

    Admissions currently going on.

            Admissions are currently open for bachelor's and Master's degree programs in almost all fields of studies in the aforementioned countries. Getting admitted into a foreign University  with Fly4studiesCameroon  is now your new story. We orientate, consult and counsel our students on why a particular course? Why that given country? The question is, are there scholarships in those Universities? Yes obviously they're that's why we go partner with such renown, cheaper and accredited world-class Universities.
Your course is available in our accredited partner University. A hurry up for early admissions will gain you a good number of scholarships especially in the USA for international students and Cameroon is one. Here many University's admission deadline is by the first week of December each year though others may end admissions by mid November.
       The best way to be safe is to apply as early as possible because other issues may arise towards the deadline leading failure of applying.
       Fall admissions in S Korea always start by June and end by July. These deadlines are very important for setting up your time gauge. Spring semester applications always start by October and end by November. Schools also have to contact one or two ministries to come up with an acceptance letter. If you wish to study in this country expect your results by early or mid December and pay the tuition fee in 3 to 4 weeks. Then wait for your acceptance letter always sent by express mail services to your door step. After receiving it, get yourself prepared for a visa application.
       We have partnered with more than five accredited Universities in S Korea. Fly4studiesCameroon is here for all you need in order to take your courses in our Universities. We mentor you till your visa is out.
       Norway offers free education for international students to study in their state Universities but for you to qualify, you have to apply and send all the available documents required. Note that essays play an essential part during the online process. The language of instruction for foreign students is mostly English. Thus an English Language test is a plus though students whose first or official language is English may not need a proficiency test score before they can apply.
      Translating your documents into either Norwegian or English is a must. If you are from Cameroon, we can help you with an international translator for your documents but English Cameroonians who studied in English do not need to translate their documents.
      We translate and send them through postal mails.
Hope it helped? Then follow us for latest updates.
Thanks for visiting our blog and hope to see you soon.

FlyforstudiesCameroon is your study abroad gateway into all the 7 continents on Earth. 

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