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Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Who is this New Africa's richest man, Shatta Bandle? Read more here...

Shatta Bandle flashing cash on your left and Africa's second right man on your right according to Shatta Bandle.
Shatta Bandle from Ghana tells the world he is the richest man in Africa through the social media two months ago. He also says that he is richer than Aliko Dangote, flashing cash across many social media platforms and TV stations in Ghana. Living in Luxury and driving latest cars.

Shatta has promised many wealthy men in Africa to employ them work for him as bodyguards. He also promised the famous Ghanaian artist Shatta Wale a brand new car and ready to sign him and other Nigerian artists like Davido and Star Boy, Wizkid. Finally due to his jokes and an outspoken and bold short guy in him, he regards himself as a normal man.

Shatta is believed to work with a group of yahoo boys and always create fun for them and they reward his cunning fun. Shatta Bandle as others revealed, collected money from them to flash on social media comparing himself with Bill Gates and claiming to be richer than the Africa's richest man Aliko Dangote.

In just a few months, Shatta Bandle is the most talk-topic on the African continent. He has suddenly become an African star and more popular than all Cameroon music artists. Just like Eto, Drogba, P Square, Mohammed Sala and a few lie along the same plane with Shatta Bandle.

Shatta Bandle has used his boldness and the name of Dangote and Bill Gates to become popular and rich. Today media houses use him to advertise their brand. He has recently pay a courtesy visit in Nigeria and met P-Square. Media homes feel that Shatta is just a joke but Shatta can be a few millions richer but not comparable with 1/100 of Dangote's one companys' wealth.

A lesson to learn in life especially to Cameroonians. Courage just made Shatta Bandle a rich and famous guy. If this guy used a rich man's name here in Cameroon to gain popularity, the Cameroon government or police will arrest him and incarcerate him in prison.

Thanks to this lovely Ghana Shatta Bandle is rich and free for using his owe way to achieve his dream goals in freedom.

Secondly, fight for your dreams no matter what it takes but do it the right way. Today Shatta Bandle is the most talked top story in Africa. Tomorrow it may be you. Drop your comments below if you feel that Shatta Bandle is richer than Dangote.

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