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Saturday, 5 January 2019

Make Money Blogging In Cameroon [A Must Read]

Make money blogging in Cameroon-Making money online in Cameroon.
Blogging can make you become a millionaire in Cameroon. A blog is a site where articles are frequently updated and those who update them are called bloggers. To make money blogging in Cameroon is not more a misery but what to blog on.

Every Cameroonian can freely create a blog on Blogger.com or on Wordpress which are the most common blogging platforms though both have their positive and negative aspects. For me I prefer Blogger and am just used to it and since it belongs to the giant Google, i think its good to start with.

How To Become A Millionaire Blogging

Firstly, you have to choose a niche e.g Cameroon, USA, Nigeria, India, Ghana, Guatemala, Canada, South Africa, Tunisia, Japan, UK, Estonia, France e.t.c and a cool topic to start with e.g Health and Fitness, Marketing, Agriculture, Show Biz and Entertainment, News and Media, Technology, Science, Education or what you like the most. Start with your first blog post and post at least 4 or 5 per week.

Share on social media, promote your blog on Quora, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter e.t.c... Blogger permit blogger blogs to be crawl by Google Search Engines for free that's why you may be searching for something on the internet and you are directed to a particular or different websites or blogs because the term you were searching was found similarly on their site. E.g Type "Blogging in Cameroon", my site Fly4studiesCameroon will obviously pop up simply because one of my blog posts has such Words.

Affiliate Marketing

Bloggers in Cameroon are making huge sums from affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you subscribe to a site that sales products or advertise a service and you are given a unique link and when people use it to buy, you earn commission for that buy. E.g YusCard is a company here in Cameroon that exchange bitcoin to cfa and the money sent to you through Mobile Money or through Bank Account, they also have an investment platform. They also have a Visa Card where bitcoins can be bought and stocked in and can be withdrawn in any ATM terminal worldwide. Here is my affiliate link with YusCard. So  I earn as people subscribe through my link. There are others like Jumia, ClickBanks, Binance and thousands of affiliates online.

Advertise on Your Blog

There is what we call third party advertising. Companies like Google, Propellar Ads, ClixSense and many others buy spaces on our blogs to advertise. But Google AdSense is the highest paying company among them. If MTNCameroon wish to advertise a service in their company, they will contact Google, send them the advert and Google AdSense will send these adverts to its blogs in Cameroon. Once people visit the ads, 60% is given to the blogger and 40% is for Google. 

Companies in Cameroon have sites but the sites are not as hot as blogs, these companies may decide to look for bloggers to write a review about their site or the service they offer. You as the blogger may decide to charge 500 words for 15000 fcfa or any amount of your choice.

For you to succeed in becoming a millionaire in Cameroon blogging, you need blog traffic. Write heart breaking stories to catch the attention of readers so the they will obviously subscribe for you blog posts or will always want to re-visit your blog.

Sale Your Own Products

You know your blogging topic so well and you have been blogging on the topic for long and you know how important your topic is to your readers. Collect a few posts and correlate a nice eBook or Printable Book and you start to sell on your blog. You can convert it to html and paste it on your side bar. People can also buy space from you blog to sell their own products. E.g If you are blogging on Health, you may Write a 50 page eBook "How To Cure Malaria in 2 Days". But don't expect enough buys from countries where Malaria doesn't exist though researchers can still buy for studies.

Making money online in Cameroon and becoming a millionaire is not more a new story but many youths are still scared. Blogging doesn't need a lot of coding with blogger because almost all have been done for you. These are a few ways bloggers make money online in Cameroon and becoming millionaires. If you want to start a blog today in Cameroon, use the contact button or Our Contact Page (affiliate) blog to chat with us for more advise.

Rooney Nshing is a Cameroonian blogger who blogs for passion though money steps in at many instances, why? I Affiliate, market, advertise and sell products on my blogs.

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