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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

GCSciTecCameroon Empowering The Girl Child On Science And Technology In Secondary And High Schools In Cameroon

CEO after orientation with Form two students
GCSciTecCameroon (Girl Child Science and Technology Cameroon) with slogan "Girl child, the future of the world", is Non Governmental Organization aimed at empowering young secondary and high school students through out the whole country.

The organization was created in late 2017 by a group of volunteers and a few teachers in the fields of Science and Technology CEO by Nshing Rooney "What pushed us to create this organization was the poor enrollment of young girls on science and technology" When the volunteers visited 80% of schools this September in Yaounde, we noticed that only 18% of Form 4 and 5 students were girls.

Listen to The CEO of GCSciTecCameroon

Science and technology is currently a misery to about 80% of young girls in our secondary and high schools in Cameroon. Most of them have been deceived by their elder ones that science and technology courses are the most difficult in the education circle.

Parents desire their kids to become Astronauts, Miners, Medical doctors, Pilots and Engineers and others but still can't build the knowledge and orientation to their kids. When I discovered that in a class of 55 students, only 10 were offering science and tech, 7 boys and 3 girls and the rest Arts students, I decided to take an initiative to become a game changer.

Firstly, I had to talk with the administration on the burning issue and i also brought up the idea to parents during the parents teachers association meeting and the parents were quit impressed about the idea.

Today, GCSciTecCameroon is empowering young girls on the future of science and technology in Cameroon. My teachers and the volunteers are taking the lead for the change. Today we have changed more than 4600 students who first choice are now science and technology.

Our main target for now is from Primary six to Form 3 because their mindsets have not yet been deceived.

GCSciTechCameroon future plan is to set up a center for counseling, orientation and psychology which will look like a spring board for a new but already schooling Cameroon boy and girl child. We are trying to build minds towards industrial and science entrepreneurs. 

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